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Daqing Prison Authorities Search for Individual Who Revealed Their Crimes Against Mr. Zhang Zhong, Now in Critical Condition After Being Tortured

April 08, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Mr. Zhang Zhong has been violently tortured at Daqing Prison. He cannot hold down any food and also vomits blood. He is experiencing great difficulties in walking over the last two months. His life is in grave danger. The prison will not allow any of his family members to visit him. Zhang Zhong's wife, He Zhihong, was arrested on March 8, 2004. After the inhuman treatment of Dafa practitioners by employees of Daqing Prison was exposed, continuous telephone calls from overseas, and banners with the words, "Immediately and Unconditionally Release Dafa Practitioner Zhang Zhong", "Global Public Trial of the Depraved Leader Jiang Zemin", and "The World Needs Zhen, Shan, Ren" (Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance), and so on that appeared daily outside the prison doors, the authorities panicked knowing their crimes had been exposed widely. They spared no effort to cover up the facts.

The authorities not only did not feel any remorse, but they also frantically searched for the Dafa practitioners who exposed their crimes to the public. Initially, they searched for the person responsible within the prison, and announced frequently that if a prison staff member was found to have revealed internal activities they would be severely dealt with. The punishment for those who were found to have disclosed the most secret information was to be fired or relieved of duty, and those who revealed the less secret information would receive disciplinary action and other punishments. Then, when this line of inquiry reached a dead end they decided that family members of the Dafa practitioners must be the ones responsible and should be blamed. Once the persecution of Zhang Zhong was revealed on Internet, the authorities suspected Zhang Zhong's wife. After this suspicion couldn't be proven, the authorities began to suspect the criminal inmates, who were detained with the Dafa practitioners. They reasoned that "Zhang Zhong was too friendly with the criminal inmates" and moved Zhang Zhong to a different prison cell. The authorities were terrified that the criminal inmates or family members of Dafa practitioners would expose the crimes they committed against Falun Dafa practitioners.

Recently, the Daqing Prison intensified their persecution of detained Falun Dafa practitioners. Those unlawfully detained, Guan Zhaoqi, Jiang Nianxiang, Zhou Guochen, Dai Zhidong, and Jia Shenghui were put under constant supervision. The Seventh Brigade leader, Li Fengjiang, tried all means to force Dafa practitioners to write statements renouncing their belief in Falun Dafa. Since February, 2004, he has ordered the criminal inmates to watch and guard Dafa practitioners around the clock. During the day, each practitioner has to stand on one spot and no one is allowed to talk. During the night, they are deprived of sleep and not allowed to contact any one. The criminal inmates and the policemen continue to subject Dafa practitioners to frequent beatings.

Those individuals who passed messages for Dafa practitioners were also drawn into this conflict and also continuously watched. The authorities continue to persecute Dafa practitioners and their efforts have become even more vicious. Dafa practitioner Zhang Zhong was forcibly injected with unknown substances at the hospital. He is having difficulties speaking now. His life is in imminent danger.

Secretary, Daqing City Committee, Wang Zhibin 86-459-6186779,86-459-4671779,86-13304590777(Cell Phone)

Residential Address: Block No.08,

Family Quarters Division,

Daqing Petroleum Institute,

New and Hi Technology Development Region,

Daqing City,

Post Code 163316

Secretary General, Municipal Government of Daqing City, Ren Guisheng: 86-459-4605055,86-459-6392053,86-13329397856(Cell Phone)

Deputy Secretary General and Director, Appeals Department, Municipal Government of Daqing City, Yi Xiaoping: 86-459-6156135(Office),86-13604590888(Cell Phone),86-1332930499(Cell Phone)

Unit and Persons Responsible for the Abduction of He Zhihong

Lamadian Police Station, Daqing City 86-459-5594959

Roster Room86-459-5571200 86-459-5093376

Chief of the Police Station: Family name of Li

Policeman You Kai (Son of You Guifang)

Director, Heilongjiang Province Daqing City Chemical Industry Factory Gas Separation Workshop, Yu Mingchun 86-459-6723902 (Office) 86-459-6728378(Home) 86-139-45928036 (Cell Phone) 86-130-89022856(Cell Phone)

Secretary, Heilongjiang Province Daqing City Chemical Industry Main Factory, You Guifang 86-459-6728600 (Home) 86-459-6728273(Office)

Assistant Secretary, Wu Changyou: 86-459-6728392(Home) 86-459-6728515(Office)

Security Guard Section Leader, Chen Minghai: 86-459-6728337(Office)

Deputy Director, Gas Separation Workshop, Zhang Xigong 86-459-6728423(Office) 86-459-6728262(Home)

Daqing City Number One Detention Center 86-459-4661762

Daqing City Number Two Detention Center 86-459-4661566

Daqing Prison:

Director, Daqing Prison Hospital, Gao Qing 86-459-5059828(Office),86-459-6852986(Home),86-138-04696394(Cell Phone)

Deputy Director, Daqing Prison Hospital, Huang Zhiwei 86-459-5059828(Office) ,86-130-91685087(Cell Phone)

Seventh Prison Division, Division Head, Li Fengjiang 86-459-5059233(Office) ,86-459-5962033(Home) ,86-133-59603366(Cell Phone)

Prison Chief, Tang Yongfu 86-459-5056688 (Office) 86-459-5105087(Home) 86-13303690588(Cell Phone)

Political Affairs Committee member, Chen Qingfa 86-459-5058588(Office) 86-459-4686358(Home) 86-13329491288(Cell Phone)

Deputy Prison Chief, Wang Jiaren 86-459-5050616(Office) 86-459-4687616(Home) 86-133-03691339(Cell Phone)

Deputy Prison Chief, Zhang Yajun 86-459-5059122 (Office) 86-459-6388889(Home) 86-133-59825633(Cell Phone)

Deputy Prison Chief, Jiang Shuchen 86-459-5059808(Office) 86-459-6783122(Home) 86-139-36711131(Cell Phone)

Deputy Prison Chief, Wang Yingjie 86-459-5059919(Office) 86-459-6363870(Home) 86-13329393777(Cell Phone)

Director, Political Affairs Section, Tan Ronglai 86-459-5050618(Office) 86-459-6133365(Home) 86-13304694188(Cell Phone)

Deputy Director, Political Affairs Section, Xu Zhi 86-459-059918(Office) 86-13936702596(Cell Phone)

Deputy Director, Political Affairs Section, Ma Wenwang 86-459-5050613 (Office) 86-459-4621138(Home) 86-13936999985(Cell Phone)

Division Chief, First Prison Division, Zhang Guoliang 86-459-5059423(Office) 86-459-5399061(Home) 86-13069679132(Cell Phone)

Deputy Division Chief, First Prison Division, Ye Wenhui 86-459-5059423(Office) 86-459-5982371(Home) 86-13069600810(Cell Phone)

Deputy Division Chief, First Prison Division, Liu ShengYu 86-459-5059423(Office) 86-459-6687062(Home) 86-13039825600(Cell Phone)

Instructor, First Prison Division, Chen Yubin 86-459-5059423(Office) 86-459-4893913(Home) 86-13019087748(Cell Phone)

Political Instructor, Second Prison Division, Dong Menghuan 86-459-5059596(Office) 86-459-4686883(Home) 86-13059041717(Cell Phone)

Division Chief, Second Prison Division, Zhu Renshan 86-459-5059596(Office) 86-459-5699290(Home) 86-13936776952(Cell Phone)