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Savage Persecution at the Wujiaqu Changji Forced Labor Camp in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region

January 15, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) I would like to expose the truth of the Wujiaqu Changji Forced Labor Camp's brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. I would like the people in the world to know the facts better, and to understand how the police in the forced labor camp grossly abuse, torment and torture Falun Gong practitioners.

During the first half of 2000, female police officer Zhang Li forced Falun Dafa practitioner Chai Yong, who was eventually tortured to death, to remove all of his clothes from the waist up. Then she shocked him with an electric baton.

In July 2000, practitioner Cai Wenxu asked permission to do the Falun Dafa exercises and was shocked by several electric batons simultaneously. The perpetrators were the instructor/section chief (old one) and several police officers. They used high-voltage electric batons to shock him on the face, head and body for over two hours. Even other instructors could not stand watching. Cai Wenxu, however, didn't yield.

On January 17, 2001, when practitioners Chen Yujiang and Sun Bo had just arrived at the labor camp, the police urged the more aggressive prisoners to verbally abuse and beat Sun Bo in the toilet and in the hallway. They dragged Chen Yujiang to the basement, beat him with wooden rods and kicked him with their knees. When police officer Tian Hu heard the beating noise, he just helped to close the door and told the prisoners to continue but to make less noise, which made the two prisoners beat Chen Yujiang more viciously.

Some practitioners couldn't bear the pressure from the threats, barbaric beatings and deception and yielded on the surface, although they didn't give up in their hearts. When they realized they were wrong, they proclaimed their steadfast belief in Dafa to the police. This resulted in more ruthless beatings and threats.

On January 27, 2001, practitioners who had succumbed to the torture and brainwashing returned to Dafa. A practitioner from Sichuan Province exercised and sat in the double lotus position in a hallway and was beaten by the police and head of the cell. When practitioner Xu Junnian came out to stop the violence, he was also beaten and verbally abused by the head of cell. Practitioner Yang Xinyong practiced the second set of Falun Gong exercises in a hallway. At first police officer Zhang Li beat him. Then instructor/section chief Zhang Yan and Gu Jianhai as well as others shocked him with an electric baton and handcuffed him to a heating pipe in such a way that he could not sit down or stand up. Practitioner Ge Lijun sat in the double lotus position in an office and was shocked by instructor/ section chief Zhang Yan, Gu Jianhai as well as others on all of the sensitive parts of his body.

Practitioner Liu Anhong solemnly declared that all of the words and deeds he had committed before which did not comply with Dafa were invalid. Practitioners Ma Jujun, Chen Zongquan, Zhong Kai, Wang Lifeng, Li Xianzheng also expressed their determination to correct their mistakes and to come back to the Fa-rectification path in different ways. Li Xianzheng was sent to the 3rd floor after going on a hunger strike in protest. He was handcuffed to a corner for over one day. It was chilly at that time, but the police didn't give him a quilt. Wang Hui, Cui Guilin, and Zhao Aijun refused to participate in the brainwashing and supported our activities with a hunger strike. All practitioners who did Fa-rectification were persecuted severely by the police. This round of Fa-rectification scared the whole forced labor camp and the police. They assigned two criminals to monitor each practitioner around the clock. Practitioners were not allowed to talk. Their workload was increased. The practitioners were persecuted in every way: spiritually, living conditions, food, sleep and visits from the outside.

In February 2001, practitioner Zhao Aijun went on hunger strike to protest the forced labor and inhuman treatment. Police officers Zhang Yan, Gu Jianhai, and Tian Hu and some violent prisoners took him to the cafeteria. They wanted to fill him with cold water to torture him. Zhao Aijun protested against their savagery with a fearless determination. Somehow, the police changed their minds just before the prisoners were going to torture him. They gave him an infusion instead. After several days' infusions, they force-fed him, inserting a tube through his nose. He did not stop his hunger strike until the police agreed not to force him to participate in any activities.

