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Falun Gong Practitioner Mou Naiwu from Weifang City Killed in the Persecution, His Wife and Daughter Left with No Means for Survival

July 10, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Mou Naiwu was a teacher at the Weifang Institute, Weifang City, Shandong Province, who benefited a lot from practicing Falun Dafa. Under the Jiang regime's persecution, he suffered severe mental and physical torment, including abduction, illegal sentencing at labor camps, threats and being cut off financially. Me. Mou died on June 13, 2004, at 2:00 am. His wife and daughter currently have no way of making a living.

Mou Naiwu, male, 41 years of age, was a resident of Gaomi City, Weifang City. He graduated in 1985 from the Changwei Teachers College (present-day Weifang Institute) with a degree in physics. He was assigned to Weifang Textile Technical School, where he taught physics, electrical engineering and computer science. Before he practiced Falun Gong, he had high blood pressure, intermittent heart problems, stomach trouble, severe near-sightedness and other health problems. Treating one disease often lead to the worsening of another. Even though Mou was young, he was known at the school as a "chronic invalid." The torment of disease led to a desperate outlook on life, and Mou gradually became highly irritable with coworkers and family. But after he started practicing Falun Gong, everything changed. Soon his illnesses went away, and he experienced complete health for the first time in years. Mou only needed four or five hours of sleep each night, yet he was fully energized during the day. The anxious and irritable temperament disappeared, and he became a very good-natured person and was on friendly terms with everyone around him. Mou accomplished more and did better at work, and he was honored as an "outstanding teacher" several times. He was even put in charge of the teaching and research group. Many people remarked that he became a new person after beginning to practice Falun Gong.

After Jiang's regime started persecuting Falun Gong, Mou Naiwu refused to renounce his belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance", and insisted on speaking the truth under any circumstance, telling people that "Falun Gong is a good practice that's beneficial to the state and people." In order to stop the persecution and clear the false charges against Falun Dafa and Teacher, Mou Naiwu went to Beijing to appeal many times.

In January 2000 Mou was illegally sentenced to three years of forced labor, and he was detained at the notorious Weifang Changle Labor Camp. During that time, because the police at the labor camp forcefully overloaded Dafa practitioners with work, Mou Naiwu's blood pressure increased to 240. Fearing that he would die in their custody, the labor camp allowed him to be bailed out and seek treatment.

After Mou Naiwu was bailed out, Weifang City's labor camp and police station, especially the police from the National Security Bureau, frequently went to his home and threaten him and his family. His wife Dai Xiaoping, also a practitioner, was forced to leave home.

In early May 2000, under the relentless persecution, Mou Naiwu developed the symptoms of hemiplegia, and he couldn't manage his own life. Even with this condition, the officials still would not stop the harassment.

One day in late July 2001, Dai Xiaoping came home to visit her husband. Around 9:00 pm, while Dai was taking a shower, Weifang City's National Security Bureau chief Jiang Yanlin and his henchmen stormed their home. They tricked an old family acquaintance to get inside, and then they kicked open the bathroom door and dragged Dai, who was in her underwear, into their car. When Mou Naiwu tried to stop them from taking his wife, they also abducted him, even though he couldn't walk or take care of himself, to the bureau. They also confiscated Mou's computer and other household items. Later the police took Mou Naiwu to Changle Labor Camp and forcefully tried to brainwash him. With this sudden trauma and the policemen's high-pressured persecution, Mou Naiwu's health rapidly deteriorated within a few days. The labor camp again sent Mou back home out of fear, but his wife Dai Xiaoping was sent to Wangcun Labor Camp and illegally sentenced to three years. After one year she was bailed out for hospitalization. Mou and his middle school aged daughter were left without anyone to take care of them.

During this persecution, Mou Naiwu's personal freedom was constantly violated, and his home was watched for long periods of time. Two days before the 2002 Spring Festival, local Falun Gong practitioner Xing Xiaoling came to visit Mou Naiwu. When the police found out, they pried open the door and forcefully kidnapped Xing Xiaoling to Wangcun Labor Camp. They tried to take Mou Naiwu along, but finally yielded to Mou's daughter's repeated pleas. But they threatened, "If you do not behave, we'll fix you later."

