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610 Office Has Falun Gong Practitioners Tortured at Shengli Oil Field Hospital's Mental Illness Department

October 26, 2005 |   By a Dafa practitioner at Shengli oil field

(Clearwisdom.net) At the Shengli Hospital of the Shengli Oil Field Eighth Division in Shandong Province, some staff members have used the mental illness department to torture Falun Gong practitioners over the past six years.

Based on the incomplete statistics on Falun Gong practitioners at Shengli Oil Field, five Falun Gong practitioners have been sent to the mental illness department of Shengli hospital by the 610 Office, communist party officials and Shengli Oil Field management. Those practitioners include Jiang Haishong and Li Xiaodong.

The medical staff at the mental illness department falsely diagnosed practitioners as having mental problems, and then put them together with real mental patients and subjected them to "treatment." Using medication to torture practitioners, they hope to "transform" them into real mental patients.

These doctors forced practitioners to wear white clothes and white hats while some nurses forced them to take drugs and receive injections every day. They wanted to destroy practitioners' bodies with the unidentified drugs. One practitioner was tortured there for one month, during which time he suffered severe swelling of the head. Over one month later he still had not recovered.

The officials at Shengli hospital of Shengli oil field:

Sheng Chengdong 86-546-8811981 (Office) 86-546-8721558 (Home)
Dong Jijun 86-546-8811585 (Office) 86-546-8812260 (Home)
Wang Mingjian 86-546-8811286 (Office) 86-546-8554268 (Home)
Dong Yutang 86-546-8811168 (Office) 86-546-8774983 (Home)
Li Xiangru 86-546-8811057 (Office) 86-546-8812430 (Home)
Lei Shengli 86-546-8632908 (Office) 86-546-8522519 (Home)
Zhao Jinlu 86-546-8811688 (Office) 86-546-8812132 (Home)
Wang Penglei 86-546-8811365 (Office) 86-546-8812623 (Home)
Kang Xinli 86-546-8811638 (Office) 86-546-8812451 (Home)
Gao Mingxiang 86-546-8811582 (Office) 86-546-8812898 (Home)
Zhang Shuhan 86-546-8811572 (Office) 86-546-8836366 (Home)
The director's office of the psychiatric ward: 86-546-8811012
Zhai Jie: 86-546-8812466 (Home)
The office of the assistant director of the psychiatric ward: 86-546-8811280
Miao Xingfang: 86-546-8812145 (Home)
Mental illness department (1): 86-546-8811292
Mental illness department (2): 86-546-8811013
Nurse office of 2nd division of the mental illness department: 86-546-8811273
Doctor's office: 86-546-8811520
Nurse's office of 3rd division of the mental department: 86-546-8811373
Doctor's office: 86-546-8811320
Nurse's office of 4th division of the mental department: 86-546-8811473
Doctor's office: 86-546-8811420

On September 26, 2005