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Jiang Incites Rampant Persecution of Dafa Practitioners in Hubei Province

August 19, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) News from Hubei Province: Since July, Jiang has been traveling around the country. Wherever he goes, evildoers run wild, and unlawful local officials arbitrarily arrest Dafa practitioners.

Huanggang City Dafa practitioners disclosed that since Jiang arrived in Hubei in July, the Province has systematically assigned special groups to monitor Falun Gong practitioners. The 12 counties of Huanggang have started gathering different amounts of manpower, material resources, and finances to strengthen their capabilities to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. It has become their top priority. Different levels of government from several areas held meetings to develop different ways to dig up background information, the central government reporter has taken pictures of these areas, seminars have been held to warn people to avoid being involved with Falun Gong, and they ordered that Dafa practitioners be arrested and sent to brainwashing centers. Since the middle of July, in Huangzhou City alone, 15 Dafa practitioners were arrested and sent to Hongshan Brainwashing Center, which is run by the province.

The primary tactics used by the "610 Office," National Security, and police are as follows: When they find their target person, the police section, work unit, and house committee then work together and visit the practitioner. When the practitioner is off guard, they come up to arrest him. Practitioners protested the illegal actions during the arrests. Some did not open the door and were placed under surveillance. But with strong righteous thoughts, the practitioners successfully left their homes and escaped. The persecutors went to some practitioners' work units to arrest them, and the Dafa practitioners loudly cried out "Falun Dafa is good" while many people witnessed the process. Some practitioners were informed beforehand about the plot to arrest them, and the practitioners left their homes to avoid being persecuted. The 14 detained practitioners were: Peng Aiping of the Electricity Department, private business owner Su Jianzhen, Mr. Lo, the guard of the Development Landscape Bureau, Hu Zhengquan from the Agricultural Bureau, Lu Fang from the Agricultural Bank, Zhang Naisi, whose family member works for a tobacco company, Xiong Suzhen of the Water Company, Yu Kangmei of a servicing company, the Processed Food business owner whose surname is Zheng, Guo Lina of Huangzhou Shopping Center, Duan Guofang from Huangzhou Court, Liu Xuehong from the Baota Middle School, Dafa practitioner Wang Liqiang, elderly lady Cao, and others.

This year the "610 Office," National Security, police, and other government departments have continuously arrested Dafa practitioners. In the Huangzhou City district, 25 Dafa practitioners were arrested and forcibly sent to the Provincial Brainwashing Center.

The Laws of the universe will not tolerate the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners. In the middle of July, Huanggang City experienced the worst storm in recent history. According to the report by E-Dong evening paper, there were about 457,000 people affected, resulting in the lost of 72,200,000 Yuan (1), and causing all Huanggang citizens to suffer.

Responsible persons in Huang Gang City:
The former City Committee Secretary: Liu Youfan
The present City Committee Secretary Duan Yuanming: 86-713-8668001 (Office)
Mayor and Deputy Secretary: Liu Shanqiao 86-713-8618801 (Office)
Former Municipal Committee Assistant Deputy Secretary: Yang Youwang
The present Municipal Party Committee Assistant Deputy Secretary: Cai Lunxiang 86-713-8668002 (Office)
Political and Judicial Secretary: Lu Yanqun
The present Assistant Political and Judicial Secretary: Ruan Yingzi 86-713- 8668006 (Office)
Propaganda Minister: Wang Jingping 86-713-8668008 (Office)
City National People's Congress director: Chen Dingguo 86-713-8612925 (Office)
"610 Office": 86-713-8667865
"610 Office" Director: Wang Kewu 86-713-8667867 (Office)
"610 Office" Member: Cao Yongqing 86-713-8667865 (Office)
Ning Mnghui: 86-713-8667865 (Office)
Section Police Director: Lui Gang 86-713-8388666 (Home), 86-13907257898 (Cell) 86-713-8353291 Extension: 3006 (Office)
Section Chief: You Jiangfeng 86-713-8666262 (Home), 86-13971700951 (Cell)
City Police Station Superintendent: Wang Jiangming 86-713-8615588 (Home), 86-13607256999 (Cell), 86-713-8353291 Extension 2028 (Office)
In Charge Deputy Superintendent: Cao Xinhua 86-13907258500 (Cell), 86-713-8353291 Extension 2068 (Office)
The present 610 Office Director: (City Community Deputy Secretary) Zhang Shiming 86-713-8365933 (Home), 86-13807259868 (Cell), 86-713-8352881 switch to Zhang Shiming (Office)
Huanggang City Holds for Questioning and Lock Up Detention Center: 86-713-8351275
Huanggang Detention Center: 86-713-8385750
Wuhan City Police Station: 86-27-85864400
Huanggang City people's government: 86-713-8355399
Huanggang City Police Station: 86-713-8353291
City State Security Bureau: 86-713-8813719, 86-713-8814225
State Security Bureau Director: Wu Weimin


(1) Yuan - Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average Chinese urban worker is about 500 Yuan.

July 28, 2004