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Mr. Cui Zhilin Tortured to Death by the Policemen in Nanshan Jail of Liaoning Province; Jail Is Attempting to Cremate His Body Without Permission

August 28, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Cui Zhilin, 43 years old, was a practitioner from Fuxin City, Liaoning Province. He was tortured to death by the policemen in Nanshan Jail, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province. The guards prevented his family from taking pictures of the scars on his body and attempted to cremate his body by force without the family's consent.

Mr. Cui Zhilin was arrested at a Falun Gong truth material production site in Fuxin City on September 18, 2002. Practitioners Zhang Jie, Zhao Hua, and Lu Guojun also were arrested at the same time. There were four policemen involved the arrest, including Liu Youli. Fuxin Court illegally sentenced these four Dafa practitioners in secret and without notifying their families, and the harshest sentence was 13 years in jail. Mr. Cui Zhilin was sentenced to 11 years in jail. In the second half of 2003, he was transferred to the Fifth Unit of Nanshan Jail from the local detention center. These practitioners appealed against their wrongful imprisonment.

Mr. Cui always insisted on practicing Falun Dafa. He managed to write truth clarifying material in the jail. Mr. Cui was tortured to death in the Nanshan Jail on August 5th, 2004. The jail policemen did not allow his family to take pictures of the scars on his body. There were many policemen on guard there, and they attempted to cremate his body on August 8, 2004 against his families' wishes.

We appeal to the readers to call and stop the Nanshan police from cremating Mr. Cui's body, ask them to allow Mr. Cui's family to see his body and ask the jail to publicize the process and find out the murderers.

The Entry Unit of Nanshan Jail: 86-416-3495782; the leaser of the Unit: 86-13604965014 (Cell)

Some office telephone numbers of Nanshan Jail:

Jail Politics Department: 86-416-3496241

Execution Department: 86-416-3496258

Education Department: 86-416-3496282

The First Internal Jail Section: 86-416-3496292

The First Jail Section: 86-416-3496112

(The first team: 86-416-3496139; the second team: 86-416-3496140; the third team: 86-416-3496141; the fourth team: 86-416-3496142)

The Second Jail Section: 86-416-3496158

(The first team: 86-416-3496169; the second team: 86-416-3496170; the third team: 86-416-3496171; the fourth team: 86-416-3496459; the fifth team: 86-416-3496279)

The Third Jail Section: 86-416-3496198; instruction branch 86-416-3496220

The Fourth Jail Section: 86-416-3496223

The Fifth Jail Section: 86-416-3496205; instruction branch 86-416-3496208

The Seventh Jail Section: 86-416-3496158

The Eighth Jail Section: 86-416-3496428

The Tenth Jail Section: 86-416-3496079; instruction branch 86-416-3496083

Some jail policemen's telephone numbers:

The director of the jail: Xin Yanquan 86-416-3496001 (Office); 86-416-2609999 (Home); 86-13941658888 (Cell)

Commissar: Ma Zhenfeng 86-416-3496012 (Office); 86-416-3496203 (Home)

The vice director of the jail: Yang Tingfang 86-416-3496013 (Office); 86-416-3496065 (Home); 86-139416444488 (Cell)

The jail politics department chief: Gao Wenwei 86-416-3496241 (Office); 86-13804165935 (Cell)

The leader of instruction branch: Wang Jian 86-13704066857 (Cell)

The director of the jail office: Wang Diao 86-13504062756(Cell)

The organization section chief: Gao Wenwei 86-13804165935(Cell)

The jail politics department first section chief: Zhao Wei: 86-13941636851(Cell)

The jail politics department first section vice chief: Su Xudong 86-13941664202(Cell)

Section clerk: Li Tiegang 86-13841680320 (Cell)

Section clerk: Guo Shouli 86-13941627075 (Cell)

The jail politics department second section chief: Zhang Qing 86-13904964461 (Cell)

The leader of the Second Jail Section: Li Yue 86-13804169727 (Cell)

Instruction section chief: Zhang Baozhi 86-13841615820 (Cell)