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Radio France Internationale: The Zhongnanhai Appeal Was a Historical Necessity

April 28, 2004 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of the 24th of April, Radio France Internationale broadcast the following report in Mandarin in both Paris and China.

An article from the Epoch Time's website said, "The majority of people thought that the suppression of Falun Gong was caused by the appeal of the Falun Gong practitioners who gathered at Zhongnanhai in 1999 and that this shocked Beijing. However, from a large number of investigations, it has been discovered that the Zhongnanhai appeal was a historical necessity."

The report went on to say, "From 1995 the Beijing authorities had the intention to suppress Falun Gong. Practitioners' efforts had made Beijing defer the persecution of Falun Gong for four and a half years."

Source: http://clearharmony.net/articles/200404/19254.html