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Resist the Persecution and Clarify the Truth in All Difficult Environments

January 16, 2005 |   By a Dafa practitioner in Wuhan City

(Clearwisdom.net) Master said in "Let Go of Human Attachments and Save the World's People,"

"...when you came, saving sentient beings was your great aspiration, and that is the responsibility and mission history has bestowed upon you in Fa-rectification."

I always remembered Master's words,

"Validate the Fa with rationality, clarify the truth with wisdom, spread the Fa and save people with mercy..."

("Rationality", Essentials for Further Advancement II)

I exposed the persecution and clarified the truth to each person I came in contact with so predestined people can be saved.

Below are some of my experiences and understandings in truth clarification amidst perilous situations.

1. Clarifying the Truth in a Mental Hospital

In June 2000, in order to stop me from going to Beijing again to validate Dafa, the local police sent me to a mental hospital. The doctor checked on the patients daily, but because he received orders from the police, he asked me repeatedly whether I would still go to Beijing. It was a great opportunity for me to clarify the truth, and I did, publicly, on a daily basis.

They always watched the patients take their pills. They forced me to take Clozapine, a psychotropic drug. I cleaned the room, clarified the truth to the doctors, hospital staff, the patients and their families, and I studied the Fa and did the exercises. I was held in the ward where they hold people with depression.

Once, when they tried to give me an injection, I resisted. Two men and three doctors came and they put me on a metal bed and tied me down with bandages. Then they forcibly injected me with F.D., another psychotropic drug. After the injection I drooled, my tongue became numb, my hands convulsed and my tongue was numb. I felt as if I was walking on cotton and lost my balance. I immediately asked for help from Master. After I had this thought, all symptoms immediately disappeared as if nothing had ever happened.

In order to cover up the truth, the hospital invited two mental illness experts to "legally appraise" my condition. I took this excellent opportunity to clarify the truth. They constantly asked me questions and I told them how I benefited from Dafa practice, how Falun Dafa has flourished around the world, and about Jiang's group's slander and persecution of Master and Dafa. I solemnly pointed out that it is a crime to lock up a completely healthy person in a mental hospital, and it is against the law and against the professional and moral code of doctors. What they did to me was ironclad evidence of the Jiang group's persecuting Falun Gong practitioners using mental hospitals. More than one month later, after most doctors and patients had learned the truth about Falun Gong, I left the hospital in an open and dignified manner with Master's protection. During this time they extorted lots of money from my family, claiming it was for hospital bills.

2. Clarifying the Truth While at the Brink of Death

In March 2001, while I was in exile, the authorities tapped my home phone and followed me. In the process of resisting illegal arrest, my head was injured and I suffered numerous fractures throughout my body. I was also unconscious. I was taken to a hospital, where I clarified the truth to the doctor and nurses while they sewed my wounds. There were many people in the waiting room, and the police were exasperated because other people all heard me clarifying the truth. The police said to me, "If you say anything more, we will gag you." I said, "I'll clarify the truth still." Afterwards I was taken into the emergency room. I felt excruciating and pulsating pain in a vein on the back of my head, and I heard the heartrending cries of people in the ER who had just lost their family members. The old forces injected a thought into my head that I was going to die; however, I recited the Fa whenever I was conscious and refused to acknowledge any of the old force's arrangements. I used all opportunities to clarify the truth to the doctor, nurses, patients and their families. Although my wounds hurt terribly, I never made a sound. Once, I heard a doctor on duty saying to the doctor in charge of me, "She didn't make a sound?" "She didn't make a sound." At this time, I realized I wasn't a hero of ordinary people but a completely new being created by Dafa.

They didn't have any information on me other than knowing that I was a Dafa practitioner. One day, a plainclothes police officer came and pretended to be visiting me. I suddenly heard camera film rolling in his pocket, and I pulled up the quilt to cover my face. He failed to take a picture of me. While in the emergency room, I tried to think of a way to get out and I studied the environment. A nurse developed righteous thoughts after she learned the truth. She said to me, "If you want to leave, wait until after I sleep." I was glad she learned the truth. When they decided that I was out of danger, one day the doctor asked me, "We'll transfer you; do you want to go to the large ward or the small ward?" I said without any hesitation, "The large ward." I thought there would be more people in the large ward, so I could clarify the truth to more people.

When I was transferred, the police again tried to take a picture of me. My legs were in a cast, I had a catheter in me and I could not move, so they moved my stretcher with me in it. I covered my face with the blanket while I kept my eyes closed and my cheeks puffed out. They failed yet another time.

