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Precious Memories of Teacher Introducing Falun Dafa in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

May 20, 2004 |   By a Dafa Practitioner in Hebei, China
(Clearwisdom.net) Every time I think back on how I began practicing Falun Dafa ten years ago, I feel blessed and get a warm feeling in my heart. I also weep tears of joy.

At eight o'clock on March 2, 1994 it was the first time that I had the honor to listen to Teacher's two hour lecture in a military hall in Shijiazhuang City. During the lecture, Teacher asked us to think about where in our body we felt sick. If we were fine, he asked us to think of the illnesses of our family members or relatives. Teacher would cure it if we just thought of it. My headache that had been bothering me for dozens of years was cured right there.

The lecture was completely free and voluntary. We did not pay a cent.

In the following eight days, I truly felt that Teacher was friendly and easy-going during the lectures. He taught the Fa principles clearly, and was very focused when teaching the exercises. When he taught the exercises, it did not matter where you were, even for the students who stood right next to the wall, Teacher would walk around the room everyday to check on us and correct our movements himself.

On the evening of March 10, 1994, the first session of the Shijiazhuang lectures ended. We asked Teacher to take a picture with us. The local qigong association suggested that we have a professional photographer take the picture. Teacher immediately asked if our practitioners had someone who was professional-like and knew how to take a picture, who could volunteer to take one to save everyone the money.

We were all deeply moved. Teacher always thought of others first. The lecture was originally scheduled to last ten days. Considering those who were not financially well off, Teacher finished the lectures in eight days to save everyone time and expenses. Each student paid 35 Yuan to the local qigong association for this eight-day lecture. There was almost nothing left for Teacher and the working staff after subtracting the expenses and fees for holding the lecture. My understanding was that Teacher intended to introduce Falun Dafa to predestined people and leave the beauty of Dafa to the kind people in the world. He never thought of his personal gains, everything he did was for other people's best interests.

We took the picture at eight o'clock on the morning of March 11. It has kept the eternal and precious memory of Teacher.

All things that seemed plain and trivial were filled with Teacher's compassion and reflected his magnificence. Words cannot express how blessed I am to be Teacher's student.