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Crimes Committed by Prison Guard Li Xiujin at the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp

October 28, 2005 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Jiamusi

(Clearwisdom.net) Li Xiujin, 41, is a prison guard at Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp. She is currently Deputy Commander of No. 7 Squadron at the women's camp.

Since the persecution of Falun Gong began, Li has actively participated in it and is known for her extreme cruelty. Her deplorable conduct has been exposed on the Minghui website many times and her crimes have been documented and sent to the relevant United Nations body. She is also listed as an offender on the Fawanghuihui website, in case numbers 18787, 21200 and others.

In her capacity as forced labor camp guard, Li often berates, humiliates, and tortures Falun Gong practitioners, which has resulted in many injuries and permanent disabilities. Nine female practitioners have died as a result of being persecuted at the camp. They are: Tang Hong, Fang Cuifang, Zhao Fulan, Wang Shujun, Yi Ling, Wu Lingxia, Jia Dongmei, Meng Xiaohua, and Wang Dongxia. Li Xiujun bears some responsibility in all of these cases.

The following is a partial list of the crimes committed by Li Xiujin.

1. On May 13, 2002, practitioners Cai Rong, Bao Lixia, Lu Xiuqin, Duan Xiuling and Ma Cuihong went on a hunger strike to protest the treatment of their fellow practitioners. They were viciously beaten by guards Li Xiujin, Liu Yadong, Zhu Tiehong and Jiang Jianan. Afterwards, their hands were cuffed behind their backs for 24 hours.

2. In May 2003, prison guard Liu Yadong locked practitioner Su Yanhua in a small second floor room for over two weeks for practicing Falun Gong exercises. During that time, they pressured Su to write a statement saying that she would follow the prison regulations, but she refused. Consequently, Liu Yadong and Li Xiujin took Su to an empty room and beat her. They tortured her by tying her hands together with one arm over her shoulder and the other behind her back. They slapped her face until she passed out. Then Liu and Li dragged Su back into the small room where they tied her onto a bed frame with her feet tied to the headboard and her hands cuffed to the frame board. She was repeatedly beaten while tied to the bed frame.

3. Around eight o'clock on June 25, 2003, prison guards Li Xiujin, Zhu Tiehong, and Wang Tiejun were threatening practitioners with electric batons to try to force them to write statements defaming Falun Gong's founder. They asked the practitioners to copy exactly what they were given, without changing a single character. Every practitioner refused. The hands of 56-year-old Lu Jin were cuffed together with one arm over her shoulder and the other behind her back. Lu shouted, "You people have no regard for human life!" Several practitioners were taken to an empty room, forced to the floor, and viciously beaten. Later that evening, the guards tortured Lu Jin again with a method called, "hanging up with hands cuffed behind the back." Without being able to touch the ground, she was hung onto a metal bed frame. With her arm already fractured from the beatings, Lu was crying from the pain. Lu was tortured like this for over 24 hours.

4. In the morning of July 25, 2003, Li Xiujin beat and kicked practitioner Zheng Yinchun and tried to force her to admit that she was wrong, but Zheng refused. Li punched Zheng on the chest so hard that Zheng felt the pain for over a month. Later, Li Xiujin tortured Zheng by cuffing both of her hands together with one hand over her shoulder the other behind her back. Zheng has had no feeling in her left arm ever since. She cannot use the arm or take care of herself.

5. In the middle of November 2003, the labor camp forced practitioners to make cell phone cases. Practitioner Zheng Yinchun told the guards, "My arm is no good. I cannot work!" Li Xiujin slapped her face and said, "If your left hand cannot do it, use your right hand!" She forced Zheng to work. In the spring of 2004, Li Xiujin was beating practitioner Su Yanhua because Su refuse to shout slogans. Zheng Yinchun tried to stop the beating and was kicked very hard by Li Xiujin.

6. On May 15, 2004, guards Li Xiujin and Sun Hui were beating practitioner Dong Li because she refused to shout slogans. Zheng Yinchun again tried to stop the beating and again was kicked.

7. On March 2, 2005, practitioners were being violently abused for refusing to sign the so-called Assisting Education Agreement. At 9:00 a.m., the guard captain Yu Wenbin ordered the guards to force practitioners to sign the agreements. Five guards with electric and rubber batons threatened practitioners to sign the agreements. Those who refused were shocked.

Guards Gao Xiaohua and Li Xiujin cuffed practitioner Ma Xiaohua's hands behind her back. A male guard hit Ma's face so hard that it permanently damaged her hearing. Ma had bruises all down her left side as well as her right thigh and buttock. Her previously injured back was re-injured so badly that she could not straighten it and thus had difficulty walking. Her right wrist and elbow areas were so painful that she could not even wash her clothes. Afterwards, Ma Xiaohua wrote a letter to the prison administration and reported the illegal actions of the prison guards. No one cared. Guard Li Xiujin told Ma later, "If I find out you've written to the administration again, your sentenced will be prolonged an extra month."

8. On March 2, 2005, several practitioners, including Niu Yuhuan, were locked in a room and viciously beaten by Squadron Commander Hong Wei, along with Li Xiujin and four other male guards. As a result of being tortured with electric shocks, practitioner Wang Qi became physically disabled, Meng Fanli's sentence was extended, and Fan Xiaohua had wounds so severe from the electric shocks that they were still visible three months later. Practitioner Niu Yuhuan was hit several times in the chest by Li Xiujin, in exactly the areas where Niu had skin cancer. Later Niu suffered a heart attack and was in serious condition. Nonetheless, she was still dragged to work and to the cafeteria for persecution. This lasted several months, during which time she was in and out of critical condition. The hospital where she was taken periodically wanted to admit Niu, but the labor camp refused.

9. On June 6, 2005, guard Li Xiujin forced practitioner Niu Yuhuan to go to work. Since Niu could not walk, let alone work, Li forced her to lie on the concrete ground for almost two months, usually without any cushions. Sometimes they would not allow her to lie down, and forced her to sit up. Li Xiujin also tortured Niu using the tiger bench. One time, Niu was forced to sit on it a whole day. When she screamed from the pain the guards laughed at her. The guards also ordered inmates to drag her around. As her ribs scraped the ground it was very painful. The guards cursed her often. After several months of severe torture, Niu is now emaciated and can no longer walk. The labor camp still refuses to release her or show her family the results of the medical examinations. They have only told her family that she cannot be released on medical parole. Prisoners are usually only released on medical parole so that they will die at home.

Prison guard Li Xiujin follows the Chinese Communist Party and Jiang's evil cohorts to actively participate in the persecution of Falun Gong. Her crimes are countless. She will face legal consequences and be punished by heaven.

Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp telephone numbers:

Office: 86-454-6112097, 86-454-8891926
Cell: 86-13845407768

October 6, 2005