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Please Stop Collecting Signatures Among Practitioners (With a Comment from Master)

May 31, 2004


All Dafa disciples, whether they are in mainland China or other parts of the world, should, with the approaches they take to counter the persecution, keep close in mind the safety of mainland China’s Dafa disciples. All actions that jeopardize Dafa disciples’ safety should be stopped.

Li HongzhiMay 31, 2004Revised on October 8, 2005

We received copies of “Global Coalition to Bring Jiang to Justice's Petition to Abolish Jiang Zemin's Head of State Immunity” on May 27, 2004 from material production site A in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. We learned that material production site A got the “petition” from material production site B in the same city four days ago.

At the time, practitioners in Site B had been printing the petition in large quantities and distributing them quickly to other practitioners. When practitioners in Site A obtained this “petition,” like those in Site B, they also knew that Minghui.org and other Dafa-related websites had never called for dissemination of the petition, but they mistakenly thought that collecting practitioners' signatures would be an effective way to eliminate the evil and save sentient beings.

Hence, Site A also printed many copies of the “petition” and even inserted the “petition” into “Minghui Weekly” or other Dafa materials before distributing them to practitioners. This caused some practitioners to think that this was a requirement from Minghui.

From what we know, the collection of signatures had caused some disturbance in Harbin in the past few days—many practitioners went around collecting other practitioners' signatures. This has interrupted practitioners' cultivation and interfered with the cultivation environment; it might have already affected other regions.

Practitioners at Site A were awakened when we alerted them that they were interfering with Dafa disciples by spreading the petition. They expressed that they would stop this project and try to undo damages done to Dafa. However, this matter has lasted for a week in Harbin City and the petion has been spread around through practitioners and material production sites, affecting many practitioners. There are still some practitioners who thought that “collecting signatures” among practitioners is conforming to Dafa and continued to do so, which makes it difficult to resolve this in a short time.

In the above situation, we only have contact with Site A, which may have direct contact with Site B, but there are many material production sites that are uncontactable (even if they can be reached, it has to be spread from practitioners to practitioners, before reaching them after several days).

Moreover, in recent years, some material production sites in Harbin City had printed and distributed books written by ordinary people. These books have no direct relationship with the Fa-rectification progress and might cause ordinary people to think that we are involved in politics, even though they could help expose the lies of those in power. We hope practitioners pay attention to this.