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Dafa Practitioner Mr. Wang Shujun From Handan City, Hebei Province Dies as a Result of Torture

June 30, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Mr. Wang Shujun from Chengan County, Handan City, Hebei Province was illegally detained for three years. After his release, perpetrators from the local "610 Office" continued to persecute him. As a result, he died on June 20, 2004.

Mr. Wang Shujun was 36 years old and had lived in Wangpengliu Village, Linlibao Town, Chengan County, Handan City, Hebei Province. On October 1, 2000, he went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa and was illegally sentenced to three years in prison. He was held at the No. 4 Prison in Shijiazhuang City where he was tortured. He was released in October 2003.

On January 6, 2004 [Chinese lunar calendar], officers from the Chengan County Police Department broke into his home and took him to the county detention center. Wang Shujun was still weak then, but the police proceeded to torture him until he was on the verge of death. His family went to the police department and asked for him, but Lian Rihong, an official from the county Politics and Security Division refused to release him. His family insisted that they release him and eventually they did, but not before they extorted 2,000 Yuan and after more than two months of detention.

Soon after his release, Cao Zhixia from the Handan City "610 Office" ordered Liao Rihong and other police officers to arrest Wang Shujun at his home. They took him to Handan City's brainwashing class, using the excuse that Wang Shujun "didn't reform." The perpetrators at the Strict Control Division at Handan City's Forced Labor Camp brutally tortured him. Wang Shujun held a hunger strike for over 20 days.

Long-term torture left Wang Shujun on the brink of death, but he persisted in his belief and firmly refused to write a guarantee statement. The authorities finally released him, fearing he would die at the labor camp. Wang Shujun passed away at 4:00 a.m. on June 20, 2004.

People responsible for the atrocities:

Cao Zhixia: head of Handan City "610 Office," 86-310-7413519(Office), 86-13803101111(cell), 86-310-3158028(Home)
Zhao Hongjian, deputy head of Handan City "610 Office," 86-310-7413517(Office)
Li Zhide: Chengan County Police Department chief, 86-310-7280988, 86-13903305666(Cell)
Lian Rihong: head of Chengan County's Politics and Security Division, 86-310-7212511(Home), 86-13803291509(Cell)
Fan Weisheng: head of Chengan County's Detention Center, 86-310-7211464, 86-13931042712(cell)

Handan City Forced Labor Camp: 86-310-4010158, 86-310-4010957
Zhen Guixiu: head of Handan City's Forced Labor Camp, 86-310-4010707 ext. 8001(Office), 86-13803293068 (Cell)
Luo Mingquan: deputy head of Handan City's Forced Labor Camp, 86-310-4010707 ext. 8005(Office), 86-13903302753 (Cell)
Ma Jianzhen: head of the Education Division, 86-310-4010707 ext. 8106(Office)
Strict Control Division: 86-310-4010707 ext. 8312(Office)
Personnel at Strict Control Division: Gao Jinli, Gao Fei, Wang Zhimin, Yao Jianmin, Li Haiming, Xing Yansheng and others.