At the end of April 2001, practitioner Zhou Xudong wrote a paper and wrote about all of his experiences. He wrote that what he did and said before were void, and that he wanted to continue practicing Dafa. He handed it to police officer Gu Jianhai. Gu slammed him forcefully on his face. He verbally abused him and then threatened him.

During flag raising on June 3, 2001, Dafa practitioner Chen Zongquan shouted, "Ask to practice and study the Fa." Because he told the truth, he was detained over two days after his scheduled release date. The police quickly put Chen Zongquan into a torture cell where excruciatingly painful things happen. Police officer Tian Hu, the assistant team leader, used two electric batons to shock him around his neck. Then he was handcuffed onto the pipe in a corner as punishment for over three days.

At the end of July 2001, at the urging of the police, the head of the cell instructed everyone to sing a song that slandered Dafa. All practitioners stood up, refused to sing and pointed out that this was humiliating for Dafa and Dafa practitioners. The police were shocked and afraid of their righteousness and their courage to tell the truth so publicly, so they just stopped after talking a bit.

However, practitioners were still forced to do heavy manual labor in the following months. Once they were not allowed to sleep for three days and nights because they were forced to weave sweaters. They usually had to work through the night. They were forbidden to talk to each other, go to the toilet, eat or sleep and were forcibly brainwashed, forbidden to have visits and restricted in many other ways.

In early August 2001, the police ordered the violent prisoners in the cells, the collaborators (practitioners who succumbed to torture and brainwashing and turned against Dafa) and those who had otherwise yielded to sing a song that slandered Dafa. A 60-year-old practitioner from Miquan refused to sing. The violent prisoners slammed him on his face. His face swelled and became red. The collaborators often suggested sinister ways to persecute those firmly dedicated practitioners -- extending their work time, enforcing a heavy work load, using "personal monitors" to pressure and beat them, arousing hatred among the prisoners toward practitioners, forced brainwashing and so on. Even some of the violent prisoners thought those collaborators were too vicious.

In August 2001, another round of persecution began. The police forced practitioners to perform a heavy workload, watch fake videos that deceive people into having false beliefs and "train" during hot weather. The practitioners were forbidden to drink water. The head of the cell tortured practitioners in turn. The police intentionally forced everyone to count off, squat, stand up, shout slogans and sing.

Practitioners Ma Chao and Liu Anhong refused to put on the camp uniforms and went on a strike to protest the persecution. Police officers Gu Jianhai, Tian Hu and Ning Tiao each burned Ma Chao with an electric baton. Ma Chao was then handcuffed on both hands with only a short-sleeved T-shirt on. That afternoon, these three people used the same method to torture Liu Anhong.

The police often brainwashed practitioners. They forced them to watch a videotape containing false information. Many times people protested. Practitioners Zhao Aijun, Chen Zongquan, Liu Zhengxue and others refused to watch the video. Liu Zhengfeng pointed out that they tried to deceive the public and that this is harmful. Instructor Wang could not say a word after hearing this. This event shocked the police and let the criminals know the truth and their attitude toward practitioners.

In September 2001, the police persecuted the practitioners in all kinds of vicious ways such as no toilet use for a long time. Practitioner Cai Wenxu lost control of his bladder. With the excuse that the prisoners did not walk in good order while doing the military steps, everyone was punished by being forced to run until the police on duty felt satisfied. The police made a rule that only one person per cell could go to the toilet at a time in the morning or evening and could only take five minutes each time. Anyone taking more time would be verbally abused or beaten. They often forced people to "donate" money. Since practitioners resisted, they changed their method and forced everyone to pay 80 Yuan, with the excuse of "improving food quality." They collected a total of 1,000 Yuan and put it into their own pockets. They even picked out the meat in the food for themselves.