The patients in the big ward could not take care of themselves. They all hired caretakers, and their families took turns visiting them on a daily basis. Filled with patients' colleagues, friends, neighbors, friends of the caretakers, doctors, nurses, interns, vendors, advertisement distributors, the large ward was a bustling place. Other than during the rest period enforced by the hospital, I recited the Fa, did the exercises and used the rest of the time to clarify the truth. I clearly knew in my heart that I was not there to rehabilitate, much less to be persecuted. I was there to save predestined people. As Master said,

"...you are now their only hope for entering the future."

("Let Go of Human Attachments and Save the World's People")

At first when the head doctor came to my ward, he always tried to pry some information from me and he said many slanderous things about Dafa to show off his knowledge. I solemnly told him it was bad for him to attack Dafa. When he started attacking Dafa, I naturally started to clarify the truth and I told him some of the principles I had learned from Falun Dafa. He was often at a loss for words and his veins popped out in frustration. An elderly female patient in the bed next to me said, "This is better than watching a TV-show." I didn't want to argue with him, but I deeply felt it was the manifestation of the mighty power of Dafa. The elderly patient later saw Falun all over the room.

Days passed. No matter what the police did, including threats, enticement and other means, I always acted according to Master's words,

"No matter what the situation, do not cooperate with the evil's demands, orders, or what it instigates."

("Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful", Essentials for Further Advancement II)

One day five or six brawny men came in, tore the quilt away from me and tore off the gauze covering my wound. They grabbed my hair and pinned my head and feet down and forcibly took a picture of me. I resisted the violence; I closed my eyes and puffed out my cheeks. Although they took picture(s) of me, I knew in my heart that with Master and Dafa present, their actions would be to no avail. To the contrary, the violence provoked people's conscience. The patients were angry with the police and said, "That's too much! To do such things to a critically ill patient in broad daylight!" After this incident, when the head police officer came, all the patients refused to talk to him except me, because I was compassionate toward him. A patient told me that the perpetrators sent someone to identify me while I was asleep, but the person did not recognize me.

One day the doctor in charge of me told me in private, "Maybe they'll send you away. I don't think I can keep you this time." I realized that he protected me many times using the excuse that I was in bad condition. I sincerely thanked him and I truly felt happy for him.

One day the head police officer came. He said, "From now on, go wherever you want to, we won't intervene. From tomorrow on the caretaker will no longer come because she has other assignments." I realized maybe my mission here had been accomplished and it was time for me to leave. However I wasn't sure if this was a trick, so I quietly waited. After my caretaker left, caretakers for the other patients volunteered to empty my bedpan. The patients shared their food with me.

Two days later when the head doctor came to the room he said to me, "Why are you still here?" The patients and I all heard him. The patients pooled some money and gave it to me. The caretaker the police sent to watch me also sent me some clothes and a little money. I knew the time had come for me to leave. In the evening, the cast was taken off. I always firmly believed that I would have no problem walking, even when I was in the most critical condition. The next day, after the doctor finished his rounds, another caretaker and a patient's family members helped me put on my shoes and carried me downstairs on a stretcher. They then called a taxi for me. Before we parted, they gave me their home addresses, and prior to that they discussed how to help me escape from the hospital and the police. I was very happy that so many people were able to position themselves well. I deeply understood the true meaning of,

"Actually, it is the Fa that saves people, and only Master can do this thing. You merely help people with predestined relationships to obtain the Fa."

("Don't Make Wild Statements," Essentials for Further Advancement)

The fact that a critically injured person like me was able to clarify the truth, expose the persecution, save people and quickly recover fully demonstrated Master's benevolence and the mighty power of Dafa.

3. Clarifying the Truth in Surrounding Towns

In August 2001, I could walk on my own. I got on a train to go to Beijing. While with Beijing Dafa practitioners I saw one of Master's recent scriptures for the first time,

"Clarify the truth thoroughly, eliminate the evil with righteous thoughts, save all beings, and safeguard the Fa with determination, because you are a part of Dafa, indestructible..."

("Dafa is Indestructible," Essentials for Further Advancement II)

These words touched my heart and I immediately realized what I should do.

After I returned from Beijing, I started to clarify the truth to people in the surrounding cities and towns. I wrote things like "Falun Dafa is good" on paper and posted them in the streets, and I visited family and friends' homes to clarify the truth to them. I had completely lost touch with other fellow practitioners. One afternoon when I was posting truth clarification materials in a residential neighborhood, I forgot about the time. Suddenly I heard a woman saying in a loud voice, "It's now late, go home and make dinner; school's almost out." I looked up and saw it was getting dark, so I quickly left. At another time, I again lost track of time when I was posting near the police department. I happened to walk past a bookstand and I glanced at a book title, "Thirty-six strategies." The complete sentence goes, "(of the) thirty-six strategies, breaking camp is the best." I looked up and it was again getting dark. People were getting off work and returning home, so I was more likely to be seen now if I wasn't careful. It was a close call! If it weren't for Master's prompting I would not have left in time. I could have been discovered any time. I persisted in posting truth clarification messages in schools, hospitals, residential areas, near police departments and police dormitories. I went to some places more than once, and did not stop until I felt I had covered all areas in those regions.

