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Mr. Cai Fuchen on the Verge of Death After Being Inhumanly Tortured by Yanji City Police

January 23, 2005 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from Jilin Province

(Clearwisdon.net) Mr. Cai Fuchen, 39 years old, is an excellent public servant of the Longjing Taxation Office in Jilin Province. On May 26, 2004, police from the Yilan Police Station of Yanji City arrested him for practicing Falun Dafa. By that evening, the police had seriously injured his legs, disabling him. Mr. Cai was imprisoned in Cell No. 24 at the Yanji City Detention Center. He is now close to death.

In November 1999, Mr. Cai Fuchen went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa and to explain to the government the truth of Falun Gong. However, before Mr. Cai could enter the appeals office (1), he was arrested. He was escorted back to Longjing City and detained at the City Detention Center for one month. Since that date, the taxation office suspended him and refused to pay his salary.

On the morning of March 2000, Cai Fuchen practiced the Falun Gong exercises in front of a Longjing City institution. Policemen from the Longmen Police Station of Longjing City arrested him. He was sentenced to two years of forced labor and then incarcerated at the Yanbian Forced Labor Camp. At the same time, the Longjing City Taxation Bureau expelled Mr. Cai from the Communist Party and discharged him from public employment.

In April 2001, the Deputy Secretary of the Political and Legal Commission of Jilin Province visited Yanbian Forced Labor Camp. He was accompanied by Hu Xiaoyan, the Deputy Secretary of the Yanji City 610 Office. Falun Gong practitioners, including Mr. Cai Fuchen, Mr. Song Kuijun and Mr. Xin Yanjun took the opportunity to stand up and shout, "Falun Dafa is wonderful!" This angered the head of the Education Section, Li Wenbin, and some of the guards. They said that Cai Fuchen damaged the image of the entire forced labor camp and made the camp look disreputable. Mr. Cai was then locked in a small cell (2) for one month.

At the end of October 2001, the Yanbian Forced Labor Camp invited a group of people to stage a play which slandered Falun Dafa, and forced Falun Dafa practitioners to watch it. At that time, Mr. Cai Fuchen, Mr. Wang Tiesong (since tortured to death), Mr. Xiao Guobin (since tortured to death), Mr. Yu Jianhua, Mr. Zhao Litang and Mr. Gu Yindong stood up to stop the play. As a result, the forced labor camp inhumanly tortured Wang Tiesong, Xiao Guobin and Gu Yindong. The three practitioners were locked into separate small cages and cruelly beaten. Mr. Wang Tiesong went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. It was learned that he lost consciousness while being force-fed at the Yanbian Forced Labor Camp and died after emergency treatment.

On hearing that Wang Tiesong, Xiao Guobin and Gu Yindong were locked up in cages, many Falun Dafa practitioners appealed and reported the case to the related government agencies. Mr. Cai Fuchen wrote a letter to Wang Qiang, the head of the forced labor camp, explaining the situation. As a result, he was also locked up in the small cell for two days. Practitioner Mr. Zhao Litang appealed to the Yanji City Procuratorate. Several other practitioners also used different methods to expose and resist the persecution. The authorities were deeply shocked and frightened by the practitioners' actions. At that time, no one knew that the Mr. Wang Tiesong had been tortured to death.

To keep the information about Mr. Wang Tiesong's death a secret, the Yanbian Forced Labor Camp transferred all Falun Dafa practitioners to Yinmahe Forced Labor Camp in Jiutai City. It took a very long time before these practitioners heard the news of Wang Tiesong's death.

Mr. Cai Fuchen was taken to the No. 1 Division at Yinmahe Forced Labor Camp. Although it was miserably cold, he was forced to perform manual labor. Mr. Cai was finally released in March 2002, after suffering two years of inhuman torture.

