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Harmony (a Slovak Republic magazine): Cultivate Your Body and Mind (Photos)

October 19, 2005 |  

October 2005

(Clearwisdom.net) In October edition of the Slovak magazine Harmony, a two-page article about Falun Gong was published under the title "Cultivate your Body and Mind." The article describes the exercises and symbol of Falun Gong, its quick spread in China, and the Jiang Zemin-initiated persecution. It reads as follows:

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"If you are interested in meditation exercises, enrich your knowledge with an ancient cultivation method of mind, body and spirit, Falun Gong, also called Falun Dafa, which also helps to control negative emotions."

"This method is based on exercises, which were for thousands of years practiced in remote areas of China, and their techniques were for generations passed from Master to his disciples, while the goal was to learn to live a harmonious, unselfish and tolerant life, which is in line with the basic principles of the universe: Truth, Compassion, Forbearance. The Falun Gong helps to improve every aspect of human being: body, mind and spirit."

The article further describes how Falun Gong quickly gained popularity in China, how the persecution was initiated by Jiang Zemin and how Falun Gong followers are persecuted in China. The article also describes the exercises of Falun Gong and the symbol of Falun Gong. It clearly indicates that the symbol of Falun Gong is not related to the fascistic symbol of the World War II era.

At the end of the article there is a reference to the Slovak language Falun Gong web page, www.falungong.sk, where its readers can find more information.