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The Torture Endured by Guo Ren'ai of Huanan County, Jiamusi, Heilongjiang Province

May 19, 2004 |  

(Clearwisom.net) After the persecution of Falun Gong began on July 20, 1999, the Forest Department of Huanan County's "610 Office," (1) led by Song Dianlin illegally arrested and detained Guo Ren'ai and 30 other practitioners at the Huanan Forest Department.

They held each practitioner for a 10,000 Yuan (2) ransom from their families. As a typical urban worker in China makes only about 500 Yuan each month, this was a tremendous financial burden which put the family members in debt. Guo Ren'ai was unable to come up with the money, so the "610 Office" sent police to her house to extort money every day.

Her husband had been laid-off, and was farming in the mountains to get by. During the planting season, the police forced him to leave the mountain and prevented him from tending to the fields. Because of this persecution, he divorced Guo Ren'ai. She couldn't take care of her child. The walls in her house, as well as many pots, air conditioners, the bathtub, etc. were all cracked and damaged due to severe cold. The molding was falling out everywhere, and the roof had many leaks.

At the end of 2000, Huanan County first party committee secretary Liu Shujuan was assigned to bring Guo Ren'ai back from Beijing, where she was arrested while appealing for Falun Dafa. Liu Shujuan took advantage of the opportunity to buy clothes and an electric blanket, visit the doctor and buy medicine, stay in expensive hotels, etc., then claim 20,000 Yuan in expenses on Guo Ren'ai's employee insurance policy. When Liu Shujuan was questioned, she claimed that because Guo Ren'ai went to Beijing, the department had to pay 20,000 Yuan. When Guo Ren'ai's son found evidence of Liu Shujuan's actions, she settled for 12,000 Yuan instead. Liu Shujuan also took two years off Guo Ren'ai's salary for the time she wasn't home.

In early April 2001, Guo Ren'ai was giving out materials clarifying the truth of Falun Gong in Beijing. The police arrested her, and she refused to give her address or name. They beat her to the brink of death, and detained her for four months. Guo Ren'ai went on a hunger strike and was released. She went back to Huanan County to see her father, but her mother had passed away after the shock of Guo Ren'ai 's arrest by the "610 Office." Guo Ren'ai was taking care of her mother when policeman Zou Feng came to harass her. While Guo Ren'ai was visiting her father, Zou Feng and two other policemen arrived before they could even finish a meal together. They sent Guo Ren'ai to the detention center. Zou Feng was rewarded 1,000 Yuan for the arrest.

In the detention center, Guo Ren'ai practiced the Falun Gong exercises, so officer Liu Qitao kicked her legs until they were bruised all over. He cuffed her hands behind her back, causing her hands to swell. Two police officers with the last names of Min and He cuffed her hands behind her back for 37 days, during which time she could only sit, not even lie down to sleep at night. Guo Ren'ai demanded to see their supervisors. Director Han saw the wounds and said, "Beating a practitioner to death is nothing!"

After 18 days in detention, the police sentenced her to one and a half years in a forced labor camp. Guo Ren'ai appealed, but got no response for a few months. Later, Huanan County used their connections to send her to the Wanjia Forced Labor Camp. Wanjia refused Guo Ren'ai because of her poor condition, and she was sent back. They sent her to Jiamusi Labor Camp next, and they refused her as well.

Guo Ren'ai went on a hunger strike, and was sent to the Forest Department Hospital. Instructor Wei Jingguo from the detention center personally cuffed her hands and legs, and the cuffs cut into her flesh. They used six ropes to tie her to a wooden board. Guo Ren'ai tried to reason with him, but he taped her mouth shut with three layers of tape. They tied her to a bed, and forced injections of saline solution and drugs, and tortured Guo Ren'ai in multiple painful ways. Wei Jingguo charged her 1,000 Yuan for medicine expenses, then sent her back to the detention center for further persecution. Guo Ren'ai continued her hunger strike until she was again on the brink of death. She started eating again, and as soon as she had the strength to walk by leaning against the wall, Duan Xingfu, Song Dianlin, and others from the "610 Office" bribed Jiamusi Labor Camp to take her for the third time.

