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Escaping from a Police Station by Slipping Out of Handcuffs with Righteous Thoughts

April 05, 2004 |   By a Dafa practitioner from China


Two years ago a Fa Conference was held in a southern area of Mainland China. It was reported to the police and a few Dafa practitioners including myself were arrested as a result.

I was brought to the police station, and two policemen interrogated me. They asked for my name, age, address, and other information. "My name is not what is important; the matter at hand is your aim to persecute Falun Gong practitioners," I told them. One of them took out his handcuffs and wanted to use them on me. I refused to cooperate and said, "This device is supposed to be used on criminals. You can't use them on kind-hearted elderly people!" The policeman played around with the handcuffs and asked, "What is your name and how old are you?" "My name is just called Dafa practitioner, and my age is an elderly person. I am just an elderly person who suffered severe illnesses everywhere on my body, practiced Falun Gong, and became completely healthy in both mind and body!"

Afterwards I clarified the truth calmly to the policemen as they listened attentively. Their kind hearts emerged, and they became friendly during the conversation. They knew that Falun Gong practitioners were good people. After two hours, those two policemen were replaced by two new ones that also interrogated me. The result was the same as with the past two officers. Very quickly, again two new policemen took over and their questioning, as with the previous policemen, went nowhere. In front of a Dafa practitioner, these policemen couldn't do what they wanted. They had no way out! Another two hours passed, and the current set of policemen rotated off. The police tried to use various tactics of constant, ongoing interrogation, and switching interrogators to keep the interrogation fresh, as well as depriving the practitioner of food or bathroom privileges in order to pressure the practitioners into renouncing their belief in Falun Dafa. However, all these tactics ended in failure.

During the interrogation, my righteous thoughts were very strong. I had no fear and kept Teacher's words in mind,

"Why should you, a Dafa disciple, fear the evil ones when enduring persecution? The crux of the matter is that you have attachments. If not, do not endure passively, and face the evil people with righteous thoughts at all times. No matter what the situation, do not cooperate with the evil's demands, orders, or what it instigates. If everyone does this the environment won't be this way." (From "Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful" in Essentials for Further Advancement II)

From late at night until the second day of the interrogation, the policemen switched off with each other numerous times. They combined threats with promises, but could do nothing to change me. Later on the policemen switched shifts yet again, but this time unleashing all their ferocity by forcefully implementing corporal punishment upon me in an attempt to force me to confess to some crime. They also beat, forcefully ripped off my clothes, and illegally searched me.

The police slapped my face, pulled my hair, beat my face, and struck my body. However, wherever they hit my body I felt a deep cover of protection, as if the policemen's kicks and punches were rebounded back. I only felt numbness, rather than pain. I personally felt our merciful, amazing Teacher protecting disciples. Teacher has endured so much for us disciples. Later, the policemen sent me to another police station, and there they continued questioning me until late at night. When the policemen became tired, they handcuffed me to a bench and got someone to watch me.

Very late at night, I had the thought of escaping from the police station. Not only did the door have two locks, but there was also a person guarding it, so I knew it would be very difficult to escape using that door. Nevertheless, my heart was firmly set on leaving as quickly as possible. I fully realized that if I did it, it would be a Dafa practitioner's action of eradicating the old forces' evil arrangements, which is an unshakable duty! Only if a Dafa practitioner is not detained can he be amidst the mighty current of Fa-Rectification to assist Teacher in the world. My righteous thoughts came out, and action followed. The chill of the time right before dawn kept me even more clear-headed. I attempted to take off the handcuffs. I had no tools to open the handcuffs with, but I was sure that righteous thoughts could get me out of them! I then jerked at the cuffs, and thought that my wrists would shrink in order to pull out my hands. The first attempt didn't work but I did not give up. I asked Teacher to make me strong. I thought of what's said in Zhuan Falun of how bodies in other dimensions can enlarge and shrink. If the handcuffs do not change, and my wrists shrink, then wouldn't I be able to remove my hands?! Under Teacher's protection, my wrists actually shrank, and I tried to slowly take off the handcuffs. The miracle happened and I was finally free! Then, a policeman suddenly knocked on the door. The guard opened the door and let a policeman into the room, and then he went to the restroom. In those few seconds, I seized the opportunity and escaped from the police station, diving into the mighty current of Fa-rectification.

There are many examples of practitioners taking off handcuffs and escaping with righteous thoughts. These actions against the persecution are magnificent feats of Dafa practitioners negating the old forces' arrangements and suffocating the evil.