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Anning District Labor Camp Personnel Torture Practitioner Ms. Liu Wenyu From Tianshui City, Gansu Province, to Death

May 06, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Ms. Liu Wenyu was 53 years old and worked at Tianshui City's Railroad Hospital. She began practicing Falun Gong in October 1998. In late December 1999, she went to Beijing to appeal oh behalf of Falun Dafa. Beijing police detained her for 15 days and fined her 4,000 Yuan. In December 2000, she went to Tiananmen Square and shouted "Falun Dafa is good!" She was sent back to Tianshui City and sentenced to two years of forced labor without any trial, to be served at the Anning District Labor Camp in Lanzhou City. Ms. Liu Wenyu refused to cooperate with the labor camp personnel as she was not a criminal. She was force-fed as a form of torture, which caused her stomach to bleed profusely. Aside from this abuse, she was subjected to all manner of additional brutal torture. After her release, the authorities from the Beidao District constantly harassed her. She passed away in February 2004.

The following is an article Liu Wenyu had written to expose the persecution against her. She begins:

"I am 52 years old and retired. I worked for Tianshui City's Railroad Hospital in Gansu Province.

Before I obtained the Fa, [universal law and principle] I suffered from numerous illnesses. My vertebrae were protruding and deformed; I experienced irregular heartbeat, had a stomach disease, epilepsy, and cervical problems. I also contracted a venereal disease through poorly sterilized medical equipment that were used on me during a major operation. I took copious amounts of medicine, but those relieved my conditions only temporarily. I suffered in pain. My husband has five sisters and a mother who has been widowed for more than forty years. My illnesses put a great financial strain on my family. I was a straightforward person and often said what was on my mind. I often didn't realize that I had hurt other people with my words.

In October 1998, I fortunately learned Falun Dafa. As I repeatedly read the book Zhuan Falun [main teachings of Falun Dafa] and practiced the Falun Dafa exercises at a nearby practice site, all of my illnesses disappeared. Even the conflicts I had with other people that I couldn't let go of faded away. I was truly illness-free and worry-free. Human language cannot describe the exalted feeling I had! It was beyond description. Through Fa study and from the Dafa exercises I had new understandings of the principle of Truth-Compassion-Tolerance, and I was able to see my own shortcomings and correct them and was able to be a more tolerant and broadminded person. Falun Dafa changed me and rectified all of my degenerated notions and thoughts.

On July 20, 1999, Jiang's political group began their campaign of persecution targeting Falun Dafa. I was shocked and confused at first; then I calmed down and realized it was every Chinese citizen's constitutional right to appeal to the government. I was practicing a righteous belief and conducting myself according to Truth-Compassion-Tolerance. I didn't go after money or recognition, and I only wanted to be a good person. What was wrong with that? After much thinking, I decided to validate the Fa by telling the public about the positive changes that took place in me.

I went to Beijing to appeal for the first time in late December 1999, going with several other practitioners. We were all arrested and held at an underground hotel in Tianshui City's Liaison Office in Beijing. Later, Feng Jitang from the Political and Security Division of the Beidao Police Department in Tianshui City took us to the Beidao Administration Detention Center. The authorities demanded a fine of 4,000 Yuan be paid to them which was really just extortion.

In December 2000, I went to Tiananmen Square alone and told everyone I met that "Falun Dafa is good!", "Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa." I was arrested and held at the Haidian District Detention Center in Beijing for nine days. I was picked up by people from my former work unit and detained again at the Beidao District Administration Detention Center in Tianshui City for 30 days.

On January 20, 2001, I was picked up by the authorities and forced into a brainwashing program that was held at the Qiaonan Drug Rehabilitation Center. I began a hunger strike along with other practitioners to protest our detention and persecution against us and was released on January 28. On March 17, 2001, I was seized from my home by the authorities and sent to a detention center, where later I was subsequently sentenced to two years of forced labor on March 19, 2001, without benefit of any legal procedure.

From the first day of my detention at the labor camp I started a hunger strike to protest the persecution. I don't think there is anything wrong with practicing Truth--Compassion-Tolerance. I didn't violate the law and so I felt that I should not be held in a labor camp. The guards at Group Two of the female division of the No. 2 Labor Camp in Gansu Province force-fed us savagely many times. I remember that they once force-fed me for 15 days straight!

