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Jilin University's 60-Year-Old Associate Professor Yang Lingyun Dies from an Illness Resulting from the Persecution

April 25, 2004 |  


Associate Professor Ms. Yang Lingyun, 60, was persecuted by the Jiang regime for practicing Falun Gong. She died from an illness in early 2004.

Yang Lingyun began to practice Falun Gong in 1994. She became healthy and her family also became harmonious.

She could not understand the persecution of Falun Gong that started in 1999, so she went to Beijing to appeal in January 2000. Plainclothes policemen arrested her near the appeals office. On January 29, Changchun Public Security Bureau policemen of the Beijing office brought her back to Changchun. They kept her handcuffed at all times and extorted money from her. The Beijing police even asked her for the train ticket to Beijing, so that they could apply for reimbursement.

In Changchun Public Security Bureau, Yang Lingyun was searched and interrogated. The police regarded her appeal as "disturbing social order" and detained her for 15 days at Changchun City Daguang Detention Center after she refused to sign a document stating that she committed a crime. During the detention, the police did not allow any visits and refused the delivery of goods and necessities to practitioners, except for bedding. This happened during the Chinese New Year. Yang Lingyun refused to take food or water for 9 days to protest the unlawful detention. However, she was still not released.

The detention center did not release her after 15 days, but sent her to the Nanling Police Station. Ms. Yang had become pale and could not walk in her usual brisk manner. She was locked up in a small room at the Nanling Local Police Station. A few policemen forced her to write a statement promising not to go to Beijing.

More than a month later, she was again arrested for distributing Falun Gong truth-clarification materials. The police cruelly tortured her to try to get her to reveal the originator of the materials. They deprived her of sleep and tortured her for 2 days.

In March 2003, her son Gao Meng was arrested for carrying truth-clarification materials on the road. He was forced to give the police the family address and the source of the materials. Around 10 p.m., the police took him home and forced him to open the door. Then the police took the opportunity to push their way inside and unlawfully searched the home. They were not able to capture Ms. Yang, so they took away Gao Meng again. After that, Yang Lingyun became destitute and homeless in order to avoid further persecution. Gao Meng was sent to forced labor camp.

Yang Lingyun was deeply anguished because of the tribulations that her son suffered. Gao Meng could not endure the pressure in the forced labor camp and renounced Falun Gong. The pressure of being homeless and avoiding being unlawfully arrested by police, and worry over her son's miserable condition at the labor camp took a harsh toll on Ms. Yang. She was diagnosed with cancer and died in the hospital at the beginning of 2004. Due to Jiang's brutal persecution, another kind citizen in pursuit of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" has passed away, unjustly suffering mental and physical anguish in the process.