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Texas: Anti-Torture Exhibition Is Held in University of Texas at Austin (Photos)

September 28, 2004 |   By practitioners from Texas

(Clearwisdom.net) On September 22, Falun Dafa practitioners from the University of Texas at Austin held an anti-torture exhibition to expose Jiang and his faction's brutal persecution of people who practice Falun Gong. The exhibition shocked the students and faculty members of the university. The university newspaper "The Daily Texan" reported the event. Coincidently, State Assemblyman Mr. Elliott Naishtat visited the campus and watched the anti-torture exhibition. He came over to shake hands with practitioners who were helping set up the exhibit. He thanked practitioners for their selfless effort of telling people the real situation about Falun Gong.

Group after group of people came to watch the exhibition. They were astonished to see the scenes demonstrating what is happening in China, and to learn that what practitioners re-enacted was only a tiny part. Jiang's faction has spared no effort to cover up its furious suppression and killing of Falun Gong practitioners. They broadcast lies and incited hatred for Falun Gong to Chinese people living around the world. Many innocent people were deceived by their lies. When the crimes are completely exposed to the public, all people regardless their race or color will be indignant, because they are crimes against all of humanity.