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Ottawa: Practitioners Call on International Community to Stop Overseas Exportation of Jiang Group's State Terrorism (Photo)

July 19, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On July 14, 2004, Falun Gong practitioners from Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal rallied on Parliament Hill in Ottawa to call on the world to stop the overseas exportation of the Jiang group's state terrorism. Meanwhile, practitioners delivered a letter to the office of the Canadian Prime Minister calling on the Canadian government to be on the alert to effectively stop the Jiang regime's state terrorist activities on Canadian soil.

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MP Scott Reid with Mr. Lizhi He and his Wife Li Zhang

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MP Scott Reid speaking during the rally

Falun Gong practitioners deliver an open letter to Prime Minister's office

Anti-torture exhibition

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Citizens viewing the exhibition

The South African Shooting Incident Exposes Jiang's Faction's State Sponsored Terrorism

Since Jiang's followers hired thugs to shoot Falun Gong practitioners on June 28 during Zeng Qinghong's visit to South Africa, people around the world have condemned this terrorist act. During the July 14 rally, MP Scott Reid told reporters that the Chinese regime has used a lot of resources to export its campaign of intimidating practitioners, demonizing Falun Gong and depriving practitioners' civil rights overseas. From the measures the regime had taken, Mr. Reid believes there is a possibility that the regime had hired thugs to shoot practitioners. He said that nobody would believe other nations (except China) would spend large amounts of state resources to run denigrating propaganda in foreign countries.

According to an investigation by the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong, to suppress Falun Gong had already becomes a diplomatic policy and mission of the Jiang regime. Chinese embassies and consulates have used various methods to spread hatred toward Falun Gong and deprive Falun Gong practitioners of their basic rights. In a report on March 20, 2004, Canadian National Post said, "[Chinese ambassador] Mei came to the National Post to extol the virtues of Communist China and the evils of Falun Gong, leaving behind a book that purported to show how Falun Gong had driven people to suicide, murder and madness, a claim without foundation and one that no other government has ever made about its own citizens who have taken up Li's teachings."

The Post also pointed out that China's diplomats also spend much of their time trying to entice Canadian politicians with commercial interests to discriminate against Falun Gong.

During the rally, Joel Chipkar, a victim of libel, shared his story with tourists: Chinese Deputy Consul General Pan Xianchun slandered him in the Toronto Star in April of 2003. An Ontario Superior Court ruled the Consul guilty of libel and ordered him to compensate Mr. Chipkar for losses he sustained.

Chinese embassies and consulates have also tried many things to instigate hatred toward Falun Gong in overseas Chinese communities. They also have hired thugs to attack Falun Gong practitioners. Canadian Falun Gong practitioner Wang Xueliang was besieged and beaten by Canadian embassy staff. Canadian MP Rob Anders was also besieged and harassed by Chinese embassy staff for supporting Falun Gong.

Falun Gong practitioner Lizhi He just came to Canada recently from Mainland China, where he was detained in a labor camp for years for practicing Falun Gong. He said that the South Africa shooting incident had exposed the Jiang regime's state terrorism to the whole world. He said: "Jiang's regime has tried everything to cover up and disguise its state terrorist nature. However, the shooting incident lets the world come to understand the real nature of this regime. This also tells us that the regime can no longer continue the persecution and it has reached a dead end."

The Anti-Torture Exhibition

During the rally, Falun Gong practitioners also staged an anti-torture exhibition, which attracted many viewers. People were shocked by the brutality revealed by the exhibition. Two girls told the reporter that they couldn't believe such atrocities are happening in China.

Mr. Lizhi He is also a victim of torture. He was arrested and sentenced to prison term for mailing friends Falun Gong truth-clarifying materials Because he refused to "transform" [denounce Falun Gong], he was shocked by jail guards using electric batons with voltage higher than 10,000 volts.

Besides physical torture, Jiang's followers also employ various mental torture methods to control practitioners' minds. According to Lizhi He, during custody, the police not only isolate practitioners from any contact with Falun Gong information, they also monitor practitioners' conversion with inmates and won't allow practitioners to talk about anything regarding cultivation. They don't even allow practitioners to talk about any topics such as miracles and deities in Chinese cultural. They also brainwash practitioners with hate-propaganda and force practitioners to report their "understanding progress" periodically.

The Key to Defeat State Terrorism: Selflessness and Courage

In the past 5 years, how did Falun Gong practitioners do when they were facing Jiang regime's state terrorism? Mr. He's experience may help us find an answer. When the persecution started, Mr. He had already obtained Canadian residency. Why didn't he flee to Canada, but choose instead to go to Tiananmen Square to appeal and to continue to tell people the truth of Falun Gong by mail? Mr. He said: "I could have just left China and stayed away from the danger. However, I felt that I had the responsibility to stay. While Falun Gong teaches people to follow 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" and benefits both the nation and individual citizens, the Jiang faction deceived so many people using overwhelming lies. As a beneficiary of Falun Gong, I have the responsibility to let people know the truth. Because what I was doing was righteous, I didn't have a bit of fear in my heart.