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Qi Mingli Arrested on the Day Before His Wedding

October 25, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom) On May 1, 2004, the day before his wedding, Mr. Qi Mingli was illegally arrested and sent to the Jinzhou City Detention Center by more than ten agents from the State Security Bureau at Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province. The agents were led by Wang Yongan, who is the bureau's deputy director. They transferred him to the Linghai City Detention Center, where Mr. Qi went on a hunger strike.

More than ten days later, agents Li Guiwen and others were still torturing Qi, even though he was extremely weak and his life was in danger. They also took him to the Luotunshanzhuang Brainwashing Center in Fushun City, but Mr. Qi was rejected by the center because of his poor physical condition. He was taken to the Fushun People's Hospital, and then was transferred back to the Jinzhou Affiliated Hospital for emergency rescue and treatment. When his condition improved, the State Security Bureau handed him over to Fang Shaoshen, the leader of the National Security Brigade of the Taihe Branch in Jinzhou city. The authorities from National Security Brigade sentenced Qi to three years in a forced labor camp in spite of the fact that Qi's leg was severely injured. Mr. Qi was sent to the Jinzhou City Forced Labor Camp. For more than a year, his family members were not allowed to visit him until very recently. His family noticed that his right leg was disabled, and he walked with a limp. He had scabies on his body, swollen face, and vision so poor that he could not identify people. Last year, Mr. Qi's family had a discussion with the forced labor camp deputy director Li Fenglin about offering bail and releasing him for medical treatment. Deputy director Li, who was in charge of the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners, was very rude and unreasonable, and he claimed: "It doesn't matter where you go. It will not get resolved."

More than a year later, Mr. Qi is still being detained, and the forced labor camp is subjecting him to brainwashing and torture. His illness is still not being treated.

Mr. Qi's family members are making inquiries about the possible causes and responsible parties and asking for compensation for his disabled leg. Furthermore, they ask for the return of Qi Mingli's right to have a healthy body and personal freedom.

Work telephone numbers and addresses of individuals who are related to the cause of Mr. Qi Mingli's disability:

Director Chen Xiaosong, State Security Bureau at Jinzhou city: 86-416-3882999(Office)
Bureau Deputy Director Wang Yongan: 86-416-3883399(Office)
Section Chief Song Zhengming: 86-416-3883970(Office), 86-13941635358(Cell)
Division Chief Hong Jianguo: 86-416-3887327(Office)
Clerk Li Guiwen: 86-416-3883970(Office), 86-416-2253831(Cell)
Secrecy Bureau of the State Security Bureau: 86-416-3882843

There were more than ten people who broke into Qi Mingli's home and some others who beat him. Their names are unknown currently.

Fang Shaoshen, the leader of the State Protection Brigade of Taihe Branch of Jinzhou City: 86-416-5179530(Office)
Jinzhou City Forced Labor Camp Director Zhang Haiping: 86-416-4575166(Office)
Political Instructor Jin Fuli: 86-416-4575177(Office)
Deputy Director of the forced labor camp Li Fenglin: 86-416-4575055(Office)
Leader of Second Group Bai Jinlong: 86-416-4575192(Office)

October 13, 2005