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Three Falun Gong Practitioners, Former Residents of Liaoning Province, Tianjin City and Jilin Province, Are Tortured to Death

January 12, 2005 |   By Falun Gong practitioners from China

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Zhong Weihui, 75-year-old, was from Qingrong Street, Pingshan District, Benxi City of Liaoning Province. She was cured of many diseases after practicing Falun Gong. On May 14, 2003, the police arrested her for her practice off Falun Gong and detained her at a local detention center. A week later, the police informed her family to take Ms. Zhong home, as she was sick. In May 2004, Ms. Zhong Weihui passed away.

Ms. Meng Guangfen was a 50-year-old practitioner from Tianjin City. In October 1999, she traveled to Beijing to appeal to the government on behalf of Falun Gong. She was detained in the Hongqiao District Detention Center in Tianjin. Afterward, she was sentenced to one and half years of forced labor at Banqiao Women's Forced Labor Camp in Tianjin. She suffered brutal physical torture in the labor camp, and her blood pressure read 200/240. In April 2000, she was released for medical treatment. The perpetrators harassed her, even at home. In August 2001, Ms. Meng passed away.

Thirty-eight year old practitioner Ms. Sui E was a farmer from the 2nd section of Senshu Village, Baiqi Town, Shulan City of Jilin Province. At the end of September 1999, she went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. Because of this, the Shulan Public Security Bureau detained her for 15 days. In October 1999, the Baiqi Town government took her to Beiqi Home, a place for the elderly. The guards at Beiqi forced her to stand with her face and toes touching a wall for a prolonged time. Also, the police chief Sun Zhongcheng forced her to kneel on the ground and then beat her up. Ms. Sui had her menstruation cycle at that time. The prolonged mental and physical torture caused Ms. Meng to suffer a mental breakdown. Therefore, the police sent Ms. Meng home. She was bedridden for days. The police continued to harass and monitor her. Ms. Meng's health deteriorated under the threats and pressure. In June 2001, she passed away.

(Note: dial country code + area code before all phone numbers, except the cell phones. Country code: 86, area code: 432)

Baiqi Town Police Station

Baiqi Town, Shulan City

Postal code: 132617

Phone: 8942211

Baiqi Town Government

Baiqi Town, Shulan City

Postal code: 132617

Secretary Office: (phone) 8942230

Baiqi Town Mayor Office: (phone) 8942406

Baiqi Town Government Office: (phone) 8942261

Shulan City Detention Center: (phone) 8251226