Like many Falun Dafa practitioners in China, Mou Naiwu's finances were cut off starting in October 1999. In the past 5 years, his former workplace (Weifang Textile Technology School) and his present workplace (Weifang Institute) never paid him a cent. His wife Dai Xiaoping was fired from her workplace (Weifang Second Printing and Dye Factory) in October 1999, because she refused to give up her practice; later she was illegally sent to the labor camp. With no income and a daughter in high school, the family suffered great financial difficulties . At the end of October 2003, Weifang Textile Technology School was combined with Weifang Institute. Mou Naiwu went to the heads of Weifang Institute's physics department to report his situation and demand that they pay him his salary to ensure a normal life for his family. They tried to force him to write a guarantee letter to give up practicing Falun Gong, but Mou Naiwu refused. In May 2004 he wrote a positive statement about Falun Dafa and delivered it to the department, but he was pressured to write an alternative statement. On June 6, Mou Naiwu wrote another article entitled "Why I Insist On Practicing". After submitting the article, those heads of the department called to tell him, "Weifang City's 610 Office directed us not to give you your salary..."

After illegal forced labor, multiple abductions, harassment, threats and financial penalties, as well as other means of persecution, the young teacher Mou Naiwu passed away at 2:00 am, on June 13, 2004.

Mou Naiwu's wife Dai Xiaoping and their teenage daughter have no means of making a living at this point, and are in a truly dire predicament. The mother and daughter demanded Weifang Institute to pay Mou Naiwu's five years' salary, but school officials refused to honor to their request, and claimed that Falun Gong practitioner Mou Naiwu was "anti-Party," saying, "We cannot pay a salary to someone who's against the Party..." Mou's family solemnly told them, "Mou Naiwu practiced Falun Gong. He was not anti-Party, he was against the persecution of Falun Gong..." But the leaders at Mou's workplace wouldn't listen. Right now, Mou Naiwu's body is kept frozen in Weifang Second People's Hospital. His family has demanded his workplace to clear the false anti-Party charge and pay the five-year salary.

Because of practicing Falun Gong, a good person was abducted, forced to do hard labor, harassed, threatened, and his body was damaged to the point where he couldn't take care of himself. His workplace compounded the situation by withholding five years of salary. These perpetrators are forcing people into a dead end. They tormented someone to death, and even charge the deceased with the crime of being "anti-Party." Where is the conscience of Weifang City's 610 Office and Weifang Institute's related personnel? Where is justice? Everyone should understand this: If Jiang had not initiated this evil persecution, Mou Naiwu would still be alive and well.

We hope that everyone will take note of this injustice and great tragedy, and work together to stop this persecution, and from more tragedies like this from happening.

Attached: Phone numbers for truth-clarification

Weifang Institute (area code: 0536)
Heads of the Institute (office numbers)
Secretary Cheng Qingjun: 8785688, 8261998
President Li Qingzhi: 8785668, 8863681
Niu Zhongshun: 8785669, 8282558
Ju Xianli: 8785188, 8790868
Wang Huihan: 8785689, 8795189
Feng Binglu: 8785878, 8861712
Li Zongbu: 8785666, 8899118
Wang Qingming: 8785208, 8252897, 13608959686-669686
Jiang Gengtian: 8785168, 8786188
Feng Lanyi: 8293330, 8269978
Shu Changhai: 87857139, 8792136, 13863631532-661532
Li XianXiang: 8785138, 8799369, 13605366866-666866
Wang Jiaai: 8785789, 8267872, 13608959666-669666
Song Qiyu: 8785128, 8792206
Guo Zongren: 8263610, 8798506
Yi Jingyao: 8222521, 8267887, 13608950181-6600181
Fang Qisan: 8225562, 8219186, 13506496638-666638

Wang Jingtao: 8293761,8791306
Ren Huaixiang: 8298261, 8236229
Ai Ximin: 8785698, 8211279, 13605268856-668856
Lu Yunshan: 8785698, 8211279, 13506496729-666726
Fang Chengxian: 8785169, 8297786, 13853621096-661096
Song Yuqing: 8785116, 8281879
Zhang Zhencong: 8785969, 8798809, 13563686508-666508
Zhang Po: 8785696, 8386766, 13563686569-666569
Geng Lianshan: 8785116, 5399177, 13563686578-666578
Zhao Yanxiu: 8785129, 8291928
Ma Jiwu: 8785118, 8296559
Li Xiaojing: 8785118, 8518582
Shi Chenghui: 8785118, 8576283
Guo Ying: 8785118, 8578923
Xu Yan: 8785118, 8880327
Hou Ping: 8785119
Xin Wanfeng: 8785119
Li Fengmei: 8785178, 8251265
Li Yulin: 8785178, 8596571
Zhao Weihua: 8785178, 8276089, 13869668509-668509

Discipline Inspection Commission, supervision office (office numbers):

Zhang Xinming: 8785108, 8266237
Sheng Xiuyun: 8785158, 8518446, 13506466944-666944
Yang Aihua: 8785105, 8799688, 8720566
Guan Zengjun: 8785106, 8812926