On November 25, 2001, practitioners all attempted to be released and declared innocent. They took off the camp uniform and refused to work. This shocked the whole labor camp. Police officer Tian Hu then did not dare to come out. He told the other policemen to dupe us into going to the conference room and have practitioner Liu Yulin go to the torture room where excruciating things happen. The police handcuffed him and hung him up in a single cell. As soon as he arrived at the entrance, he rushed with his head toward the wall. The police were so afraid that they ordered the criminal inmates to hold him, sent for the instructor/section office and handcuffed him to the pipeline. Later, they gathered several door-guard police officers and many criminals and tried to force us back to work.

Another practitioner told us that the police arrested Liu Yulin and took him away. We were all outraged and asked for his immediate release. The police brought us to the labor camp courtyard. All fellow practitioners asked to see Liu Yulin. The police section chief named Zhang Yan and Tian Hu lied to us and said that, "Liu Yulin was in the office." Practitioners Wang Hui and Ma Jujun asked to check in the office. A policeman promptly defended the door and beat Ma Jujun down to the ground with his shoes. Ma was sent to the 3rd floor. The whole labor camp police encircled us. Then they gathered dozens of criminals to defend the wall and assigned two to monitor each practitioner. At that time, everybody was using righteous thoughts and refused to go back to work.

It reached a stalemate. The police called Party secretary Zhu Xuefei. Several minutes later they ordered us to select a representative. Chen Yujiang told of the unfair treatment of Dafa practitioners and the criminal actions that the police had taken against us. All of the police were there. They had us go back to the conference room again. Practitioners spoke out against the torture they had suffered. Then the police separated us and sent us back to our cells. All of us were determined to break out of this evil place and went on practicing in the cells. The hallway was filled with police who constantly monitored us. Song Jizhuang was sent to the third floor right away after the police saw him practicing the Falun Gong exercises. Later, Ge Lijun was sent to the third floor.

That night the police told the criminal inmates not to work and not to discuss this event. The team leader and cadre brought paper and pen to the cell for an inquiry. When they entered the cell, the head of the cell shouted, "Stand up." Practitioner Yang Xinyong didn't stand up. Team leader Ning Tao asked why he did not. Yang said that he was innocent. The police verbally abused him. Yang replied promptly that the police should not say dirty words. Ning Tao left in vain. Cadre Ma asked each person's opinion. Practitioners spoke the truth about what had happened since they had been brought to the labor camp. Every practitioner told of the gross abuse he had suffered under the persecution.

On the second day, all practitioners went on hunger strike and didn't go to the flag-hoisting event. The police forced practitioners to stand in the hallway. Police officer Gu Jianhai ordered Yang Xinyong to come to the duty office and slapped him on the face twice. Yang Xinyong calmly said, "You cannot beat me." The policeman was afraid to beat him again. Ning Tao came in and said several threatening words.

In the meantime, the police in the hallway sent Liu Anhong to the third floor. He told the truth to the police and asked them to stop their brutal deeds. The police asked several heads of the cell to subdue the practitioner. All practitioners shouted to stop this. Yang Xinyong also shouted from the duty office to stop beating people. Zhong Kai also shouted to send out righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. Police officer Ning Tao was so scared that he tried to silence Yang Xinyong's mouth with his hand. It failed. He rushed over to slam Yang Xinyong to the ground and used both hands to cover his head, to stop his shouting. Several criminals also rushed out to try to subdue Zhong Kai. He kept on shouting. When Liu Anhong was carried to the third floor, he rushed toward the wall with his head. The police were so frightened that they fell into a panic.

The whole building was in a mess. All of the police grouped together. With dozens of criminals' help, they separated all of the practitioners and sent us to the first, second and third floors. Two criminals surrounded each practitioner. The police only dared to monitor the situation from outside. The following three days, the police slyly agreed to improve the environment, but behind the practitioners' backs, they told criminals not to let us sleep and to wake us up if anyone fell asleep.

