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Daqing Prison Prohibits Falun Dafa Practitioners from Leaving the Prison Building

October 09, 2005 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from Chongqing City

(Clearwisdom.net) In Daqing Prison, practitioners are deprived of their basic freedom. Prisoners monitor them around the clock. The Daqing Prison prohibits Falun Dafa practitioners from leaving the prison building to get fresh air outside. Practitioners Mr. Zhang Zidong, Mr. Li Huifeng, and Mr. Wang Yudong left the prison building, resulting in the prison guards beating them severely. Mr. Zhang was tortured into partial paralysis.

At noon on August 30, 2005, practitioner Mr. Zhang Zidong left the prison building to enjoy the sunny weather. Prison guard Cui Zhengui ordered two prisoners, Li Xin and Gu Shan, to bring Mr. Zhang back to the prison building. Zhang Zidong shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" After they returned to the prison building, Mr. Zhang wanted to appeal to Zhao Dianwei, the guard on duty. Prisoners Li and Gu tried to stop him and threatened to beat him. After Zhao Dianwei talked to Mr. Zhang, he left the discipline room and told Li and Gu to take Mr. Zhang back to the building. Li and Gu violently dragged and pushed Mr. Zhang into the building and threatened him again, "Don't you dare to go outside again or you will have to suffer the consequences." Because of Li and Gu's cruel actions, Mr. Zhang's lower back was injured. As a result, he can no longer stand and take care of himself. Mr. Zhang has been in the hospital since August 31.

On August 30, at about 4 p.m., practitioners Li Huifeng and Wang Dongyu, who are imprisoned in the First Brigade, took a walk outside the prison building after dinner. Li Chunzhi, officer and discipline educator, found out and ordered a prisoner to tell them to return to their building. The two practitioners didn't follow the order. Li Chunzhi beat Li Huifeng with a stick. Li Huifeng tried to reason with Li Chunzhi, "This is our fundamental right. How can you deprive me of it?" Officer Li Chunzhi said, "Who allows you freedom? I don't allow you freedom." The officer forced the two practitioners back and locked them in a small isolation cell. Officer Li hung the practitioners up in the air by their wrists with their elbows turned upward. This puts extreme pressure on the shoulder and elbow and can cause intense pain or even a broken shoulder. They hung there for three hours. The two practitioners were tortured in the isolated cell for 15 days.

Officer Li Chunzhi also cruelly beats practitioners. Mr. Qiu Xuezhi and Mr. Sun Jianbin were beaten because they had left the building and gone outside. Officer Li asked them while beating them, "Now do you still want to go out?" Mr. Sun's face was beaten until it was swollen and then finally Li stopped.

Mr. Jin Sheng, a Dafa practitioner who was imprisoned in the 7th Prison Ward, asked to take a walk outside the building. Captain Li Fengjiang said, "You people don't have freedom. I will not allow you people to leave the building. You can sue me whenever you want. Don't you practice Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance? You will die if you can't tolerate my orders. The earth will continue to turn even if you all died! Show me what you got. You will all end up like Xu Jishan."

On June 7, 2005, Li Fengjiang, Captain of the 7th Brigade (in charge of the 7th Prison Ward), and Zhang Dezhi, discipline educator, ordered the prisoners to torture practitioner Xu Jishan. Xu Jishan died at the hands of the prisoners.

On July 23, 2005, practitioner Mr. Yuan Qingjiang died as a result of torture.

Captain Li Fengjinag is the one who killed practitioner Xu Jishan. Since Li was not punished for killing Mr. Xu he has become even more ruthless and increasingly arrogant. Li transferred practitioner Mr. Zhao Yu'an to the 3rd Brigade because Mr. Zhao knew the details of Xu Jishan's death. In the 3rd Brigade, Mr. Zhao had even less freedom. He couldn't leave the prison building and was prohibited from having any contact with other practitioners. Recently, Li Fengjiang transferred practitioner Jin Sheng to the 1st Brigade.

