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Falun Gong Practitioner Ms. Liu Yuzhu in Jilin City Passed Away (Photo)

July 14, 2004 |  

Liu Yuzhu

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Liu Yuzhu from Jilin City suffered inhuman abuses in Changchun City Heizuizi Labor Camp, which damaged her physical and mental health severely. After being released from the labor camp, she was still often harassed by local lawless personnel. Her health deteriorated due to the abuses and harassments, she passed away on June 12, 2004.

Ms. Liu Yuzhu was 41 years old and had begun the practice of Falun Dafa in 1998. She became perfectly healthy soon after and offered her home for group Fa study. She also volunteered to teach others the exercises at practice sites.

On July 20, 1999, she and fellow practitioners when to the Jilin Provincial Government in Changchun City to appeal for Dafa. Later she went to the Jilin City government to appeal. She also made two attempts to go to Beijing and appeal. She was stopped by others on her way the first time. The second time she was arrested in Beijing and sentenced to one year of forced labor and sent to the Heizuizi Female Labor Camp in Changchun.

She told us of the abuses she personally experienced and witnessed in the labor camp:

In Division No. 6, the guard Hou Zhihong often verbally abused Dafa practitioners. One day, when Liu Yuzhu and fellow practitioners did the Dafa exercises, Hou Zhihong shocked her with electric batons. It was during Liu Yuzhu's menstrual period. The electric shocking made Liu stop her menses. Since then, Liu never had another menstrual period in the labor camp. Liu also witnessed her fellow practitioner Deng Shiying being force-fed. The infusion tubes injured the stomach, causing bleeding. Deng Shiying later died from abuse. Practitioners in the labor camp were all forced to do intense labor for long hours; on average, they had to work 17 to 18 hours each day. Practitioners' terms in the labor camp were extended as long as they did not give up their faith. Liu's health was damaged severely both physically and mentally. Being deceived by lies, she compromised with the demanding from the labor camp authorities for giving up the practice of Falun Gong, which was against her true will.

After being released, Liu came back to her cultivation path with fellow practitioners' help. She realized the mistake she made and published a solemn declaration, stating that she would follow Master on her cultivation path in the future.

The local "610 office" personnel, police and residential committee never stopped harassing her. Due to the abuse she suffered in the labor camp, a tumor grew in her body, getting bigger and bigger. Her tummy became bigger each day. She knew it was caused by the persecution.

Ms. Liu understood that genuine practitioners should do well in the three things Master told us to do, study the Fa, clarify the truth and send forth righteous thoughts. In addition to clarifying the truth to people around her, Ms. Liu often went to remote countryside areas to clarify the truth about Dafa to farmers. Many times she rode bicycles more than 50 Li (about 15 miles) with her heavy body to remote mountain areas to distribute truth-clarification materials, hang banners and post stickers. Ms. Liu also wrote letters to police officers to expose evildoings and clarify the truth.

Once when Ms. Liu was clarifying the truth, a local police officer ran into her. Ms. Liu told all the people at the scene that her big tumor was caused by the persecution she suffered, and that the police officer from her local police station could verify that. The police officer left the scene immediately.

In March 2004, the tumor became bigger and bigger. Ms. Liu's health deteriorated. In June of 2004 she was sent to the Jilin City Hospital in critical condition. On June 12, 2004, the day after surgery, Ms. Liu Yuzhu passed away.

Jilin City Changchun Road Police Station address: Changchun Road, Jilin City, Zip Code 132012

Changchun Road Police Station chief, Tian Ge, 86-432-4895249

Changchun Road Police Station, 86-432-4882372

Heizuizi Labor Camp address, Heizuizi, Changchun City, zip code 130000

Phone number, 86-431-5384880

Evildoing police officer in Heizuizi Labor Camp, Hou Zhihong (now promoted to head of Division No. 7)

Jilin City Hospital Administrator Liu Tongku, 86-432-2484666 (home)