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Weekend Newspaper (Denmark): The Different Refugee

October 22, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) The Weekend Newspaper, one of the most influential weekly newspapers in Denmark, published an article entitled, "The Different Refugee," authored by Signe Cain on October 14, 2005. The story reported how Chinese citizen Zhu Xuezhi was on a business-trip in Denmark when the Chinese authorities suddenly shut down his enterprise. Zhu Xuezhi practices Falun Gong, and now he is forced to stay in Denmark to avoid persecution. His plight reminds the Danish people that China is still under oppressive dictatorship.


According to the report, stories that unveil the Chinese Communist regime's brutal control over the people of China keep coming forth. Zhu Xuezhi's story is one example. In 2000 he traveled to Denmark as a businessman. His enterprise back home in China was quite successful, and he came over to Denmark to extend cooperation with his Danish business partners. While he was in Denmark, his spiritual belief came to the attention of the Chinese authorities. Zhu Xuezhi is a practitioner of the spiritual movement of Falun Gong, and because of this, the Chinese authorities closed down his business overnight.

"I lost everything I owned, and had no idea of how to support my family," Zhu Xuezhi said through his interpreter. He is currently learning Danish, but feels most comfortable speaking Chinese. It is now one year since Mr. Zhu was granted asylum in Denmark. "Now I have to depend on social welfare. When I lived and worked in China, I had lots of property, but now I gather furniture off the streets. I would like to become a businessman again, but I have to learn Danish first," he says. While talking, he flips through his papers in front of him. He shows letters and photographs from his time as a businessman.

While Zhu Xuezhi lived in China he did not have any problems practicing his faith. But since Falun Gong was banned in China in 1999, the authorities have fiercely attacked many of the movement's members. Zhu Xuezhi believes that he would be arrested if he were to return to China. Giving up his belief is out of the question. Zhu Xuezhi considers that his belief in Falun Gong is connected to the belief in a better world. Falun Gong's main principles are Truth, Compassion and Tolerance, and in Denmark he can meet freely with other Falun Gong practitioners to practice his faith. He is encouraged by his spiritual belief as he prepares to start his new life from scratch in Denmark.

Zhu Xuezhi 's experience brings people the message that China is still under dictatorship. He therefore visits the Chinese Embassy in Hellerup every day [to appeal for justice for Falun Gong], where he distributes material about Falun Gong and the Chinese authorities' persecution to passers-by. He has been doing this for three years now.

Zhu Xuezhi's experience indicates that the Chinese Communist regime's control has extended to other countries outside China. "I'm quite sure that it was the Chinese Embassy in Copenhagen that sent information about my involvement in Falun Gong to the Chinese government," he says.

He hopes that the Danish people will demand that the Chinese government stop the persecution. "The Chinese government is not a friend of Denmark, it is dangerous," he says.