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Update on Falun Dafa Practitioners from Fuyu County, Helongjiang Province Suffering from Persecution

October 09, 2005 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from Heilongjiang Province

(Clearwisdom.net) The following is an update on the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners from Fuyu County in Heilongjiang Province. Ms. Zeng Fenglian was tortured so severely that she can no longer walk. Mr. Xu Guoxiang was arrested when looking for work out of town. Without him, his wife and son are living a difficult life. Ms. Lu Guizheng has been persecuted. She and her family's whereabouts have been unknown for nearly three years. Mr. Zhai Yuzhu was illegally arrested and sentenced to five years in prison. His elderly father has been waiting for his return. Ms. Gao Yajuan and Ms. Liu Guirong were both illegally arrested and sentenced to a forced labor camp. They are currently detained in the Qi City Shuanghe Forced Labor Camp where they are being tortured. Due to the information blockade, other detailed information is unknown.

1. Ms. Zeng Fenglian Tortured and Unable to Walk

On November 8, 2003, practitioner Ms. Zeng Fenglian, about 50, was illegally arrested by police officers from the Xinhualu Police Station in Fuyu County. Police officers threatened, beat and tried to terrify her in order to force her to admit her "crimes." When Ms. Zeng was detained at the Fuyu County Forced Labor Camp, police officers Hu Fangwen, Dong Wei, and others beat her and stuffed her under a bed. They kicked her in order to force her to move even further under the bed. Then they forced her to stand for a long time, beating, cursing and threatening her. They stepped on her toes one by one with their heels to force a confession from her. Ms. Zeng became very weak and developed symptoms of serious heart and stomach problems. As a result, she could not eat and only survived on IVs. When her family asked for permission to visit Ms. Zeng, the authorities from the forced labor camp lied to them and said that she was doing well. They reassured her family that what they heard were rumors. In addition, they drove her family away using the excuse that they had caused a disturbance. Meanwhile, Ms. Zeng had been held in the Fuyu Detention Center for over eight months beyond her term.

At the end of August 2004, the Criminal Court from the Fuyu County Communist Party Court brought Ms. Zeng to trial. During this trial, Ms. Zeng was deprived of her right to defend herself. As to the three questionable points concerning her situation brought up by her lawyer, the court ignored all of them. It only allowed the prosecutor, Niu Yanhong, to talk. The court forced a sentence on Ms. Zeng for crimes she did not commit. Ms. Zeng was sentenced to eight years in prison. After that, she was secretly sent to the Heilongjiang Province Women's Prison for further persecution.

In the Women's Prison, the guards deprived Zeng Fenglian of sleep, forced her to stand up for a long time, twisted her legs and verbally her. They also incited the inmates to torture Ms. Zeng and to monitor her all day. Every day they used loudspeakers to broadcast messages that defamed Falun Dafa. Zeng Fenglian suffered a great deal physically, and she was also mentally traumatized. When Ms. Zeng's family tried to obtain permission to visit her, a female police officer in charge of granting permission was extremely difficult to deal with.

Ms. Zeng was later transferred to the No. 2 Women's Prison for further persecution. Besides doing physical labor, she was subjected to forced brainwashing. They adopted various methods to try to force Ms. Zeng to renounce her belief.

Now, Ms. Zeng is no longer able to walk by herself. She needs other people's help to walk. In addition, in mid-November 2003, the Xinhualu Police Station in Fuyu County arrested Ms. Zeng's son, Zuo Chunxin, and detained him in the Fuyu Forced Labor Camp for three months. He suffered serious persecution in the camp and his family had to pay about 10,000 yuan to bail him out. He lost his job due to the arrest and is still unemployed.

2. Mr. Xu Guoxiang Arrested; His Wife and Family Having a Difficult Time

On May 23, practitioner Mr. Xu Guoxiang went out of town to look for work. When passing through Haerbin Station and transferring to another train, police officers from the Haerbin Province Railway Police Station found Dafa truth-clarification CDs and books in his luggage, so they illegally arrested him. They held him for two months in the Xiangfang Detention Center of the Haerbin Railway Station. Mr. Xu went on a hunger strike to protest his illegal detention, and demanded his unconditional release. He was tortured until he was emaciated, but he still had to perform hard labor.

Mr. Xu had a high fever and lost consciousness a few times, but he was forced to do hard labor after regaining consciousness. The prison doctor diagnosed him with pneumonia. When Mr. Xu's family went to visit him, they asked to bail him out for medical treatment, but were denied. Without notifying his family, the authorities sentenced Xu Guoxiang to two years of forced labor. He was sent to The Third Team in Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp of Haerbin Province for futher persecution.

When he arrived at the Changlinzi Labor Camp, Mr. Xu's wife went to visit him. The guards did not allow her to see him. They asked her to write down words to defame Dafa and Teacher. When she refused, she was not allowed to see him. Now Mr. Xu is in the No. 5 Group. Details of his current situation are unknown. His son goes to junior high school and his wife does some work to pay the school tuition and to bring in some financial support. They live a very difficult life.