4. Clarifying the Truth in the City

One night in early 2002, a fellow practitioner and I went out to distribute truth clarification flyers. Everything went very smoothly and I became complacent. I started to sing a song. Soon after I posted a flyer on a door, a young man walked up and took a close look at the flyer. He grabbed me and wouldn't let me go. The other practitioner stayed with me to protect me. The young man's colleague also came. They called several people and sent us to their work unit. It turned out that the young man and his colleague were security officers for their work unit and they happened to walk past during their night shift. When we arrived at the work unit, we naturally began to clarify the truth. They called the police and sent us to the police department.

At first we were held together. We reminded each other to send forth righteous thoughts and that we must get out. A while later we were separated. So the other practitioner and I clarified the truth in our respective cells. I calmly clarified the truth, regardless how many guards came or what attitude they had. They asked many questions. Several hours later, they closed their notebook because they knew they were not going to get any personal information from me. Soon, one officer went to bed and another officer put his head on the table and dozed off. I saw it was time, so I quietly opened the door and walked downstairs. The light in the front office was off. The front gate consisted of two doors. I pushed a crack on the inner door and pulled on the outer door, and I realized the doors weren't deadlocked. Miraculously I fit through the two doors, wearing a thick winter coat.

The next day the fellow practitioner also left the police department with righteous thoughts. He said the police turned the place upside down looking for me. They asked each other, "The one who escaped, was it a man or a woman?" I realized they knew nothing about me.

5. Validating Dafa in Tiananmen Square

I went to Tiananmen Square. I thought, "I will not leave Beijing if the Fa is not rectified." I pretended to be a tourist, but two female cops stopped me and interrogated me. They ordered me to attack Master and I firmly refused. They decided I was a Dafa practitioner and called a police car from their two-way radio. The police car was parked near the flagpole where many tourists gathered. While the police escorted me toward the car, I suddenly broke loose and ran while shouting, "Falun Dafa is great! Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa! Restore Master's reputation! Restore Dafa's reputation! Jiang persecuted Falun Dafa and will not escape justice!" The police were shocked and for a moment they didn't know what to do. When they realized what I had done, they jumped at me and kicked and beat me. They grabbed my hair and dragged me into the car. They pulled out lots of my hair and tore my new shirt.

They took me to the Tiananmen Police Department where many practitioners were already being held. A fellow practitioner told me, "When the police beat you, someone in the crowd started crying." We recited the Fa and exchanged understandings. Around 4:00 p.m., the police took us out of the basement and prepared to send us to a detention center. Suddenly a voice in my head said, "You leave last." A large traffic patrol vehicle was parked outside the front gate and next to it was a small white van. There was about a shoulder's distance between the two vehicles. One officer stood outside the traffic control vehicle and counted the number of Dafa practitioners. When I almost got to the door of the traffic control vehicle, I suddenly turned and entered the space between the two vehicles. When the officer who was counting numbers realized what I did, he grabbed me and asked, "Where are you from?" I calmly answered, "I'm a passersby. I came from over there and I want to go over here." He was confused. He asked someone to count the number of practitioners in the car. I thought, "You can't count." After I sent forth this thought, I heard someone in the car say, "There are enough people here." The traffic patrol vehicle therefore left.

They weren't sure about me, so they took me back to the police department and locked me up. Around 9:00 p.m., an officer took me out and asked me where I came from. I avoided answering him directly. He threatened me but I was not afraid. Later, a young police officer came and called me outside. He told me, "Turn right after you get out of the front gate. Leave here quickly and don't tell anyone you were here." The young officer watched us for a whole day and according to ordinary logic, he should have known that I was a Dafa practitioner.

After I left the police department, before I got out of the alley, I saw a bus parked up front. When I approached the bus, I saw that it was going to my home. I felt warm in my heart, "Obviously, Master is protecting his disciple!" It was late at night and buses should have stopped running a long time before.

Thank you, Master! Dafa practitioners will not let Master down. We will always remember our great historic mission, continue to be diligent, clarify the truth in a deeper and more thorough manner, and do a better job of offering people salvation.