Committee in charge of organization work (office numbers):
Ding Laixing: 8785179, 8256538
Zhang Weigao: 8785180, 8794959, 13863671720-661720
Guan Yanjun: 8785180, 8795690, 13563666299-666299, 8708370
Yu Yang: 8785182, 8889558, 13605362786-662786
Fu Bing: 8785182, 8228939, 13953652839-662839
Li Chengshun: 8785182, 8271766, 13605362696-662696
Cai Lanrong: 8785182, 8794963, 13563699020-669020
Yu Jianhua: 8785181, 8211612, 13563699020-669020
Zhou Ying: 8785181, 8292910, 13792600363-662877
Miao Zongxin: 8785181, 8215335, 13869662877-662877
Liu Hongfan: 8785181, 8794082, 13792600362-660362
Li Xinning: 8785181
Dai Jianmin: 8785181, 8892198, 13606365677-665677

Personnel Division (office numbers):
Ma Xihua: 8785699, 8234156, 8729588
Liu Yongsheng: 8785156, 8213102, 13869689158-669158
Xia Runhai: 8785155, 8261638, 13869687808-667808
Wang Zhongshan: 8785157, 8762427, 13869668687-668687
He Maoguang: 8785155, 8274079
Tan Xiaoping: 8785155, 8227566
Jiang Jimao: 8785157, 8505116, 13869681127-661127
Zhang Fugong: 8785155, 8274396, 13869668681-668681
Cui Xueguang: 8785155, 8668677, 13964739536-669536
Wang Yuansen: 8785155, 7267822, 13563619408-669408

Union (office numbers):
Zhao Guangzhi: 8785106, 8656189, 13963673368-663368
Wang Fugui: 8785106, 8792396, 13608951012-661012
Duan Jinmin: 8785103, 8267032, 13506477618-667618
Zhang Jing: 8267317
Qin Zhiqun: 8799930
Wang Aiwen: 8212818

Sun Ming: 8261920
Qiao Aiping: 8277698

Liu Airong: 8224805

Wang Guiling: 8506418
Mou Qingzhi: 8796186
Cui Pengyun: 8270733

Physics department (office numbers):
Lu Huaixin: 8785276, 8791113
Li Wenquan: 8785376, 8794923
Zhong Mingli: 8785683, 8794608
Liu Luning: 13863606106-666106
Liu Hanjun: 8785608, 8794063
Shi Zhaokun: 8896508
Deng Rugang: 8791501
Yang Huihong: 8298696
Wu Qinchang: 8808973
Jiang Po: 8794025
Wang Xiqing: 8795300, 13573605702-665702
Dong Wenshan: 8794965
Zhuo Bohe: 8785608, 8213375
Liu Fengqin: 8794937
Zang Zhihua: 8785608, 8798535
Li Peidong: 8794886
Huang Baoxin: 8232863
Ma Zhuqing: 8799305
Wang Xiaoqin: 8793267
He Weidong: 8792296
Wang Jinsong: 8260729
Zhang Yinghua: 8785276, 8795991
Wang Fuliang: 8274648
Cao Yunqin: 8897936
Zheng Dongpeng: 8785277, 8274610, 13573601226-661226
Du Yanfei: 8274809, 8275328
Zhou Liyou: 8516080, 13606363033-663033
Ma Jiyun: 8881743
Sun Xiaohong: 8213999
Xu Yonggui: 8792231

Weifang Institute security (office numbers):
Lin Yonglian, Wang Yongsheng: 8785109
110 Command Center: 8785110
School's security team: 8881284
Public security: 8222604, 8223965

Weifang City's related people's phone numbers:
Wang Zhihua: Weifang City Commission Associate Secretary, Discipline Inspection Commission Secretary, (office): 8789003
Wang Zhenhua: Weifang City Chief of Police, (office): 8783001; (home): 8783888; (cell phone): 13806368686
Jiang Yanlin: Weifang City Chief of National Security Bureau, (office): 8196901, (home): 8899336
Xu Yujun: Weifang City Commission Associate Secretary-General, Director of 610 Office: 8789699, 8238638, 13306363336
Zhang Guangxiao: Weifang City Commission of Politics and Law Associate Secretary, Vice-Director of 610 Office: 8789623, 8366866, 13906368318, former Weifang City Commission Secretary General
Zhu Yulin: Weifang City Vice-Chief of Police, Vice-Director of 610 Office: 8783005, 8783858, 13605360068
Kou Jianhui: Vice-Director of 610 Office: 8789623, 8789027, 8269995, 13905368118
Li Tongkui: Vice-Director of 610 Office: 8789631, 8731187, 13173159888