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People Who Have Deserted the CCP in the Camp

November 14, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Beneath the "Red Terror" of the CCP, there are still officials in the party and government who secretly practice Falun Gong. They use pseudonyms to publish their resignations from the CCP. Many people have already left the CCP behind.

All the facts surrounding these issues will be publicized in the future. I will just provide a bit of information so that people can see what is happening under the surface.

One retired official who practices Falun Gong told me that his friend used to be a very high ranking official in the central government and both of them practiced Falun Gong after retirement. His friend sent a flyer titled "Focus Questions about Falun Gong" through his secretary to an incumbent provincial official. The provincial official carefully read the flyer and replied, "This 'newspaper' is based on facts and very persuasive."

Someone from my hometown learned Dafa before but stopped cultivation after the persecution began. He later suffered from a severe spinal disease and was in a bad state. He again thought of Dafa. One of his family members happened to be the head of a local 610 Office. From this 610 official he managed to get the latest Dafa materials, and the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

I have a relative who is a mid-level official in the CCP. He read Zhuan Falun a long time ago. After he received the Nine Commentaries through email from a person overseas, he quit the party.

A fellow practitioner, who is a mid-level official, attended a gathering of colleagues. One of his colleagues asked, "Why don't you drink anymore?" The practitioner then took this opportunity to sincerely talk about Dafa and the evil nature of the CCP. After the rest of the people came to understand the truth, some expressed their wish to learn Dafa, and some decided to quit the CCP. This fellow practitioner's son was also heavily influenced by the evil party. Although he knows Dafa is good, he did not like to hear about the truth. After he discovered that his leader was secretly keeping Falun Gong materials, he realized that so many officials actually support Dafa in their hearts. He then asked for Dafa material from his parents.

One mid-level official used to practice Dafa. After the persecution began, he claimed to have stopped practicing but he still secretly read Dafa books. After reading the Nine Commentaries, he awakened to the truth and restarted his cultivation. He said, "I have been cheated by the CCP for decades. I'll never be cheated again." After he quit the party, he now only handles the party's affairs perfunctorily.

My brother-in-law is a village party secretary. After reading the Nine Commentaries, his whole family quit the party. He only performs administrative duties now and never looks into the party's affairs. He has also expressed his wish to take care of the local Dafa practitioners.