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Treasure Our Time Every Day

October 01, 2005 |   By Austrian Dafa Practitioner Da Zhuang

(Clearwisdom.net) We Dafa practitioners should treat every day as the last day before the Fa rectifies the human world. We don't know what will happen tomorrow. We can only control what we do today. When we are lazy and lethargic, when we hold on to our attachments, we should ask ourselves: if tomorrow the whole thing is over, what should I be doing today? We are racing with time. Every day we should use our time wisely, like the time we send forth righteous thoughts at fixed times, and the time for the Fa-study and practice should also have a fixed routine. In my opinion, we should read at least one chapter of Zhuan Falun each day.

Each day we live in a society full of temptations. Unconsciously, our thoughts are accepting all kinds of deviated cultures and trends. These have been slowly eroding our mind. Studying the Fa everyday can help us to stay vigilant and expel the bad thoughts, and improve our cultivation according to the Fa.

During a period in 1999, each day I read the entire book Zhuan Falun once. I felt a noticeable xinxing improvement. Many of my long-term, stubborn attachments were eliminated during that time naturally.

Before we read Zhuan Falun, it is better to we should cleanse our minds. Eliminating the bad thoughts, karma, bad notions and external interference would help us better focus on reading the Fa.

When our mind wanders about during Fa study, we should return to the paragraph where we lost focus and start over. We should study the Fa without any attachments and notions, doing so with a tranquil mind. As Teacher said,

"The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts." ("Drive out Interference" in Essentials for further Advancement II)

In "Teaching the Fa at the Washington D.C. International Fa Conference" (from Guiding the Voyage), Teacher said,

"Clarifying the truth is something each and every one of you Dafa disciples must do. I'm telling you this again. Anyone who tries to make excuses for himself and who's never stepped forward is wrong. As for how much longer this tribulation will last, I don't think you should think about these things much. And don't think about whether you can reach Consummation, either, because any desire you have can become an attachment and can be used by the evil. As soon as that kind of thought emerges, the evil might conjure a false image for you, and this will then cause interference. Cherish the present time and make the best use of it--this time is meant for the disciples. While you cultivate, do Fa-rectification, and move yourselves towards Consummation, you also need to save sentient beings; you are creating everything for the future."

We Dafa disciples are walking along the path to become gods. Clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings are our ultimate responsibilities; in fact, many disciples made an oath in a pre-historical era to do just that. Through these efforts, we are establishing our own mighty virtue and achieving eternal glory.

If we Dafa disciples all do well the Three Things, then the communist evil spirit, the dark minions, rotten demons and other evil elements will have no place to hide.

Let us treasure our time each day, treat every day as the last day before the Fa rectifies the human world, stay diligent in studying the Fa, put our best effort forward to do the Three Things and to save more people.

This has been my personal understanding. If there is anything inappropriate, please correct me.