After his release, however, officials from the local government continued to persecute Mr. Cai. When the Political and Legal Commission, the Political and Security Section, the Longmen Police Station and the neighborhood Committee of Longjing were notified about his release, they had officials break into Cai Fuchen's house and harass his family. These officials broke into Mr. Cai's house dozens of times, and as a result, the family could no longer live peacefully.

In April 2002, Geng Liquan from the Longmen Police Station of Longjing City and three policemen broke into Mr. Cai's house once again. They alleged that they believed that Mr. Cai might travel to Beijing to appeal on April 25 (3). They wanted Mr. Cai to sign a search warrant. Cai Fuchen refused to sign it, but this did not prevent the police from ransacking his house. However, they failed to find any incriminating materials, so Geng Liquan and his men left, threatening to come back. Geng Liquan and several policemen came back later and knocked on the door with handcuffs. When no one answered, the policemen went to Mr. Cai's neighbors' and his father's house to look for him. They were very vocal about wanting to find and arrest him.

One night at midnight, a group of noisy policemen knocked on Cai Fuchen's door, waking up all the neighbors. Mr. Cai's son, around ten years old, woke up and became very frightened. Since this incident, he will not sleep or stay by himself.

One day, the head of the Political and Security Section of the Longjing City Police Department requested Cai Fuchen to come to the police department. There, Mr. Cai was detained without legal cause for the entire morning.

In October 2002, the Longjing City Political and Legal Commission instructed Longmen Police Station staff to bring Cai Fuchen to a brainwashing class. Geng Liquan and several policemen arrested Mr. Cai and took him to a brainwashing class at the Longjing Train Station Hotel. Cai Fuchen and several fellow practitioners went on a hunger strike in protest, demanding their unconditional release. After Mr. Cai was on a hunger strike for seven days, the Political and Security Section of the Longjing Police Department transferred him and several other practitioners to the Longjing Detention Center. They detained them there for one month.

On May 26, 2004, Cai Fuchen was arrested by police from the Yilan Police Station of Yanji City. The same evening, his legs were seriously injured as a result of cruel beatings. Those with inside information said that Mr. Cai's heart-rending screams while being beaten sent cold shivers down people's spines. However, Mr. Cai remained steadfast and did not renounce Falun Dafa. It was reported that he was close to death. Eyewitnesses said Mr. Cai was dragged into a police car after the torture. These lawless people continued to torture him physically and mentally.

In September 2004, people who saw Cai Fuchen said, "Cai Fuchen could no longer walk, as his legs were paralyzed. His face was also deformed. He could not eat and was dying. Because he was considered a key member of Falun Gong, he was held under the direct control of the Yanbian County Government. The government would not set him free easily. I know Falun Gong practitioners are all good people. What a tragedy!"

Mr. Cai Fuchen's disabled father heard that his son was close to death. On October 11, 2004, around 10 a.m., Mr. Cai's father, with the help of relatives, and his grandson, went to the Yanbian County Government to appeal. He asked that the wrong done to his son be redressed. The elderly father and the young son urged the local government to unconditionally release the dying Cai Fuchen. Many passers-by stopped when they saw the crippled old man and his grandson with a cardboard sign hanging around his neck. The words on the sign said, "I strongly request the government to unconditionally release my dying son." After hearing the truth of the persecution perpetrated on Mr. Cai Fuchen, people all supported the old man and his grandson in their quest for justice. They raised their voices to condemn the crimes committed by the local government, and showed their support and encouragement.

However, ignoring the voice of the people, the appeal office of the Yanbian County Government did not resolve the issue. They instead instructed police to disperse the crowd. They dragged the old man into the appeal office. The elderly man lost consciousness instantly. He did not know how long he was unconscious. When he came to, his body was aching all over and his face was very swollen. Not until around 6 o'clock that evening, did the Longmen Police Station authorities assign policemen to take the elderly man back home.

When his family members saw that the elderly father's face was red and swollen, they questioned the policemen from the Longmen Police Station. The police said, "When the County Police Department informed us to pick up the old man he was already like that."

