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New Persecution Strategies Target Steadfast Dafa Practitioners at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, Liaoning Province

May 07, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On March 23, 2004, Masanjia Forced Labor Camp officials in Liaoning Province developed vicious new strategies for another round of persecuting Dafa disciples. They prepared to implement the so-called "isolated, half-open, and open" three levels of management, calling it a new management style. As a matter of fact, it is aimed at speeding up and increasing the level of persecution against the steadfast Dafa practitioners, to make them fall into an unending, prolonged sentence cycle, and to limit all personal freedoms.

Isolated: The objects of "isolated" treatment are those Dafa practitioners who firmly believe in Dafa, and never yield to the persecutors. The "isolated" treatment category is divided into three levels.

Isolated Level 1
This level includes practitioners who:
1. Firmly persist in validating Dafa, practicing, spreading Dafa, and copying and distributing Master's new articles.
2. Refuse to accept brainwashing and do not adhere to the "camp rules and team discipline."
3. Refuse to participate in slave labor.

Practitioners who are categorized as "Isolated Level 1" will be restrained to a small area, such as a very small area of a cell, made to sit on a "small stool," (a torture device) and forbidden to walk around. If one violates the "camp rules and team discipline," one's prison term will be extended. Ongoing, every three months, one more month is added. In the meantime, the freedom of having a monthly visit, making phone calls, and purchasing items will be denied. These practitioners' food also is less in terms of quantity and quality from that of other inmates.

Isolated Level 2
For every six months of consecutive incarceration, "Isolated Level 2" practitioners have one extra month added to their sentence.

Isolated Level 3
This level includes Dafa disciples who have just entered the labor camp three months ago. They will be isolated for what the authorities euphemistically call "specialized individual education" and no visits are allowed.

Half-open management: The half-open management style will be used on those who are so-called "reformed" practitioners, collaborators who have turned against Dafa due to brainwashing and torture. They are given increased amounts of free time for activities, joint dining or self-selected dining times, and freedom to go to shopping at the supermarket. They can stay and live together with family members who come for a visit, make phone calls to family and relatives, have free access to the library and gym, and earn bonus points and "flags" used for term reductions.

Open management: The subjects for open management are those "key persons" who help policemen to persecute Dafa disciples, having made special "contributions." They are free to select meals, have flexible leave time to go home, or are given reduced terms. They are also granted an increased number of family visits and can attend events with their families. Their bonus points are recorded, which means that "marked flags" are used to reduce their terms. Each "bonus" or flag can be used to subtract 10 days from the prison term. They will have outside work time, such as jobs, farm work, and education.

The different treatment of steadfast Dafa disciples vs. "reformed" and "key persons" demonstrates that the evildoers are still developing more and more sophisticated forms of persecution. The obvious purpose of this is to increase the pressure and weaken Dafa disciples' righteous thoughts. On one hand, they are using open-ended term additions to intensify the persecution. On the other hand, they entice the "reformed" ones with better treatment, such as home visits, reduction of terms, etc., to aid the persecutors, and to encourage the bad people to commit further crimes of persecution against steadfast Dafa practitioners.

Author's note: Sending Dafa disciples to forced labor camps is itself an illegal action, in violation of Chinese law. Likewise, all the so-called management methods and treatment policies at the camps are forms of persecution. They have no legal basis and are essentially crimes.