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Some Dafa Practitioners from Beijing Recount Episodes of Teacher Imparting the Fa (Part 7)

July 29, 2004 |   By Beijing Falun Dafa Practitioners


19. What Teacher Has Borne for Practitioners

By the end of 1994, Teacher took the trouble to come to Harbin to teach the Fa. During one of the lectures Teacher coughed.

On returning to the dormitory, Furong thought, "How come our Teacher also coughed?" Jingrong who shared the room with Furong thought, "Does Teacher also have karma?" During the next lecture Teacher answered the question without anyone asking it. "Someone thought I also have karma. I don't have karma! All these are just something extra."

Furong instantly understood. In giving lectures, Teacher said that we had too much karma and with that much karma we could not cultivate, so Teacher helped us to eliminate half of our karma. Yet, even the remaining half is still too large for us to bear. It is divided into numerous portions at different stages of our cultivation, which will be used to upgrade our Xinxing (1). Actually the half of the karma Teacher had eliminated for us is borne by Teacher himself!

With the development of our cultivation, especially after July 20, 1999, all of us understand that Teacher has not only borne the half of our karma but also the remaining karma that has been divided into numerous portions at different stages of our cultivation once our Xinxing has reached the standards at different levels. As a matter of fact our merciful Teacher has borne everything we had done in the past for us!

20. "That book is a fake and you have bought it"

A high school teacher, surnamed Zhao, from Shunyi County in Beijing bought a book called Huangdi Neijing on his way to the ice-hockey stadium where Teacher was giving a Fa lecture. It just so happened that in the lecture Teacher was giving, "Placement of the Mysterious Pass," when talking about the books of the past Teacher said that they are very hard to guide people to cultivate any more. Teacher said that "Now a lot of books that have been published are fake. Even that copy of Huangdi Neijing is a fake but you have bought it." The practitioners who went to the Fa lecture with Mr. Zhao were all shocked. After the lecture they all said, "Even though you hide the book in your bag Teacher still found out!"

Mr. Zhao said, "That is not all! I practice other Qigong and my third eye was opened. When Teacher talked about the 'third eye,' I used a method from other Qigong to watch. Teacher said from the platform, 'We are here to teach Falun Gong. If you want to practice other exercises you just go out to practice.'"

21. Why not try to save the dying?

At the Fa lectures in Harbin an unexpected thing happened.

Before one lecture, two people carried in a corpse and asked Teacher to save it. They had made trouble for a long time before they left. That day the lecture had to be postponed because so many students saw what had happened.

After the lecture started Teacher said, "Here during the lecture I will not only talk about the good things but also the bad things. Just now an old man died. He was very sick and traveled here from Jinzhou. His son and son-in-law tried to send him to the hospital but he refused and insisted on coming here. The old man died on the way and his son and his son-in-law carried the corpse to me and requested me to save him. If he still had breath in him I could help to save him. However, he died a long time ago. If I bring his life back doesn't it damage the status of everyday people? His son and son-in-law are both Falun Gong practitioners. They pulled off the Falun buttons from their clothes and threw them to the ground and said, 'What kind of Qigong master is that. On seeing someone was dying he did not try to save him.' I feel very sad that my students would do something like that."

When Jiang's regime began to persecute Falun Gong, this incident was also added into the 1,400 cases (2), saying that our Teacher "did not try to save the dying." However, we are all witnesses. It was a corpse not a live person. The Chinese proverb "Not trying to save the dying" doesn't mean "not trying to save the dead."

22. Teacher advised veteran practitioners to think about new students.

After the Fa lecture in Harbin, Teacher planned to give a lecture that carried energies. Many veteran practitioners wanted to buy a ticket. Teacher said, "The veteran practitioners should not go. You have already attended a lot of lectures. If you still want to go then you would hold up many others to obtain the Fa." As a result many veteran practitioners gave up their original plan to give the opportunities to new students.

23. Teacher quiets down a violent storm

Huiming went to the Teacher's Fa lectures in Zhengzhou City. When Teacher was giving a lecture a violent storm came from nowhere. Several places were leaking water inside the meeting hall. It also caused a blackout so that Teacher could not continue his lecture.

Teacher used a set of big hand signs. Twenty minutes later the wind died out, the rain stopped and electricity was back. Teacher smiled and continued to teach the Fa.

At the same time, Huiming's husband (also a Falun Dafa practitioner) had a dream at his home in Beijing. He saw Teacher was fighting with a blackish water monster. When the monster found it was no match for Teacher it jumped into the water. Teacher chased it into the water. After a while Teacher walked out of the water with the dead water monster in hand and he threw it onto the shore.

After the Fa lecture when Huiming walked out of the meeting hall she found that the damage outside was much worse than she had expected. Water was running everywhere, big trees that a man could barely put his arms around were uprooted. However, nothing can stop Teacher from teaching the Fa and saving the sentient beings.

Now some practitioners, under coercion, had some wrong thoughts about Teacher and some even showed disrespect for Teacher. The reason we write out these stories is to further prove to you that the greatness of our Teacher is beyond description! What Teacher said in Zhuan Falun (3) is the genuine Way!

Our Teacher has the divine power to eliminate all the evil and demons, and all the mighty virtue to be respected by the gods in all levels of the universe. If we come across a tribulation we must look inside ourselves to find the part that still has not reached the standards of Dafa. Please do not listen to the vicious lies created by the evil and do not use your concepts to judge the moral character of our Teacher, because no life in the universe is able to do so. No one is able to describe the large-mindedness, selflessness, nobleness and greatness of our Teacher!


(1) Xinxing - The nature of the mind or the heart, moral character

(2) 1400 cases - The case fabricated by the Jiang Regime to demonize Falun Gong

(3) Zhuan Falun - The main book of Falun Dafa, which provides guidance to the practitioners.

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