3. Ms. Lu Guizheng Suffers from Persecution; She and Her Family's Whereabouts Have Been Unknown for Nearly Three Years

In the winter of 2000, police officers from the Erdaowan Police Station detained Ms. Lu Guizheng and twenty other practitioners in a local hotel. Practitioners of both sexes were forced to stay in one room for over seventy days. Ms. Lu's family has been harassed and threatened many times. Her husband was also taken into the police bureau where he was threatened and terrorized.

In mid-December 2003, police officers from the Erdaowan Police Station illegally arrested practitioner Ms. Lu. In the police station, Chen Jianhua, director of the police station, and other police officers from the County Police Department, hit her on the head with rolled up cardboard and magazines. They violently kicked her legs and feet many times. As a result, Ms. Lu's legs and feet developed bruises and blisters, and she had difficulty walking. The next day, Ms. Lu managed to escape with the help of Teacher's benevolence. She was forced to become homeless to avoid recapture and further persecution. Both she and her family's whereabouts are unknown.

4. Mr. Zhai Yuzhu Sentenced to Five Years

At about seven o'clock on December 4, 2003, someone reported practitioner Mr. Zhai Yuzhu to the police when he was handing out truth-clarification materials in the Fuyu County ranch area. He was illegally arrested and put in solitary confinement at the Ranch Police Station. He was stripped and taken outside in freezing weather. He was hit with a shovel handle until the handle broke. Mr. Zhai was then transferred secretly to the Qi City Sijiazi Detention Center (Qi City Agricultural Exploitation Bureau). Two months later, without notifying him and his family, and without following any legal procedure, Zhai Yuzhu was sentenced to five years in prison and was taken to the Qi City Tailai Prison.

Mr. Zhai is still in prison and is being tortured. His elderly father has been deaf for many years and has no income. He depends on Mr. Zhai's married sister to provide him with financial support. The old man is looking forward to his son's return. Every time he runs into someone, he says, "Yuzhu will be back in a few days."

5. Update on Mr. Fan Xingzhi's Persecution

On July 22, 1999, police officers from the Fuyu County Erdaowan Township Police Station broke into practitioner Mr. Fan Xingzhi's home and confiscated seventeen tapes containing lectures, three exercises videotapes and one photo of Master Li. In 2000, Erdaowan Township police officers forced Mr. Fan to attend brainwashing sessions. The brainwashing sessions were held in the police station and also in an animal hospital. During that period of time, they forced practitioners to do a party propaganda dance that is popular in northern China.

In the summer of 2000, Zhang Xishuang, director of Erdaowan Township Police Station, and Lan Peicai, police officer from the Fuyu County 610 Office broke into Fan Lanzhi's home using the excuse that someone had reported him. They confiscated five cassettes (including lectures and exercises). The following winter, Chen Jianhua, director of the Erdaowan Police Station who recently came on board, and policeman Wang Hongjiu, arrested Mr. Fan again, using the same excuse. They detained him at the Township Police Station. In one day, they ransacked his home four times, and seriously damaged his house.

In April 2001, people from Nahe City Police Bureau, together with police officers from the Erdaowan Township Police Station, took Mr. Fan to the Nahe City Police Station for interrogation. Fu Yubin, a divisional manager, and three other people interrogated him and physically abused him in an attempt to force a confession. They forced Mr. Fan to sit on a tiger bench for three days. Meanwhile, he was shocked with electric batons on the head, and face. Then he was slapped on the face with a rolled-up magazine, and brutally kicked. Later, he was held in the Nahe Forced Labor Camp. Mr. Fan was released fifteen days later, after his family paid a fine of 2,000 "yuan".

6. Update on Other Practitioners Who Have Been Persecuted

The Erdaowan Police Station has fined Fuyu County practitioner Ms. Sun Suqin many times. The highest amount was 5,000 yuan. They also held her son-in-law at the Fuyu Detention Center for one year. The Erdaowan Police Station fined practitioners Shao Jinrong, Wu Yaorong, and Meng Zhaoshan. Their fines ranged from 500 to 2,000 yuan.

After someone reported practitioners Ms. Gao Yajuan, Ms. Liu Guirong and Ms. Chen Yanhua from Xinxin Village, Erdaowan Township, Fuyu County because they clarified the truth to other villagers, police officers from the Erdaowan Police Station ransacked Ms. Gao's home. They found Dafa truth-clarification CDs and other materials, so they took Ms. Gao away. After that, they went to the homes of Ms. Liu and Ms. Chen, and found Dafa books and truth-clarification materials. They took the three of them together to the Erdaowan Police Station for interrogation. Then they sent them to the Police Team of the Fuyu County Police Station for further interrogation.

During their detention, Ms. Gao and Ms. Liu were forced to sit on the iron chair, and Ms. Chen was slapped six or seven times. Police officers stuck burning cigarette butts into Ms. Liu's nose. They also twisted an ashtray under her armpit. Ms. Chen was fined 6,000 yuan before she was released. Ms. Gao was sentenced to two years in a forced labor camp, and Ms. Liu was sentenced to one year of forced labor. She is detained at the Qi City Shuanghe Forced Labor Camp.