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Practitioners Ms. Wei Lili and Mr. Ma Xuhui from Yingkou City, Liaoning Province are Abducted by Police

July 18, 2004 |   By a Practitioner from Liaoning Province

(Clearwisdom.net) On June 20, 2004, a dozen police officers from the Dongqiao Police Station abducted Falun Dafa practitioners Ms. Wei Lili and Mr. Ma Xuhui from the city of Yingkou, Liaoning Province.

Ms. Wei Lili, formerly an employee of the Chemical Fiber Factory of Yingkou City, started practicing Falun Dafa in September of 1995. In 2000, someone tipped off the police about her involvement with practitioners going to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. Then the police immediately sent out a warrant for her arrest. In order to avoid being persecuted and arrested, Ms. Wei was forced to leave home. After learning about her leaving home, the police escalated the search for her to a provincial level. On June 20, 2004, Ms. Wei was spotted by an individual who immediately tipped off the police; she was then followed to the apartment building where Dafa practitioner Mr. Ma Xuhui lives. Shortly after, the police officers from the Dongqiao Police Station arrived at the apartment complex and blocked the exits. As soon as Ms. Wei found out that she was being followed, she immediately walked back down the stairs only to find the police blocking her way. Without any legal warrant, the police tried to force open Mr. Ma's door. When they failed, they used a locksmith's all-purpose key to open the door and then ransacked his home. They confiscated over a hundred video CDs, two hundred truth clarification flyers, and ten copies of Zhuan Falun (1). Both Ms. Wei and Mr. Ma were taken to Yingkou City Detention Center. All the way there, Ms. Wei shouted out, "Falun Dafa is great!" The person who tipped off the police received 7,000 yuan (2) as a reward.

We hope that all practitioners will send righteous thoughts to help clear away the evil factors behind this incident. We should also collect more information and use all means to expose the evildoers, so that the detained practitioners can be freed as soon as possible.

Telephone of the Dongqiao Police Station, Yingkou City, 86-417-3837929

Bureau Chief of Dongqiao Police Station, Zhu Yingjie, 86-417-2830916

Detention Center Office: 86-417-2831171

Postal Code: 115000


(1) The book, Zhuan Falun, comprises the principal teachings of Falun Dafa.

(2) Yuan -- Chinese currency, 500 yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China.