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When Tulips Blossom, the Truth about Falun Dafa Widely Spreads (Photos)

September 30, 2004 |   By an Australian Falun Dafa practitioner

(Clearwisdom.net) Bowral Town is located about 110 km. (68 mi.) from Sydney, and is a famous place known for its tulips. Starting in 1958, the Bowral Tulip Time Horticultural Expo has been held here every year. The expo not only has tulip flowers but also multiple cultural activities and art performances which attract both domestic and overseas visitors.

Bowral town is located in a hilly area of south New South Wales, and it already has seven westerner Falun Gong practitioners. For over three years, they have practiced Falun Gong exercises in the parks. This year was the second time that Falun Gong was invited to participate in the Tulip Horticultural Expo.

On the morning of Saturday, September 25, Falun Gong practitioners from Sydney drove to the quiet town and joined local practitioners to participate in the parade. They also set up an information table to introduce Falun Dafa to visitors.

Falun Dafa information desk

Falun Gong exercises demonstration at the information desk

People sign their names to support Falun Gong.

Practitioners had previously contacted the local Member of Parliament, Mr. Alby Schultz, to clarify the truth to him, but had never received a reply. Before the parade, there was a traffic jam because many cars drove to the starting place of the parade. Mr. Schultz's happened to stop in front of the Falun Dafa information desk, and he saw the peaceful and serene exercise demonstration.

When MP Mr. Schultz arrived at the parade starting line, a western practitioner talked to him face to face about the persecution in China, as well as about local events. A few weeks ago, about a dozen government officials from Wuhu City, Jiangxi Province, China visited this town. The local residents didn't notice it until the delegation left and a local newspaper reported the story. The western practitioners immediately sent a letter to the mayor and told him about a Wuhu City Falun Gong practitioner being persecuted by the local authorities, and about mass arrests, ransacking houses, and illegal detention. The mayor was surprised, and called this practitioner to tell him that he didn't know anything about it. He also wanted the practitioner to pass along any new information he obtained about Wuhu.

The MP was also surprised to hear it. He told the practitioner that he was one of the judges of the parade.

Falun Gong procession in the parade

Falun Gong procession in the parade

Clarifying the truth

The parade started. Led by a Falun Dafa banner, the Falun Gong procession had a waist drum section, a decorated float with little practitioners sitting on it who waved their hands to the spectators, a group of fairy ladies performing Chinese traditional dances, and Tang Dynasty costume show. A local reporter took some photos of the information desk, and said he would be back again to take more photos.

People waved hands to Falun Gong procession.

After the parade, the Falun Gong procession was awarded first place. Many spectators came to the information desk asking for more details about Falun Gong, and some residents asked where they could learn the exercises. The reporter returned to take more photos and the practitioners talked to visitors. One practitioner said that during the more than five years of persecution, Falun Gong practitioners have never resorted to violence or surrendered to the persecution. Instead, they clarified the truth to people, helping more and more Chinese people who were involved in the persecution to know the truth about Falun Dafa and stop their involvement. This is the first time in Chinese history that Chinese people have used peace and rationality to protect their rights.

In the afternoon, Falun Gong practitioners performed a Tang Dynasty costume show, with dances, music, and songs. The music was all composed by western practitioners. The gentle and esthetic music softened the environment, and many passersby tapped their feet and enjoyed the harmony between humans and nature.

Life, from its origin, shall be in harmony with nature. Humans shall return to their peaceful hearts. When the persecution is over, and the lucky people who learned the truth begin to look back at today, they will smile.