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Dehui City Practitioner Dong Dejun Is Paralyzed from Beatings After Just Two Days in the Yinmahe Forced Labor Camp

May 25, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Dong Dejun's home is in Zhitian Village, Wutai Township, Dehui City, Jilin Province. Dong Dejun was detained in the Jiutai City Yinmahe Forced Labor Camp on March 27, 2002 for persisting in his belief in Falun Dafa. On the second day of his detention, vicious people from the Education Team brutally beat him. They kicked his head with their leather boots. He lost consciousness from this abuse. Later he was sent to a hospital for emergency care, making it possible for Dong Dejun to escape the immediate physical danger, but his brain and nervous system were damaged, paralyzing his left side.

After practitioners in Changchun City tapped into a TV signal and broadcast the facts about Falun Dafa in March 2002, Jiang's regime retaliated viciously. They searched the province far and wide for practitioners. On February 3 of the Chinese Lunar calendar, Wutai Township Police Station director, Mu Xiaojun, officers Guo Fengjun, Li Xiu, and policemen from the Dehui City Police Department broke into Dong Dejun's home without warning. In full public view, they forcedly arrested him and took him to the police station. Because Dong Dejun refused to renounce Falun Dafa, the authorities detained him. Mr. Dong Dejun was later sentenced to forced labor, in violation of the Chinese Constitution, and on March 27, 2002 he was sent to the Jiutai City Yinmahe Forced Labor Camp.

A few days later Mr. Dong's family received a notice from the forced labor camp director, Meng Xianglin, asking them to pick him up. Within the short time period of only ten days in detention, his family saw that Dong Dejun had already become emaciated and was close to death. The forced labor camp officials lied to the family, saying that "his condition is the result of his hunger strike, and other reasons."

People who knew the circumstances told a different story. The time of Dong Dejun's arrival at the Yinmahe Forced Labor Camp coincided with a major brainwashing session of Falun Gong practitioners. On the second day after Dong Dejun was sent to the educational team, he was savagely abused. According to a witness, this is what happened: Criminal inmates dragged Dong Dejun behind the bathroom and across the second building. Several of these inmates ganged up and hit and kicked him. After they had beaten him down, they kicked his head with their leather boots. Mr. Dong lost consciousness right away. It was reported that they kicked his temple. When the prison guard and the others saw that his life was in danger, they hurriedly took Dong Dejun to the Jiutai City Hospital. He suffered a brain injury from the violent kicking, but the hospital was unable to treat him. They then took him to the Changchun City Police Hospital. After the doctor examined him, he said that he could not treat the injury either. Dong Dejun was sent back to the forced labor camp.

In order to absolve themselves of any responsibility, the forced labor camp authorities covered up the facts. They deceived the family members, and let a family member take

Mr. Dong home. Dong Dejun was already weak and was close to death. After he returned home, medical personnel could not even find a vein when they tried to give him an injection. Under the meticulous care of his family members, Dong Dejun recovered little by little. Miraculously, he gained his life back. However, because his brain and central nervous system were damaged, he is not mentally clear. The left side of his body is paralyzed from the beatings, and his left arm barely functions. During the two years following his injuries, he has been bedridden and cannot take care of himself. Currently, he and his 83-year-old father live together. They depend on each other. His niece takes care of their daily necessities such as getting them ready for bed, getting them up, and feeding them.

It is tragic that a once healthy person who follows the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance" was tortured to such an extent. What makes it even more drastic is that this happened within only seventeen days of his abduction, and after only two days of incarceration in the Jiutai City Yinmahe Forced Labor Camp. This outrage is testimony to the evil deeds and brutalities carried out under Jiang's regime. Gao Ke, the educational team head of the Jiutai City Yinmahe Forced Labor Camp, is personally responsible for the abuse, torment, and mistreatment of Dafa practitioner Mr. Dong Dejun under this persecution.

In addition, Gao Ke also ordered the beatings that led to the death of Songyuan City Dafa practitioner Sun Shizhong. The forced labor camp officials were afraid of

repercussions, so they transferred Gao Ke out of the Educational Team.

Related responsible personnel and their phone numbers:
Dehui City Wutai Township Police Station head: Mu Xiaojun 86-431-7580010 (Office),
86-130891320 (Mobile), 86-431-7272828 (Home)
Police: Guo Fengjun, Li Xiuyou: 86-431-7580010 (Office)
Dehui City Police Department Political and Security Section head: Zhao Yujie 86-431-7222053 (Office), 86-431-7224923 (Home), 86-13504397188 (Mobile)
Deputy head: Zhang Qingchun 86-431-7222053 (Office), 86-431-7264567 (Home),
86-13630545335 (Mobile)

Responsible personnel in the Jiutai City's Yinmahe Forced Labor Camp and their phone numbers:
Head Guo Junpeng 86-431-2511197 (Office)
Zheng Hailing Managing Section Leader 86-13331651669 (Mobile)
Wang Chunshi Medical hospital administrator: 86-13844002938 (Mobile)
Gao Ke, Meng Xianglin

March 31, 2004