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Beijing's Shatan Police Hospital Staff Torture Dafa Practitioners In Horrific Ways Using Cruel or Unnecessary "Medical Treatment" To Cause Pain

May 06, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) The Shatan Police Hospital is located south of Shatan, Beijing. The Inmate Section of the hospital is deep underground and holds the inmate patients from detention centers in Beijing. The administrative staff members in the section treat the inmate patients worse than they would treat animals. The patients are shackled to beds all day long and often tortured by unethical medical personnel who call it, "medical treatment."

Shackling patients to beds all day

Once inmate patients are admitted to the hospital, they are shackled to a bed with an over 5 kg metal chain, one end attached to the bed, the other to the patient's foot. The length of the chain is just enough for patients to stand beside the bed to relieve themselves but not long enough to be able to walk one step away from the bed. The patients are only released for 5 minutes in the morning and once in the afternoon for washing. All other times, they are chained to their beds. At night between 7 and 9, the staff can also handcuff one arm of a patient to the bed until the morning.

The Hospital ward like a "coffin" with live people inside

Except for three meals each day, there is no other food or water provided. There is no entertainment such as TV or music. Every day, patients are confined to beds, sleeping all the time except during medical visits and meals. Patients don't know whether it is daytime or nighttime. Two 40-watt light bulbs are always on in the 10-square-meter room and the room is electronically monitored and videotaped 24 hours a day. The room is like a "coffin" with live people inside.

The situation is even worse for female patients. Male nurses or police are put in charge of female patients. Even when female patients take showers, the door must be wide open with male police watching them from outside. Female patients have to hide in the corner to take showers in order to avoid being viewed by their monitors. Patients must obey any hospital rules or operations.

"It's nothing if you die"

Falun Gong practitioners are treated even more viciously by the hospital staff. For any practitioner that refuses medical treatment, the hospital will shackle their hands and feet to the beds, rendering them unable to move. Some practitioners were handcuffed so long that both hands became disabled for a long time even after being released. The hospital administrative staff torture practitioners without restraint. If practitioners show a little bit of disagreement or resistance, the staff will shackle practitioners for as long as they want. They often say to practitioners, "It is nothing if you die." If a patient dies in this hospital, it is regarded as a normal occurrence and no one will be charged or investigated regarding the cause of death.

Torturing people for amusement

The medical staff in this hospital consider it normal to destroy lives. Police were once overheard talking among themselves about a case where they kept a patient who went on a hunger strike (it is unknown whether he was a practitioner or not) into a morgue drawer that is used to hold the dead in the morgue. Every day, except during times when the staff force fed that individual, he was forced to lay in the drawer like a corpse. A month later, he went insane, and this became a topic of amusement among the police.

Unnecessary "treatment"

When the medical staff "treat" practitioners, they intentionally make practitioners suffer as much as possible. When inserting the nasal feeding tube, they intentionally insert it forcefully or probe it around everywhere to increase the pain. When giving infusions, they jab the needle repeatedly to probe everywhere and they choose surgery to treat patients who could be treated with conventional methods, without any concern about the patient's condition and the future consequences, and without any regard for medical ethics. Some practitioners have been on hunger strike for several months. If they resume eating in the morning, they will be sent back to labor camps in the afternoon. There is no concern among the medical staff that those on long term hunger strike need time to recover. Some are sent back with feeding tubes still inserted or suffering from multiple diseases.

A Dafa practitioner had been on hunger strike for more than 6 months and was too weak to take care of himself. After he resumed eating, his request to eat a little more besides the three meals a day was cruelly rejected. The medical staff even handcuffed him behind his back to torture him. Because his health was so poor that he had urinary incontinence, they inserted a catheter to increase his suffering.

A 27-year-old graduate student from Qinghua University, Zhang Lianjun, has been on a hunger strike for eight months. He has been tortured to the verge of death.

It is a fact that hospital staff is persecuting people using the excuse of giving them "medical treatment".

Some medical staff members still have some human conscience but most, especially those of the administrative staff, do not have any humanity left at all. They escalate the persecution of Dafa practitioners and even take sadistic pleasure in the torture and pain they inflict on others.