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Summary of Other Articles and News -- August 7, 2004

August 25, 2004 |  


Facts of the Persecution

1) Practitioner Liu Ruiyuan, in his 60's from Heilongjiang Province, went to Beijing to appeal in November 1999 and was stopped by some security agents in Shenyang. The 2,500 Yuan in Mr. Liu's pocket was confiscated and secretly divided between the Section Chief and Xu Shengli of the Security Section of a certain mine and the 5,000 Yuan that Mr. Liu had planned to donate to an orphanage was also taken by Xu Shengli. Later, Mr. Liu Ruiyuan was illegally sentenced to 3 years' forced-labor in the Jiamusi Labor Camp. Less than 10 days after he was released from the labor camp, Mr. Liu Ruiyuan went to the police station to ask for his ID back. Soon after, his home was illegally ransacked. Mr. Liu was also put in criminal detention for 15 days. One month after his release from detention, on the day of the Chinese New Year's eve, the police went to ransack his home again. When police found some materials clarifying the truth of Falun Gong, they illegally sentenced Mr. Liu to another 2 years' forced-labor. At present, Mr. Liu Ruiyuan is still detained in Suihua Labor Camp and suffering terrible persecution.

2) On April 30, 2004, Dafa practitioners Chen Ying, Ouyang Zhandong, Wu Wenzhang, and Gao Jihong were arrested and detained in the Shanhaiguan Police Department. At 9PM of the same day, these practitioners were sent to Nanguan Police Station in Shanhaiguan City for interrogation. On May 1, Fu Yong and a few other policemen searched the residence of Ouyang Zhandong and at the same time abducted Li Yuekun. On May 2, Fu Yong and some other policemen searched the residence of Chen Ying and also arrested Mr. Bao Changjiang and Ms. Deng Chunfeng. From the evening of May 1 to May 3, these 8 practitioners were separately imprisoned in the No. 3 Detention Center of Qinhuangdao City and on May 16 transferred to the No. 1 Detention Center in Qinhuangdao City.

3) Su Wei's home was in Wanghua District in Fushun City in Liaoning Province. On September 27, 1999, Su Wei and her husband, Kang Bin (who used to be a practitioner) went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. She was arrested and sent for 2 years' forced-labor. After she was sent to Masanjia Labor Camp in February of 2000, Su Wei betrayed her belief and started to curse Dafa and Master Li and also to beat Dafa practitioners. Su Wei then organized a so-called "assistance and teaching team" and went to various labor camps in Mainland China to spread lies.

4) Masanjia Labor Camp forced practitioners to work over 16 hours every day. Those practitioners who refused to give up the practice were not allowed to sleep and were physically punished in the hallway. For example, they were shocked with electric batons and made to endure various other tortures. Dafa practitioner Li Ping from Linghai City was stripped of his winter coat and forced to stay outside to be frozen in the icy winter. Female Dafa practitioner Wang Yuxia, from Xingcheng was stripped of all of her clothes and forced to stand naked in public. Dafa practitioner Li Min from Xincheng had big blisters on her fingers from being shocked with electric batons. During the day, Ms. Li was also forced to sew buttonholes and make handicrafts, etc.