Three days later it snowed heavily. The police forced each and every practitioner to go to the torture room. There were at least four "fully equipped" police officers and all kinds of torture instruments - all kinds of electric batons, handcuffs, ropes and other devices. They used handcuffs and ropes to tie the practitioners up. Then they used several electric batons to shock us simultaneously or kick us or beat us with their fists. Seven to eight policemen tied Zhong Kai up and tortured him with electric batons. They beat Yang Xinyong so heavily that blood flowed from his nose. They beat Chen Yujiang into a coma. Zhao Aijun's righteous thoughts were so strong that the police were afraid to touch him. Ma Jujun was also brutally tortured. All those practitioners who went through this had refused to work or put on the camp uniform.

The criminal acts of this event happened in far from the simplistic way I stated here. Still other crimes were committed covertly.

Afterwards, the police restrained themselves quite a bit. But the persecution behind the scenes and the methods were still rampant. The perpetrators pasted many posters along the hallways to slander Dafa. Practitioner Fan Dacheng from Manasi went on a hunger strike in protest to get them to remove the posters. They allowed Fan to post bail for medical treatment after the hunger strike lasted three days. Other practitioners kept sending forth righteous thoughts. Soon, the posters were taken down.

On April 8, 2002, Cai Wenxu once again took action to validate Dafa. He wrote directly to the heads of the labor camp and the heads of the division and asked them to release the practitioners. He talked to them face to face to clarify the truth. No policeman dared to stop him. He started a hunger strike. Although the police intended to torture him after he had gone through several days of his hunger strike, he kept strong righteous thoughts and they didn't do so. Eventually, they agreed for him not to do manual labor and not to wear the prison uniform. He was released one month early.

At the same time, several other practitioners including Zong Kai, Wu Shengmin, Guo Shuyan and Yang Xinyong decided to validate Dafa. The police incited the criminals to torture them one by one. Police officers Gu Jianhai, Ning Tao and Tian Hu took the practitioners to the torture room. They tried to deceive and threaten them first, and then tortured them with electric batons. At another division, practitioners Song Jizhuang, Cui Guilin, Xu Baoquan and Dr. Tang stood out as well to validate Dafa again. After the previous validation action, all practitioners were transferred to different divisions and were put into different cells. Each of them were assigned two monitors. They all had a big breakthrough. They were given permission not to work and not to wear the camp uniform. They did not need to wait in line to get food; the food was delivered to them. Police were not as rampant as before. The violent prisoners in the cell improved their attitude toward practitioners as well.

In the following several months, the police often found excuses to punish practitioners. They extended the work hours and increased the workload. They did not provide enough food and did not allow practitioners to see their visitors. The police and the violent prisoners in the cell took most of the practitioners' belongings and money. Carrying handcuffs and electric batons with them, the police often paraded in front of the practitioners. They forced practitioners to wear the prison uniform and told practitioners to pay for these clothes. They ordered practitioners to get money from their family to pay, but they failed since no practitioners paid them.

At the end of August 2002, practitioner Yang Xinyong did not sing the labor camp song in the morning. Police Xie Tao discovered this and rushed to him to question him. Yang Xinyong refused to answer him. While saying, "take Yang to the duty room," the police (who had practiced boxing) held Yang's neck from the back and punched him with one strong fist to his back and one kick to his stomach. Yang Xingyong immediately fell to the ground. In the duty room he suffered electric shocks on his hands.

In August 2002, when lining up and marching in place, practitioners Wu Shengmin and Nuerlan didn't march in place. Police officers Gu Jianhai and Tian Hu took them into the torture room. They closed the door tightly and pulled down the window curtain. They commanded Wu Shengmin to squat down but he refused. They shocked him with two electric rods. When they shocked Nuerlan with two electric rods and found out he didn't react as they expected, they changed to a long and thick electric rod to shock him.