Later on, the old father said angrily, "These policemen did not allow me to eat or go to toilet. I was forced to urinate in my pants."

Recently, a Falun Gong practitioner questioned a prison guard, "Is it true that Mr. Cai Fuchen is unable to walk and eat, is totally deformed and on the verge of death as a result of torture?" The prison guard answered, "Don't worry about it. Isn't he practicing Falun Dafa? As a practitioner, he just needs to practice the exercises. He will not starve to death."

During Cai Fuchen's detention his family members went to the Procuratorate to appeal. However, they were thrown out of the building. It is rumored that Mr. Cai's family has gone to the City Political and Legal Commission, the National Security Division of the city and the detention center, asking for Mr. Cai's release and visitation rights. However, to cover up the result of the torture, family visits were not allowed. The authorities were afraid that their crimes would be exposed.

We are not certain as to Mr. Cai Fuchen's present condition and the tortures he suffered. We are deeply concerned about him. As of now, we have been kept in the dark by the authorities.

(Note: please dial country code + area code before all of the phone numbers except cell phones. For cell phone, please only dial country code before cell phone number. Country code: 86, Area code: 433)

Procuratorate Officials responsible for Mr. Cai Fuchen's detention and torture:

Chi Qinghua, 50 years old: 5085251 (Office)
Long Yanjun: 5085251 (Office)

People who persecute Falun Gong practitioners:
Yanji Post Code: 133000

Yanji Police Department:
Jin Guangzhen, Director: 2512839 (Office), 2918766 (Home), 13504720001 (Cell), 2770001 (PAS), 13304437555 (Cell phone)
Li Dongzhu, Deputy Director: 2516400 (Office), 2525232 (Home), 13804487858 (Cell phone), 2770005 (PAS)
Xu Xiaofeng, Head of the National Security Division: 2525275 (Office), 2623155 (Home), 13039085155 (Cell phone), 13904438836 (Cell phone)
Xiaobin: Deputy Head of the National Security Division: 2565275 (Office), 2529030 (Home), 2999030(PAS)
Jin Yongyi: National Security Division: 2565275
Song Lihai: Head of the 610 Division: 2999369
Zhang Wenzhu: National Security Division: 2253034 (Office), 13944388986 (Cell phone)
Zhu Yongcai, National Security Division: 2993689
Huang Wenze, National Security Division: 13089307735 (Cell phone),2991266 (PAS)

Yilan Police Station, Yanji City: 2614851
Yanji Detention Center: 2625444
Wang Qiang, Head of the Yanji Forced Labor Camp:
Li Wenbin, Head of the Education Section of the Yanji Forced Labor Camp

Longjing City 610 Office
Xu Dunyi, Full-time Secretary: 3223757 (Office), 3221356 (Home)
Xu Zhenghao, Deputy Head of the office: 3223757 (Office), 3253446 (Home)

Longjing City Police Department:
Zhao Honglei, Deputy Head: 3226713, 3226714, 3220647
Jiang Yinglao, Head of the Political and Security Section: 3223843 (Office), 3225834 (Home)
Jin Zezhu, Head of the Detention Center: 3283029
Li Longshan, Longmen Police Station: 3223140
Geng Liquan


(1) The Appeal Office is a governmental agency, which is guaranteed by the Chinese Constitution, where citizens can resort to report any grievances, or report if their cases have been handled improperly by local officials.

(2) Locking up in a small cell: The detainee is locked up in a very small cell individually. The guards handcuff practitioners in a fixed position, in which the practitioners can neither move nor lie down. The small cell is very damp and no sunshine comes in. Detainees have to urinate and defecate in the cell. During the night, rats run around the cell. The stench in the small cell is so bad that it is difficult to breathe.

(3) This refers to the "sensitive" anniversary of April 25, 1999, on which date ten thousand Falun Gong practitioners peacefully gathered outside the Zhongnanhai compound (China's central government building) and successfully appealed for the release of forty-five practitioners who had been illegally arrested in Tianjin City.