One time in the labor camp, Guo Ren'ai lost conciousness, and suffered amnesia. She couldn't remember her father or relatives, but the labor camp still wouldn't release her. After her time was served, they prolonged her confinement for ten additional days because she refused to give up Falun Gong practice.

On March 20, 2003, Duan Xingfu arrested Guo Ren'ai, already in critical condition, taking her back to the detention center for further torture. She became infected with scabies, causing her whole body to itch and making sleep difficult. Guo Ren'ai was five foot five, and originally weighed about 165 pounds. She was reduced to half her weight, and appeared to be skin and bones. It was terrible to witness her condition. On the fifth day of a hunger strike, she was sent to the Forest Department Hospital. The hospital refused to take her, and sent her back to the detention center. Because the police feared that she might die there, they sent her back home. Relatives who witnessed her condition could help but cry.

On September 22, 2003, Guo Ren'ai went to her department and talked to the bureau head regarding the salary that was seized from her. Security stopped her at the gate, and a vehicle came. Three police officers, including Kong Fanzhi, dragged her away without giving a reason. This treatment caused Guo Ren'ai's socks to come off, and her heels bled from the dragging. Her clothes were pulled over her head and she was covered in dirt. Policeman Xiu Xianglin kicked and stepped on her and shouted, "You can go and meet with Sun Jihong!" (Sun Jihong was a police officer from Huanan Forest Department who was beaten to death for appealing in Beijing.)

The police stuffed Guo Ren'ai under the seats in the vehicle and drove to the detention center, while Kong Fanzhi cursed Falun Gong. Kong Fanzhi learned that his wife had been beaten in a club and sent to the hospital, but he didn't see that he was actually receiving karmic retribution for his wrongful actions.

Guo Ren'ai was trembling uncontrollably. The police took her to Huanan Detention Center. Upon arrival, policeman Lin Chunxiang stomped on Guo Ren'ai with his heavy boots twice. An elderly inmate was so frightened she backed into a corner, trembling. Another prisoner almost had a heart attack upon witnessing the incident. They said they had never seen anybody stomp on a person like that before.

Guo Ren'ai had injuries all over her body from Xiu Xianglin and Lin Chunxiang's kicking, and she suffered in tremendous pain. On the seventh day of another hunger strike, the police took her to another cell, where a person sat on each shoulder, with a spike placed underneath, causing extreme pain. One person held her head while another held her legs. They brutally inserted tubes into her nose for force-feeding. Guo Ren'ai vomited a lot of blood, and they took her to the hospital in the pouring rain. Four police officers, Liu Chuanjiang, Wang Xiaochun, Zhao Honggang and Xu Wenqiang were watching over Guo Ren'ai. They put shackles on her feet, tied her to a bed and injected a solution into her. They were unable to inject her the first two days, and their attempt to force feed her failed as well. Guo Ren'ai's hands and feet were swollen, and she couldn't bend her legs. She was in so much pain she couldn't sleep, and was unable to use the restroom by herself. Later, she couldn't even turn over in bed. Even under these conditions the police kept her cuffed and shackled, claiming she might run away, but it was actually to torture her. One time a nurse, while changing the needles in Guo Ren'ai's arms said, "Let's do an experiment; it's quite entertaining." A guard then placed a bedpan containing urine and excrement to Guo Ren'ai's nose and forced her to inhale the fumes.

After 25 days of hunger strike, Guo Ren'ai was again in life-threatening condition, so police sent her back home. After she was home, she couldn't get any sleep for a week from the pain in her hands and feet. She lost two layers of skin from her hands and feet, and three toenails from her feet.

(1) "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

(2) Yuan is the Chinese currency. The average monthly salary of an urban worker in China is 500 Yuan.