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Authorities Deny Shen Xiaodu the Right to Earn a Living; Police Abduct Him Again

May 18, 2004 |   By a practitioner from Sichuan Province

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Shen Xiaodu is the grandson of the late Mr. Shen Junru, one of the main founders of the China Democratic League. Shen Xiaodu was tortured for over two years at Xinhua Forced Labor Camp in Mianyang City, Sichuan Province. At 9:00 a.m. on April 6, 2004, only two months after his release, the local Chengdu City authorities abducted him again and sent him to a brainwashing class in Xinjin County.

Shen Xiaodu had previously been detained in the 3rd Group, 6th Brigade of Xinhua Forced Labor Camp. The torture that Shen Xiaodu endured there has been previously reported on Clearwisdom.net (1). After two years, Shen was released.

The company that had previously employed him refused to arrange for his re-employment. The company has also scheduled people to monitor him 24 hours a day. In so doing, his former employers made it virtually impossible for him to find another job, thus infringing Shen Xiaodu's constitutionally promised freedoms.

Mr. Shen's former employers violated his right to make a living as a means of attempting to intimidate him into abandoning his belief in "Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance," the fundamental principles of Falun Gong. The constant close surveillance ultimately caused Shen Xiaodu and his son the humiliation and hardship of being forced to move in with and become financially dependent upon his mother, who is nearly eighty years old.

This case is just another example of the many human rights abuses instigated and perpetrated by Jiang's rogue political clique.

Please ask anyone who might know the truth, to provide detailed information about Shen Xiaodu's abductors. In the meantime, I hope that all just people will share our concern for Shen Xiaodu, and do whatever they can to aid in his rescue from brainwashing.

1. "Shen Xiaodu, Grandson of the China Democratic League Founder, Is Tortured with Intense Heat at the Xinhua Forced Labor Camp" http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2003/11/17/42325.html.