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Practitioner Mr. Li Hongfu Brutally Beaten at the Xishanping Labor Camp in Chongqing City, Resulting in a Ruptured Spleen and Broken Ribs (Photo)

July 16, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Li Hongfu, 29 years of age, is a Falun Dafa practitioner from Ganshui Town, Qijiang County, Chongqing City. After he took up the practice 1997, he has been following the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance, thereby becoming a better person. His family members and neighbors all say that he has changed into a completely different person, a really good person.

In July 2000, he was arrested for publicly clarifying the truth. The police in Dadukou illegally sentenced him to one year of forced labor education. While detained in the Xishanping Labor Camp, he suffered various inhumane tortures. Because of his persistence in practicing Falun Gong, his labor camp term was extended by 9 months.

Around mid-December in 2001, the police captain Liu Hua at the labor camp employed 6-7 criminals to brutally beat Li Hongfu. They dragged him face down to the courtyard, held him down, and took off his socks and shoes. They then stuffed his socks into his mouth and used the soles of their leather boots to beat his face, head and lower back. They also kicked his back and chest. As a result, Li's face became very swollen and he suffered internal injuries in many places. After the beating, they confined him to a small cell and ordered him to assume military postures every day. At the same time, criminals Deng Ping, Liu Renguang and Zheng Wei kept beating him every day, causing Li's spleen to rupture and his ribs to be broken. Li had great difficulty breathing and he also threw up yellowish fluid.

Fearing he might die, the labor camp sent him to the Ninth People's Hospital in Beifu District for emergency rescue. The X-ray and ultrasound examinations found that Li's body was severely injured. However, the police lied and said that Li was sick. The doctors disagreed, insisting that Li's injuries must have been due to beatings. While in hospital, Li had to rely on IV infusions every day. In order to shirk responsibility for his possible death, the labor camp released Li on medical parole and ordered his family to pick him up.

Picture of Li Hongfu after his release

When Li Hongfu was discharged from the hospital, he was only around 90 pounds, having lost about 33 pounds. He could not walk on his own and needed other people to support him. After returning home, he has been experiencing sharp abdominal pain and he often vomits. He is now extremely weak and has to rely on his family to care for him. The elbow on his right arm is very swollen and he cannot move his arm around.