Contact Information -

Address: The Daqing Hongweixing Prison, Ranghulu District, Daqing City, Zip code 163159

Telephone numbers of Daqing Prison personnel (Area code 0459):

Tang Yongfu, former director of the prison (currently Deputy Secretary of the Daqing City Political Law Commission): 86-459-5056688, 86-459-105087, 86-13303690588 (Mobile)
Wang Yongxiang, current prison director: 86-459-5099876 (former office), 86-459-5964388, 86-13904867068 (Mobile)
Chen Qingfa, Political Commission member: 86-459-5058588, 86-459-4686358, 86-13329491288 (Mobile)
Wang Jiaren, deputy prison director: 86-459-5050616, 86-459-4687616, 86-13303691339 (Mobile)
Zhang Yajun, deputy prison director: 86-459-5059122, 86-459-6388889, 86-13359825633 (Mobile)
Jiang Shuchen, deputy prison director: 86-459-5059808, 86-459-6783122, 86-13936711131 (Mobile)
Wang Yingjie, deputy prison director: 86-459-5059919, 86-459-6363870, 86-13329393777 (Mobile)
Tan Ronglai, political division director: 86-459-5050618, 86-459-6133365, 86-13304694188 (Mobile)
Zu Zhi, deputy political division director: 86-459-5059918, 86-13936702596 (Mobile)
Han Jiayi, deputy political division director: 86-459-5059900, 86-459-6283035, 86-13059050546 (Mobile)
Gong Huaqiang, Discipline Monitor Office director: 86-459-5059590, 86-459-4660518, 86-13845929612 (Mobile)
Ye Wenhui, 1st Prison Ward head: 86-459-5059423, 86-459-5982371, 86-13069600810 (Mobile)
Li Chunzhi, 1st Prison Ward discipline educator: 86-459-5058609, 86-459-6766285, 86-13019083428 (Mobile)
Liu Yusheng, 1st Prison Ward deputy head: 86-459-5059423, 86-459-6687062, 86-13039825600 (Cell)
Zhu Renshan, 2nd Prison Ward head: 86-459-5059596, 86-459-5699290, 86-13936776952 (Mobile)
Zhu Wenwu, 2nd Prison Ward deputy head: 86-459-5059596, 86-459-6688246, 86-13054213979 (Mobile)
Cao Wenzhao, 2nd Prison Ward deputy head: 86-459-5059596, 86-459-6683203, 86-13945910985 (Mobile)
Zhu Rei, 3rd Prison Ward head: 86-459-5059835, 86-459-6180660, 86-13936723666 (Mobile)
Wang Yalong, 3rd prison ward deputy head: 86-459-5059835, 86-459-5827085, 86-13019776633 (Mobile)
Cheng Junchang, 4th Prison Ward head: 86-459-5059834, 86-459-6868664, 86-13019070892 (Mobile)
Fu Xuelin, 4th Prison Ward discipline educator: 86-459-6865576, 86-13045390999 (Mobile)
Chu Zhongxin, 4th Prison Ward deputy head: 86-459-5059834, 86-459-4686728, 86-13936729603 (Mobile)
Chen Yubin, 5th Prison Ward head: 86-459-5059423, 86-459-4893913, 86-13019087748 (Mobile)
Xu Jiamin, 5th Prison Ward discipline educator: 86-459-6366017, 86-13936977750 (Mobile)
Wang Defeng, 5th Prison Ward deputy head: 86-459-5050422, 86-459-4622466, 86-13945955956
Liu Shouchun, 5th Prison Ward deputy head: 86-459-5050422, 86-459-6368717
Dong Menghuan, 6th Prison Ward head: 86-459-5059596, 86-459-4686883, 86-13059041717 (Mobile)
Cui Shijun, 6th Prison Ward discipline educator: 86-459-5059704, 86-459-6328933, 86-13936836930 (Mobile)
Liang Shougui, 6th Prison Ward deputy head: 86-459-5796937, 86-19836735042 (Mobile)
Li Fengjiang, 7th Prison Ward head: 86-459-5059233, 86-459-5962033, 86-13359603366 (Mobile)
Xiang Zhenchun, 7th Prison Ward deputy head: 86-459-6180347, 86-13904863444 (Mobile)
Gao Changhua, 7th Prison Ward discipline educator: 86-459-5059233, 86-459-6369885, 86-13936998789 (Mobile)
Pan Shaolin, Entrance Prison Ward head: 86-459-5059704, 86-459-6678320, 86-13845951567 (Mobile)
Li Zhenxing, Entrance Prison Ward deputy head: 86-459-5059704, 86-459-6288707, 86-13059042788 (Mobile)
Li Hai, entrance prison ward deputy head: 86-459-5059704, 86-459-6337570, 86-13845920440 (Mobile)
Wang Xiyi, Interior Management Brigade captain: 86-459-5059892, 86-459-4681337, 86-13704896555 (Mobile)
Huo Weidong, Internal Management Brigade discipline educator: 86-459-5059233, 86-459-6388861, 86-13059065518 (Mobile)
Gao Qing, hospital director: 86-459-5059828, 86-459-6852986, 86-13804696394 (Mobile)
Huang Zhiwei, deputy hospital director: 86-459-5059828, 86-1309168508 (Mobile)