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Torture Leads to Death of Falun Dafa Practitioner Ms. Qi Suzhen from Tangshan City, Hebei Province

July 16, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Qi Suzhen, 61-years-old, was from Liuzhuang Village, Liyuan Town, Kaiping District, Tangshan City in Hebei Province. Before she practiced Falun Gong she suffered from several diseases, however, she fully recovered after beginning to practice.

Since Jiang's regime started to persecute Dafa, she had stepped out many times to validate Dafa, and had been detained in a custodial center, detention center and at the township government where she was subjected to frequent torture. Though her family was in very difficult financial circumstances, she was still fined 1,500 Yuan.

Liyuan Town Police Station personnel stayed near her home to monitor her many times and broke into her house at night as well. Both her body and mind were greatly damaged from the relentless persecution.

Sadly, she died on May 15, 2004.