The police persecuted practitioners without mercy, both physically and mentally. Practitioners were often otherwise punished, such as having to stand straight for a long time; standing in the military posture; standing at the corner of a wall with one's head against the wall; running, and so on. Practitioners were frequently verbally abused, did not have enough food, were deprived of toilet use, forbidden to talk each other, and not allowed have visitors. The police took away practitioners' possessions at will. They capriciously extended practitioners' terms. Practitioners Liu Yulin, Zhao Aijun, Ma Jujun, Cui Guilin and Zhong Kai had their terms illegally extended by four months; the practitioners Chen Zongquan and Li Xianzheng faced an illegal extension of three months. Later, because a forced brainwashing session was held in Shihezi, they were sent there after serving 13 days of the extended term.

Many practitioners were not released on time after they served their term. Customarily, the labor camp waited for the local police or personnel from the 610 Office to come to take the practitioners back to further persecute them. The police also colluded with the violent prisoners and collaborators to persecute practitioners. These evildoing persons, including Deng Chaolong, Zhao Hu, and Nan Wei, would verbally attack, insult, otherwise verbally abuse and beat practitioners in order to force them to give up their belief in Falun Dafa.

In early September 2002, a new round of persecution started. Police officers who used to work at the Wulumuqi North Train Station were transferred in to persecute practitioners. One by one, those practitioners who refused to do forced labor, did not wear the prison uniform or went on a hunger strike were tormented in the torture room.

First, the police from the original division would threaten the practitioners. Then police from the North Train Station came in to torture practitioners. Song Jizhuang, Cui Guilin, Xu Baoquan, Tang Weizhong, Guo Shuyan, Zhong Kai, Chen Yujiang and another name-unknown practitioner all suffered from savage electric shocks. One police officer in the No.4 Division tortured practitioners in the morning. That same afternoon, his daughter encountered an emergency. She was rushed to the hospital and almost died.

The police also persecuted those who did not refuse work. They forced practitioners to watch the videos that slandered and defamed Dafa. Those who refused to watch the videos were tortured. In front of the crowds, practitioner Chen Yujiang stood forth to expose their crime -- forcing people to watch the deceptive videos and otherwise torturing them. The police and other criminals were all afraid. After more and more practitioners did not cooperate in watching the videos, the videos were stopped.

On September 23, 2002, at the national flag raising ceremony, practitioner Cui Guilin rushed out from the crowd after the flag was raised. Facing all the policemen and prisoners he spoke loudly, to expose how the police shocked him with four electric rods at the same time. This frightened the police.

One day in September 2002, before breakfast, practitioners Wang Hui and Sun Bo refused to sing the labor camp song. All practitioners refused to sing the song. A female police officer named Wang asked the two of them to stay put. Wang Hui continued to walk away. The police called loudly for other prisoners to catch him. Later, the two of them were taken to the duty room and tortured.

In October 2002, the police tortured practitioner Zhao Aijun. Since he had strong righteous thoughts, the police were afraid to torture him with electric batons. They subjected him daily to brutal force-feeding. It is very painful when a soft tube was inserted through his nose all the way into his stomach. After more than 20 days of force-feeding, seeing that he was still very determined, the police finally gave up and left him alone.

In December 2002, the police ordered everyone to participate in an "exam." Practitioner Yang Xinyong sat there and did not write anything on the exam paper. Police from the Education Section took him away and punished him, making him stand straight for a long time. He was threatened with having his term extended by ten additional days.

On December 25, 2002, Sun Bo went on a hunger strike to protest the inhuman treatment. Police officers Zhang Yan and Tian Hu from the Education Section took him into the torture room. He was handcuffed and thrown down to the ground. They rode on his back and pushed his head against the ground. They shocked him with several electric batons for almost 30 minutes.

Around January 20, 2003, Nuernan (who belongs to the Ha minority) stepped forth to validate Dafa and suffered cruel torture from electric batons as well.

Jichang Forced Labor Camp in the Wujiaqu, Xinjiang Autonomous Region had been used to hold all male practitioners in the province. Later, their administrators became afraid and refused to accept any more. The practitioners were sent to other forced labor camps as well. The perpetrators feared their vicious crimes being exposed.

The real situation inside the labor camp is by far much darker than what I can simply describe here. It is difficult to accurately describe it in words.