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Recalling the Days When Master Taught the Fa in Tianjin

May 26, 2004 |   By Li Yi, a practitioner living in New Zealand

On January 17, 1994, the first in a series Fa Lectures given by Teacher in Tianjin commenced. At that time, the whole course, consisting of 10 classes spread out over 9 consecutive days, was held in Tianjin People's Hall. To bring the time and cost down to the minimum for the people, Teacher combined two of the lectures and delivered them on a Sunday. During the first nine classes, Teacher lectured on the Fa and taught the exercises, and on the last day, Teacher answered questions brought up by the students. The fee was 50 Yuan for new students and 35 Yuan for students who had attended the course previously. On average, new students paid 5 Yuan per class. I remember that about a month earlier, I had to pay 10 Yuan to watch a movie in the same hall. Comparatively, we can see that the fees were very low.

As Teacher lectured during the nine days, I was very much moved, for I finally understood why man lives on the earth. Teacher's lectures had truly changed my outlook towards life, and the course of my life, and I have since followed the path of cultivation, the way to return to my true self. I can vividly recall the four incidents that impressed me most during those nine days:

The first incident was on the Sunday when group photographs were taken with Teacher. I did not know beforehand that Teacher wanted to have the photographs taken before the lecture that day. When I arrived, everyone was already there. People gathered in small groups of 7 or 8, and some in 20 or 30. As soon as one group was ready for the camera, Teacher then walked across. Although there were over a thousand people divided into so many groups, Teacher did not stop smiling once, or show any signs of impatience. At first, I thought of taking one with Teacher as well, but then I thought, "Hasn't Teacher said that his Fashen is with us all the time? I don't think it is necessary." Because of that, I regretted that I had missed out on an opportunity to have a photograph taken with Teacher.

The second thing that impressed me was when Teacher demonstrated to us the greater mudras at the end of the lecture on the last day. When I saw that, I felt so good inside, yet I could not describe the feeling with words.

The third incident was also at the end of the last lecture, when one student presented Teacher with a banner. The student said he'd come from Northern China, where the hospital had diagnosed him with terminal cancer. However, he came across Falun Gong through an acquaintance, and this was the second time he had attended Teacher's lectures. The whole family went up on to the stage to present Teacher with the banner. As soon as he got on to the stage, he cried out excitedly, "Gone, gone, all my sicknesses are gone!" Loud applause came from the audience. The man then gave a self-introduction. After the introduction, the banner was presented and photographs were taken. And then, there was another big round of applause from the audience.

Of all the incidents, the most unforgettable came at the end of the second to last lecture, when Teacher taught us the exercise Strengthening Divine Powers. I found an empty seat, where I could sit with folded legs, then closed my eyes and started to meditate the way Teacher showed us. I did not know why I suddenly opened my eyes, but when I did I saw Teacher standing right in front about a meter away, smiling at me. The kind expression on his face was beyond description. When he saw me opening my eyes he gave me another smile, then turned around and walked down the stairs.

Every time when I recall Teacher's smile, I feel that in all the years passed, I have not done my best to repay Teacher for his merciful salvation.

As I am writing this article, my tears cannot help falling. I only know that I must do better on the three things asked by Teacher, so as not to let him down.