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How I View the "Facts of the Persecution"

February 08, 2004 |   By Zhen Yan, a practitioner living in the USA

(Clearwisdom.net) Every day we see many articles exposing the evil in the category of "Facts of the Persecution" on Clearwisdom.net. For a long time, a high percentage of overseas practitioners have avoided reading these articles, offering all sorts of excuses. They only read feature articles and those under the category of "Practitioners Exchange Insights and Experiences."

Many practitioners who are otherwise diligent and contribute in many areas have taken this attitude, often feeling that the persecution articles are either too frustrating or too saddening to read. I want to present my views regarding the states of these practitioners.

1. Strengthening and Purifying Righteous Thoughts Throughout Our Cultivation from the Beginning to the End

Master has always asked us to maintain proper conduct and righteous thoughts. But if one examines the requirements of Fa-rectification, we know that we did not arrive at today's state in a single step. In other words, our righteous thoughts have been developed over the entire course of our cultivation. We have gradually become stronger and stronger, purer and purer. We can't simply reach a certain level all at once, and then just maintain it afterwards. As long as we have not yet reached consummation, we are always faced with the issue of how to continue strengthening and purifying our righteous thoughts.

As I understand it, one has deviated from a practitioner's proper state if one finds oneself not learning things any more in Fa study. Turning one's head away from the facts of the persecution reflects deficiencies in one's cultivation as well. One needs to correct it immediately in order not to affect one's cultivation. To be responsible for oneself, one cannot be too casual. In the meantime, practitioners' mindsets can influence ordinary people's lives. If practitioners themselves avoid reading the "Facts of the Persecution," don't non-practitioners have even more reasons to do the same? These kinds of obstacles that prevent sentient beings from being saved are partially created due to our insufficient righteous thoughts. Therefore we should not take it lightly. We cannot let the old forces find loopholes in us and extend our losses at this stage.

2. All Things Can be Treated as Good Things

Many persecution cases appear on Clearwisdom.net each day. Practitioners have sometimes acted as though they were bystanders. Seeing so many articles, with our everyday human notions, improper thoughts can occur right away: "How come the number of articles is increasing? Shouldn't the evil be less now because of our eliminating them?" A state of insufficient righteous thoughts arises as a result.

As a matter of fact, the larger number of persecution cases is not a bad thing, nor does it mean that evil is still in control. If we think carefully we will find that many cases described on Clearwisdom.net are cases that occurred one, two, or even three years ago. Only a fraction of the cases are new ones. What does that tell you?

This is especially true for death cases. Following Liu Chengjun's death from persecution, overseas practitioners held many memorial services and press conferences, and protested in front of Chinese consulates. Clearwisdom.net has covered many of these activities and generated considerable attention in the international community. Even the normally quiet overseas Chinese media broke their silence this time.

From then on, the death cases decreased. What does this mean? The head of the evil and its gang are afraid of being exposed. Would other people inside the Chinese government be willing to take responsibility for the head of the evil and withstand pressure from the international community? Certainly not. Therefore exposing the evil is a process of getting rid of the evil and it will suppress the persecution.

It is true that all things are good once one begins cultivation in Dafa (many are actually good in an ordinary sense). This is not only true at the stage of one's individual cultivation, but also true during the Fa-rectification process. Take for example the kinds of persecution that the head of the evil insisted on doing. They are extremely bad. But now that things have happened, we need to use them to our benefit. While trying to reduce losses caused by his actions, we need to expose as much as we can the things he has done and use them as material for educating people in the world, thus turning these facts into powerful weapons for eliminating the evil. In the meantime, the practitioners elevate themselves and win respect in the process. From this point of view, widely exposing the facts of the persecution is quite a good idea.

So what is the significance of our exposing these old cases in large quantities now?

Exposing the evil has broad and deep meanings, not limited to the few points mentioned above. I am only naming a few to illustrate how one can look at things positively with righteous thoughts. Please add your input and correct my deficiencies.