Every time the guards force-fed us, they ordered inmates to assist them. The first time, over a dozen inmates carried me into a room and tied my hands and feet onto a chair and the head of a clinic inserted a tube into my nose. I never cooperated with him. Sometimes I bit the tube until it broke, and he fished around with the tube and jerked it. He tried to insert it many times but I never let him put it in. Once, the guards tied me to a metal bed in a clinic. The bed is around one meter wide and two meters long (6 feet by 3 feet). The bed frame consists of metal strips around 10 cm in length and about 10 cm apart (3 x 3 inches). They tied me to the bed with a sheet and carried the bed to an activity room with me on it. They ordered inmates to sit on my knees and stomach, and a guard named Gao inserted a tube into my nose and pulled it out. He did it repeatedly until blood gushed from my mouth and nose for a long time. I was very weak after holding a long-term hunger strike and also from torture. Later, they force-fed me again and used a shoe brush to pry my mouth open and put food into my mouth that way. My gums often were left bleeding from their abuse.

In July 2001, the perpetrators suddenly reduced food rations for Dafa practitioners. Some practitioners received only 1/3 of what they would normally receive. The slave labor we were forced to perform at the time was digging dirt, and manually pulling fully-loaded carts. I held a hunger strike to protest the violation of our human rights and demanded our food portions be restored to previous levels. The division head didn't respond and I continued to hold a hunger strike. One day I was called to the Division Head's office and saw two female police officers and one male police officer. One of them was named Wu Hongxia from the Political and Security Division from the Beidao District Police Department. The guards left after they turned us over to the police. The male police officer asked me about a Dafa practitioner in Beijing and about a computer, and I said I don't know that practitioner. The male police officer jabbed me with the leg of a wooden chair and Wu Hongxia slapped my face. They kept beating me until I lost consciousness. I vaguely recall someone pouring water on me. The interrogation lasted the major part of the day and ended without the police obtaining the information they were looking for. The police officers became furious and said they would come for me daily. They also tried to force me to sign a document they had written, and I refused. After I returned to my cell I realized I should not allow them to torture me, and I should resist this with righteous thoughts. I told the division head that I would no longer meet with anyone who wanted to interrogate me. That resulted in the end of their interrogations.

On several other occasions, the guards publicly defamed Dafa and Master and I shouted, "Falun Dafa is good;" "restore Master's reputation." Because of that they sent me to a solitary confinement cell, handcuffed me, forced me to stand for long periods of time and didn't allow me to sleep for a long time. They made me stand for more than 20 days and 20 nights. My legs were extremely swollen and I couldn't lift them or bend my knees.

Once, someone publicly defamed Master at a meeting and I shouted, "restore Master's reputation." The guards hung me up with my hands cuffed behind my back [With both hands cuffed behind the back, both feet off or only toes touching the ground, one is hung onto the basketball support or house beam with the handcuff. Both hands and arms will soon lose sensory perception. In addition, both hands will go numb from lack of blood circulation]. Drops of sweat rolled from my forehead and I felt excruciating pain in my shoulders, hands and feet. I said to Master in my heart, "No matter what happens, I will never give in to the evil." Suddenly, I heard someone calling for me. A person called the guards and they put me down because he saw my eyes were closed and my head lowered, and he was afraid I was dying. They never used this torture on me again. I knew in my heart that Master was protecting me, and I burst into tears. All pains disappeared. This time I had truly given up my attachment to life and death, and because of Master's protection, the evil could not find an excuse to persecute me. The perpetrators cuffed me for twenty days, followed by two days of sleep deprivation. I miraculously survived. Sometimes when they tried to force-feed me I thought, "Falun help me! Don't let them feed me." They could not get any food into my mouth. The guards thought it strange but couldn't do anything, so they gave up.

Right now, Fa-rectification has reached the last phase of the last stage, and I feel the great historic responsibility on my shoulders. I can only do well in The Three Things Master asks of us -- study the Fa, explain the facts about the persecution and send our righteous thoughts - and try my best to expose the evil in my local area, offer people salvation and take solid steps on the path of Fa rectification.

Liu Wenyu

A Dafa practitioner in Tianshui City, Gansu Province."