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A Lesson and Experience

June 29, 2004 |   By Falun Dafa practitioner "Bamboo" from China

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner "Orchid" and "Plum" keep in contact with me (All names are aliases). Because my situation is well suited to it, I often make truth-clarifying materials from the articles that I download from Clearwisdom and pass them on to other materials sites in my city. Orchid and Plum are the only ones who know that I make truth-clarifying materials, and they also are the ones who pass the materials to the other sites through which they are further distributed to many other places. For over a year, this arrangement has worked efficiently and without any problems. However, one day not long ago, I suddenly received a message that the police had abducted Orchid. She had been maintaining such strong righteous thoughts, so how could those dark minions have found any gaps to exploit? I shared this experience with Plum, and we shared it together with other practitioners. Finally, Orchid firmed her righteous thoughts and escaped under Master's protection. Although we didn't suffer any substantial loss throughout this incident, the lesson was profound and it has helped us to become more mature. As I share my experience in detail, please correct me if there is anything that is inappropriate.

I. The Disaster Originated from Omission (1)

When I first heard that Orchid had been abducted, I immediately cleaned all sensitive information from my computer. (I often do this as a matter of routine anyway, while encrypting important files.) Then I spent some time at Plum's place, where I learned more detailed information, and we shared our understandings. We thought that it must be the old forces exploiting our gaps and testing us with persecution.

Immediately we began searching for omissions within ourselves, and found serious problems in several respects. We had a potentially wrong understanding of how, with Teacher Li's protection, we cannot be harmed, that Master had mentioned in Zhuan Falun (2). This may have been because, at that time, the environment had been improving, and clarifying the truth was becoming much easier than before. For over a year, Master had always resolved matters for us whenever the Jiang regime attempted to harm us, but we had come to rely so much on Master that we gradually began to get careless.

Prior to this incident, Plum had a dream in which Master warned us about security. Although Plum warned Orchid, we didn't do anything immediately, nor did we immediately deny the arrangements of the old forces; on the contrary, we had established a trend of following the old forces' arrangements. Orchid once said if she were arrested she would do such and such to remain firm.

Through feedback from others, we also discovered that some of our words were not very rational, and produced a negative effect when using them to clarify the truth. Sometimes we were also guilty of boasting, and the old forces caught us on this too, as if to say, "Don't you say that you yourselves are doing well and have strong righteous thoughts? I have to test you to see if you're really good enough."

At the same time, I found that I had begun to depend on Orchid for many things, so my path of Fa-rectification was limited to cooperating with Orchid. After the incident, I didn't know what to do. Emotionally, I felt very sad about it, with too much strong sentiments.

II. Denying the Arrangements of the Old Forces; Dafa Practitioner Walks out of Jail

When there is danger, as long as we firmly deny the arrangements of the old forces, Master can help us. In this instance, when the police found Orchid, she was able to get out intelligently, and had already transferred the related Dafa materials in advance. The transfer was made right under the noses of many police officers, and it was all done with Master's compassionate protection.

However, because the old forces would not let go, Orchid was still arrested. (In her dream, Orchid found that she had signed an agreement with the old forces.) But the evil forces didn't get anything from her. In jail, Orchid firmly strengthened her righteous thoughts and refused to cooperate. No matter how much they threatened and deceived her, she adamantly refused to give them anything they wanted.

Orchid's relatives and neighbors were very clear minded, and sent out information about her abduction everywhere, including informing the head of Orchid's work unit. They also found many others who were willing to work together to rescue Orchid. During the police investigation, none of the relatives and neighbors would cooperate with them. They readily saw through the lies and wisely dealt with them.

We knew that the main role of clarifying the truth and rescuing Falun Dafa practitioners must be played by practitioners themselves, so we first informed our local practitioners about this and sent forth righteous thoughts together to help Orchid escape from this demonic scheme. Through our sharing, we also discovered our own omission: We clearly realized that the so-called tests of the old forces are all persecutions imposed upon us that we should never have acknowledged. We no longer worried about whether Orchid would suffer torture because that should never happen. We sent our messages through multiple channels to Clearwisdom, while we further revealed the plotting of the local minions of evil, making this abduction incident widely known. As well, we sent truth-clarifying materials to the relevant authorities and to the heads of her work unit.

During the rescue, Plum saw many dark minions of the old forces around us (blinking dots as small as the tip of a pen). At that time, we told them that the old forces' so-called test also speeds up their destruction. During the process, the evil forces interfered with us by taking advantage of our own omissions. Many very negative states have manifested among us, and many rescue operations were done not so well. However, under Master's compassionate care, Orchid finally walked out of the demons' lair.

III. Learn the Lesson Quickly, Continue Practicing Diligently and Complete Our Task

By this time, we should have become more mature and should be doing the "three things"(3) better. After all this, the persecution has cost us losses, and Orchid is still being watched. We had to abandon our former arrangement, but found other bright, broad avenues to follow. We could not delay along the road of Fa-rectification any longer. I would also suggest that practitioners who find themselves in the same situation as Orchid's, to clarify the truth to their lawyer, judge and jury through a lawsuit or as a consultant, based on their own experiences, which could also intensively shock Jiang's wicked regime.

After this setback, we'll walk our cultivation paths more clearly and rationally from now on.

    1. "Teacher: 'No omission' used to be a term in Buddhism; that is, it was cultivation language in Buddhism. For instance, human beings have all kinds of emotions, desires, and various attachments, all caused by sentimentality. There are numerous ones, such as jealousy, the mentality of showing off, hatred, etc. Every one of these attachments must be eliminated. If any one of them isn't removed, this is still considered an omission. If there's an omission, one cannot complete cultivation. A person must practice cultivation until there is no omission and no attachment left. He can complete cultivation only when there is truly no longer anything omitted." -- Li Hongzhi, "Falun Dafa Lecture at the First Conference in North America," March 1998 in New York.
    2. Reference: Zhuan Falun, Lecture Three, "What Has Teacher Given to Practitioners?"
    3. "The three things": Studying the Fa, Sending Righteous Thoughts and Clarifying the Truth.