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Veteran Practitioners, Please Help New Practitioners More

August 12, 2004 |   By a Practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) In the process of clarifying the truth, I met many people who had predestined relationships with Dafa and wanted to learn the practice after they learned the truth. I used to be very excited for them when they wanted to start, so I tried very hard to find Falun Dafa books for them. After some time, I gradually forgot about them. Occasionally I thought of them, so I asked myself whether I should care more about them. Yet a selfish thought came up: "No, I am very busy now doing the three things all Dafa practitioners should do. If I have a little time, I should use it to study the Fa. For those who have read book already, Teacher's law body will help them, and it's up to them to cultivate and help with Fa rectification. Plus, more people are waiting to be saved." I knew that this thought was off track, yet I was not strict with myself and did not realize the seriousness of the issue until two new practitioners came to me for help.

Practitioner A called me soon after I gave him a copy of Zhuan Falun. He told me that he and his wife had a big fight, and they were on the verge of divorce. His marriage of over 10 years had never been a happy one. Thinking about that, he even had the thought of committing suicide. I asked him if he had finished reading the book. He said that whenever he picked up the book he became so sleepy that he could fall asleep even when he was sitting in a chair. I told him to give up the thought of committing suicide. After I put the phone down, I immediately asked my company director for some time off and went to visit him.

When he saw me, he told me all about his sufferings. As I listened quietly, I said to myself, "I should let him know the principle of Dafa." So, while listening, I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the bad elements and beings that interfered with him. After a while, he finished his story and calmed down. I started to introduce him to the principles of Dafa. I told him my understandings of what Teacher said in Zhuan Falun and other Dafa books: the predestined relationships between people from the previous lives are probably the reasons for the sufferings and happiness of this lifetime. His marriage troubles must have a reason. Also because of predestined relationships, his businesses are always doing very well and making a lot of money even though he has not put a lot of effort into it. He nodded his head many times in agreement. I then recited Teacher's poem "To Be a Human" (from Hong Yin). He was very moved by the poem and asked for a pen from someone nearby, requesting that I write the poem down for him. After I did, he read it very carefully and said, "See how good Dafa is? Party members would never be able to write anything like this." I could tell that the knots in his mind had been untied. Before we said goodbye to each other, I told him to make sure to finish reading Zhuan Falun as soon as possible. He agreed. Later on I said to myself, "How regrettable it would have been if the practitioner had not come to me for help, and could not overcome the interference."

Another incident also had a big impact on me. One day while I was waiting by the street for my bike to be fixed, another lady in her 40's was also waiting for her bike to be fixed. She looked very sick: her face was very pale and yellowish, and swollen badly. When I asked her about her health, she started telling a long story. She had been in a car accident over ten years ago. Her legs were broken, and blood accumulated in her pelvic cavity, resulting in serious anemia. Later on, she also suffered from acute nephritis (kidney inflammation) and heart disease. She spent 40,000 to 50,000 yuan (1) on medical expenses while living in a hospital, yet her conditions worsened and new diseases came up despite the medical treatment. Her director at work thought that she was feigning the illness, so whenever she went to get reimbursement for her medical costs, the director taunted her.

After she finished her story, she asked me whether her life could still be saved. I analyzed her condition for her, telling her that modern medicine was not likely to cure her diseases; otherwise she would have been cured already after so many years of treatment. Looking at her disappointed face, I told her that through cultivating Falun Dafa her illnesses would be cured. She got a little excited and told me that she had been reading Falun Gong books for 15 months but her condition had not improved much. This past March, a veteran practitioner came to her home to practice together with her. During the practice, the veteran practitioner saw a person behind her (with her third eye). The veteran practitioner then said to her that if she still believed in other stuff, then she should quit practicing Falun Gong. So, she quit her practice of Falun Gong. I asked her what else she believed in. She told me that for the past ten years she had believed in a religion. After she started to practice Falun Gong, she still did not forget about the religion. She even had the thought that whichever belief could cure her disease is the one she would believe in. Upon hearing this, I told her the seriousness of being constant in a single cultivation system and the principle of gaining without pursuit. As I said the words to her, I could see her face gradually turn red. I encouraged her not to give up her cultivation of Dafa: "You have already obtained the precious Dafa, how can you miss it like that?" She agreed without any hesitation. I then asked for her address and phone number and set a time to visit her. She was filled with joy like a child.

Looking back at the cultivation environment before 1999, when there was no persecution, practitioners looked out for and helped each other and the assistants paid special attention to new practitioners. When they were stuck while going through tribulations or eliminating Karma, the assistants helped the new practitioners to analyze the situation based on their understandings of the principles of Dafa. They studied the Fa and practiced together, helping the new practitioners to mature in their understandings. Under the current situation in China, opportunities to study the Fa and share experiences are rare, and because of the interference from the old forces, new practitioners are having more difficulties. I think our veteran practitioners are responsible for helping the new practitioners so that they take fewer detours in their cultivation and improve more rapidly. The process of helping new practitioners is also the process of cultivating to be selfless.

These are just my own understandings. Please correct me if I said anything wrong.


(1) yuan -- The Chinese currency. 500 yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China.