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80-Year-Old Ms. Jiu Junying from Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province Died as a Result of Persecution in 2000

January 14, 2005 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Jiu Junying was a retired worker of the 11th Construction Company in Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province. She used to suffer many kinds of illnesses, including asthma. Every year when winter came, she would have to check into the hospital and go on oxygen support. Her employer had to pay a large amount of medical expenses for her. At the end of 1998, she began to practice Falun Gong and her health improved tremendously. That winter, she didn't need to go to the hospital, nor did she require any medication or any injections. In two months, she could walk on her own without using a cane.

After the Jiang regime began to persecute Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, the local 610 Office and police came to her home to confiscate Falun Gong books. In August 2000, she practiced the Falun Gong exercises at home, but was reported to the police. The 610 Office and police came to her home again, taking away her Falun Gong books and other materials. They also threatened her not to practice anymore. Under the intimidation and pressure, she suffered a tremendous mental burden. She passed away on November 19, 2000, at the age of 80.

Xianyang City 610 Office and Police Department have been following Jiang's regime closely in persecuting Falun Gong. They have been praised by their supervising departments for their "good performance" in persecuting Falun Gong. Many Falun Gong practitioners have been detained, sent to labor camps, fined and had their homes ransacked.