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Use Real Actions to Deny the Old Forces' Arrangements

May 13, 2004 |   By A Singapore Dafa Practitioner


One day a fellow practitioner who is in charge of clarifying the truth to tourists visiting the Yuweishih scenic resort told me how he understood the phrase "To deny the old forces' arrangements." One has to deny the arrangements by the old forces with real actions, not just with lip service. He said that his feet had been swollen for a period of time. He understood that the vicious beings tried to stop him from coming out to clarify the truth to save sentient beings by using all means, including stirring up personal attachments and karma, etc. He then denied the interference with his real actions. No matter how painful his feet were and no matter how bad the weather was he always carried very heavy bags of Dafa material to the Yuweishih scenic resort to clarify the truth to the tourists there so as to save those sentient beings. As a result, his feet gradually healed.

Two weeks ago, a practitioner was planning to establish an exercise site where there would be class once a week. But the night before the first class, he was stricken with severe diarrhea. He then decided not to start the class. I told him that suffering from diarrhea had nothing to do with going to the exercise class. The dark minions knew that he could not bear the hardship and used this loophole in his cultivation, so they arranged the tribulation for him so that he would not be able to start the exercise class. For him to rest at home was to acknowledge the arrangements of the old forces. After I talked to him, he went out that same day and started the exercise class. He felt fine and nothing happened afterwards. The attachment of failing to bear hardship was gone too. From that day on the exercise class has met twice a week.