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Four More Cases of Falun Dafa Practitioners Being Persecuted to Death in Guangdong, Liaoning, and Sichuan Provinces

October 19, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Lu Yuye, 64, was a retired teacher from Hecheng Town, Heshan City. For many years, Lu suffered from many physical ailments, such as nasal cancer and spinal cord problems. Even after treatment, her health deteriorated rapidly and she was told that her days were numbered. However, a miracle happened to her after she took up Falun Dafa practice in 1998. She became healthier every day. Members of her family were happy to see the dramatic change.

However, in 1999 when the Chinese government officially launched the suppression of everyone who practiced Falun Dafa, she was constantly harassed and threatened by officers from the 610 Office. On May 4, 2001, her son was arrested for distributing Falun Dafa truth clarification materials, and was later sentenced to eighteen months of forced labor, with no legal proceedings. As a result, Lu became very sick and passed away on December 30, 2001.

Ms Sun Shuying, 80, lived in Dandong City, Liaoning Province. After starting to practice Falun Dafa in 1998, she found that all of her ailments miraculously disappeared. At eighty, she was considered very fit for her age. She could carry out household chores, as well as prepare meals for her daughter for several years. Also, her dedication to Falun Dafa practice was commendable. Regardless of the weather, she was at the site every morning doing the exercises. After July 20, 1999, when the government officially outlawed Falun Dafa, she was unable to practice regularly. Together with twenty others, she was arrested for practicing Falun Gong. Fearing that she would not be able to stand up to interrogation, her family bailed her out, but she was still constantly harassed afterwards. Finally, on May 12, 2005 she died as a result of depression and stress.

Mr. Zheng Panshi, 68, lived in the Zhulin Area, Dadong District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. He worked in the Shenyang Zhongjie Youyi Factory, and before retiring he was a senior cadre. Zheng started learning Falun Dafa in the summer of 1997, and his health benefited tremendously. However, after July 20, 1999, when the persecution of Falun Dafa started, Zheng was arrested many times for questioning by the party secretary of his work unit, as well as by the local police. He was also forced to renounce his practice of Falun Dafa. Long periods of harassment and persecution triggered health problems, and he died on February 4, 2005.

Mr. Gong Jinyin, 58, lived in Qianfo Town, Jingyan County, Sichuan Province. In January 2001, Gong went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Dafa. As a result, he was arrested and sentenced to two and a half years of forced labor without proper legal trials. On February 2, 2001, the local police took Gong Jinyin to the Xinhua Forced Labor Camp in Mianyang, where he was brutally beaten. A prisoner named Ruan Hong was directed to carry out the torture. This man repeatedly stabbed Gong's thigh with sharpened bamboo sticks, causing permanent damage to his leg. Despite the fact that these actions are illegal, the camp officer on duty simply turned a blind eye to the whole affair. In June 2002, Gong was released to go home, but he died on February 8, 2003 of poor health induced by torture he suffered while in detention.

People responsible for their deaths include:

From Sichuan Province:
Jingyan County Police Department Section Chief, Zhang Jiansen, 86-833-3720025 (office)
Renshou County Police Department Police Officer, Wang Guiyun, 86-833-6209702

From the Qianfo Town, Jingyan County:
Party Secretary - Chen Dong
Assistant Secretary - Zhang Yongkang
Town Mayor - Chen Hong
Deputy Town Mayor - Lei Zhili