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Facts about the Recent Persecution of Dafa Practitioners at Dalian Forced Labor Camp

October 07, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) The following are the facts about persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners at the Dalian Forced Labor Camp, Liaoning Province through July 2005.

1. Practitioners Segregated from Other Detainees

During March and April of 2005, in an attempt to block the news details about the persecution experienced by Falun Gong practitioners, the 8th brigade at the Dalian Forced Labor Camp posted an official sign saying "segregated area." The rest of the brigades are marked "semi-segregated area." Dafa practitioners are segregated in the 1st and 3rd brigades located on the top floor (the fifth floor) of the building. This is where the administration is located. The authorities take all prisoners' rights away from practitioners, such as meeting with relatives, using the telephone, additional meals, lodging, outdoor activities and others.

The 8th brigade has a living area, a work area and a heavy discipline area. The heavy discipline area includes confinement cells where most of the torture against practitioners is carried out. The 8th brigade has 15 guards, nearly 20 prisoners and 20 detained Falun Gong practitioners. A total of 17 surveillance cameras monitor Dafa practitioners' words and actions. All the rooms are installed with surveillance cameras except the guard's rooms, the workshop, and the discipline room. Practitioners are under 24-hour surveillance. The guards and other prisoners monitor them in order to "transform" them. Each day, at least one practitioner is detained in a confinement cell to try to "transform" him. Beatings, cursing, physical punishment, adding extra work hours and adding extra work quotas occur frequently. Dafa practitioners are severely tormented physically and mentally.

2. Guard Han Wei and Others Encourage Prisoners to Torture Gu Shuchun

Han Wei, now 40 years old, was transferred to the 8th brigade in March 2004 and is the current unit leader of the 8th brigade guard squadron at the Dalian Forced Labor Camp. In April 2005, Brigade Captain Jiang Tongjiu, Deputy Captain Wang Shiwei and Han Wei ordered prisoners Fang Zewen (from Dalian City), Lu Wenguang (from Dalian City) and Wang Xiaojun (from Hubei Province) to "transform" Dafa practitioner Gu Shuchun. They worked on him for more than a month. They pulled Gu Shuchun's hands straight out from the shoulder on either side. Then they handcuffed them to an iron bed. The prisoners often used a wooden plank to hit the shoulder joints and other parts of Gu Shuchun's body. Gu was not allowed to sleep, his shoulder joints ached frequently and he was forced to endure physical labor. Han Wei often ordered the prisoners to search practitioners' beds and property containers and destroy any Dafa articles. Han Wei often put pressure on the prisoners to escalate the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Some prisoners who understood the truth no longer wanted to persecute practitioners, but they feared Han's punishment.

3. Brigade Guard Li Maojiang Scolds and Tortures Dafa Practitioners

On a night in April 2005, prisoner Chen Shenghui and Dafa practitioner Liu Wencheng had a disagreement. Chen ran to the Brigade Captain's office and falsely claimed that Liu Wencheng beat him. Li Maojiang, the captain on duty ran to the 3rd squad and found Liu Wencheng. He did not listen to any explanation and shouted abuse at Liu. He then slapped Liu Wencheng on the face nearly ten times in front of many Dafa practitioners and prisoners. Liu offered advice kindly, but Li Maojiang said, "Today I am going to kill!" Li scolded every practitioner on the spot. He tried to intimidate the practitioners with threats of extending their prison terms, destroying release reports, and heavy discipline.

4. Guard An Ping Physically Punishes Falun Gong Practitioner Sun Huali for Several Hours

After 9 a.m. one day between March and April 2005, An Ping, a squadron captain at the Dalian Forced Labor Camp, pushed and dragged Falun Gong Practitioner Sun Huali to the corridor outside the captain's office. There he forced Sun Huali to stand facing the wall until 2 or 3 p.m. and did not give Sun Huali any lunch. He physically punished Sun Huali for five to six hours. Dafa practitioners tried to tell An Ping the truth about Falun Gong, but he did not listen. He said, "You are protecting Falun Gong. I am destroying Falun Gong." The 8th brigade has 15 guards.
Brigade Captain: Jiang Zhongjiu
Instructor: Sun
Brigade Deputy Captain: Wang Shiwei, He Shudong
Squadron Captain: Peng Dahua, Li Maojiang, An Ping
Unit leaders: Wang Huajin, Han Wei, Yang, Zhou, Sun, Yuan, Wu
Brigade Officer: Liu

5. He Shudong Persecutes Falun Gong Practitioners with More Work and Higher Quotas

He Shudong, the deputy captain of the 8th brigade at Dalian Forced Labor Camp is mostly in charge of production labor. He decides the production quota for Falun Gong practitioners. The two most common methods used by the Dalian Forced Labor Camp in persecuting practitioners are: 1. Heavy discipline (confinement) and forced "transformation;" 2. Forced labor with overtime and increased quotas. To make things worse for the practitioners, they reduce the number of laborers while demanding the same quantity.

If Falun Gong practitioners fail to complete the tasks, He Shudong pressures the prisoners to increase the persecution and promote conflict between the prisoners and the Falun Gong practitioners. There is no rest on Saturday and Sunday in the labor camp. This aggravates the practitioner's physical and mental torture.

Falun Gong practitioners' work units start work at 6 a.m. and work for more than ten hours a day. Practitioner Liu Jilian was again detained in the labor camp. Liu, though very weak, was forced to collect scrap, but was not allowed to rest. He was forced to perform the work one-handed, because the other hand was disabled. It is said that the other brigades must pay part of their production income to the labor camp. The 8th brigade keeps all the income that it makes. The guards get the extra part as a bonus. The guards treat practitioners as the main production force. As practitioners are released, the number of people working is reduced, but the work quota is not reduced. If the quotas are not met, He Shudong puts pressure on the guards. The prisoners are very afraid of He Shudong because he extends their terms and makes their life more difficult in the labor camp.

6. Partial List of Dafa Practitioners Detained at Dalian Forced Labor Camp

1. Sun Huali (Zhuanghe, 2 years) 2. Cui Deliang (Zhuanghe, 3 years) 3. Yang Peijun (Dalian, 2 years) 4. Li Jianxu (Dalian, 1 year) 5. Yang Liguo (Dalian) 6. Zhang Chengyi (Dalian) 7. Wang Shiming (Dalian, 3 years) 8. Liu Jilian (Dalian) 9. Zhang Baokun (Development District) 10. Zheng Dahai (Lushun) 11. Gu Shuchun (Lushun, 2 years) 12. Zhu Chenggan (Pulandian, 3 years) 13. Teng Zhizhou (Dalian, 3 years) 14. Liang Bo (Changhai, 3 years) 15. Teng Pingde (Dandong) 16. Wang Xingtian (Jinzhou, 2 years) 17. Han Fei (Dalian, 2 years) 18. one person on heavy discipline (name unknown, came to the 8th brigade in June 2005)

7. Partial List of Collaborators

1. Zhao Yong (Wafangdian, 3 years) was released in July or August 2005. He was the head of the brainwashing center and assisted the guards in forcibly "transforming" many Dafa practitioners.

2. Han Xuehui (Jinzhou) was "transformed" at the forced labor camp last time. Han acted as head of the brainwashing center. This person came to the 8th brigade between March and April 2005 and now helps the police to persecute practitioners.

3. Wang Jiakai (a teacher in Dalian) came to the 8th brigade between March and April 2005, and was "transformed" into an assistant. He helps the police brainwash others.