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Shandong Province: Weifang Dafa Practitioner Zhang Liang on Hunger Strike at Hanting Detention Center

June 20, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Zhang Liang is about 30 years old and a native of Nanfuzi Village of Hanting Town, Hanting District, Weifang City, Shandong Province. On the evening of April 24, 2004, he was arrested at his temporary apartment by Weifang City police and agents from the National Security Agency. (Practitioners Sun Xiaomei, Yang Guangmao and Tang Xiumei were also arrested along with Mr. Zhang). He is now detained at Hanting District Detention Center. Later, the Hanting police issued a formal arrest warrant. Starting May 19, 2004, Zhang Liang began a hunger strike to protest against the persecution.

Since July 20, 1999 Falun Gong has undergone illegal persecution. Zhang Liang was arrested and detained several times because he refused to give up his belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance." The following story tells about the persecution Zhang Liang has been subjected to since August 2003.

On August 8, 2003, Hanting District's "610 Office" personnel and some of Zhang Liang's relatives deceived Zhang Liang and his mother and sent them to a brainwashing class at the Weifang City Industrial Management School. Because of Zhang Liang's determination in Falun Dafa, the brainwashing class instructors Fu Jinbin, Lou Jinhong, Wang Haowen and Guo Jing forced him to give up his faith by torturing him with all kinds of methods. They imposed long-time physical punishment on him. They forced him to stand still on the office days and nights with no sleep. This lasted for more than half a month. Whenever he dozed off, brainwashing assistant Ma Changling would pour water from his neck down and assistant Qiu Shigang would brutally punch his legs with his fists. His legs were badly swollen with purple bruises. He couldn't even wear slippers because of his swollen feet. Instructor Wang Haowen didn't even allow him to wear the slippers and asked him to stand on the floor bare footed. Even when he had to go to the filthy toilet, he was not allowed to wear any shoes.

After three months of persecution, he still refused to give in. The "610 Office" then sent him to the brainwashing class at the Weifang City's Changle Forced Labor Camp. The policemen Zou Jintian, Ding Guihua, Han Yuehui and others ordered criminal inmates Liu Diting and He Youming to torture him. At first, they kicked and punched him. Then they started whipping his legs and palms with a stick. In just one day, Zhang Liang suffered severe injuries. Bruises were all over his body. Later, criminals Jiang Yu, Qu Hongbo, Wang Ruihu and He Youming joined forces to torture him. At first they forced him to squat on a single brick and not to step out one inch. They deprived him of sleep for five days and nights. They tied his hands backward and forced him to sit with his legs crossed. Then they tied his legs and feet so he couldn't move at all. The pain was so unbearable that he started to groan. Moreover, they inserted toothbrushes in-between the fingers on his left hand and twisted them. His fingers were bleeding. Criminal Wang Haowen told four criminal inmates to teach him a "lesson." They took off Zhang Liang's pants and whipped his legs with electric wires.

One day these four people forcibly dragged Zhang Liang into a room and tied up his hands and feet with a rope. One after the other, they kicked him with their knees. Jiang Yufei kicked Zhang Liang in his most sensitive body parts. They even laughed when Zhang Liang was crying with pain. Also, during his detention in the labor camp, policemen Ding Guihua, Fu and Han Yuehui shocked him with electric batons.

Phone numbers for some responsible offices and persons are listed below.

Hanting District Police:
Office: 86-536-7251151
Director Office: 86-536-7256669
Deputy Director Office: 86-536-7260291, 86-536-7260292
Hanting Detention Center: 86-536-7251650

Wang Zhihua: deputy secretary of Weifang communist party committee and director of disciplinary committee, 86-536-8789003(Office)
Wang Zhenhua: director of Weifang Police, 86-536-8783001(Office); 86-536-8783888(Home); 86-13806368686(Cell)
Jiang Yanlin: director of city security bureau, 86-536-8196901(Office), 86-536-8899336(Home) 86-13906369766(Cell)
Qin Yuping: deputy director, city security bureau, 86-536-8196902(Office), 86-536-8899776(Home), 86-13011680015(Cell)
Chen Jianwei: (female) deputy director, city security bureau, 86-536-8196903(Office), 86-536-8231636(Home), 86-13306360636(Cell)
Li Shiguang: party secretary, Hanting District, 86-536-7251752(Office), 86-536-8368266(Home), 86-13608952169(Cell)
Zhang Xiaomei: director, Hanting District: 86-536-7251790(Office), 86-536-7273693(Home);
Huang Aiguo(female), director, Hanting District Police, 86-536-7256669(Office), 86-536-8975528(Home), 86-13606366088(Cell)

Dafa practitioner Li Jiangang was illegally detained at Kuiwen District Detention Center, Phone numbers for truth clarification are as follows:
Wang Yuanbang, Standing Committee Member of Weifang City, Party Secretary of Kuiwen District, 86-536-8219788(Office)
Hou Fangheng, Kuiwen District Manager 86-536-8230869(Office), 86-536-8892386(Home)

Dafa practitioner Tang Xiumei was illegally detained at Fangzi District Detention Center, Phone numbers for truth clarification are as follows:
Du Guozhong: Party Secretary of Fangzi District, Chairman of the People's congress, 86-536-7606558(Office), 86-536-8228418(Home), 86-13963693669(Cell)
Wang Yizheng: Director, Fangzi District, 86-536-7606553(Office), 86-536-8228418(Home), 86-13905368500(Cell)
Wang Jinfeng, Fangzi District Police Department, 86-13081670006(Cell)