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Latest News from China - January 14, 2004

February 06, 2004 |  


1. [Chenzhou City, Hunan Province] Unconstitutional Sentencing of Nine Dafa Practitioners and the Head of a "610 Office" Who Is Sympathetic to Falun Gong

Dafa practitioner He Xuezhao was illegally sentenced to eight years imprisonment, Luo Qiaoli to four years, Wei Xiangbo to four years, Wu Jianming to four years, Zeng Zhiyuan to three years, Wang Quanlian to three years, Shi Jiaoyu to three years, Yuan Dongbo to three years, and Zhang Wenlan to three years.

Yang Liwen, the former head of Chenzhou City's "610 Office"* switched from suppressing Falun Gong to becoming sympathetic to Falun Gong, and then to supporting Falun Gong after he got to know Falun Gong practitioners. He wrote letters to the different levels of governments to tell the truth. Because of this, he was detained on November 5, 2002 and was sentenced to one and a half years in prison.

* 610 Office an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

2. [Nanning City, Guangxi Province] Seven-Year Prison Sentence for Dafa Practitioner Zeng Bin

Mr. Zeng Bin, 32, is a Dafa practitioner from Nanning City, Guangxi Province. Since 1999, when the Jiang regime began persecuting Falun Gong, Zeng Bin persistently clarified the truth to people, and distributed and mailed Dafa truth-clarifying materials. Beginning in late 2001 enforcers from the National Security Bureau watched him around the clock, even knowing the hour and duration of his mealtimes. Since then the enforcers held on to about 1,700 out of 2,000 letters with truth-clarifying flyers that Zeng Bin had mailed. They arrested Zeng Bin on November 2, 2002 and put him into Nanning City's No. 1 Detention Center. They confiscated more than 200 Dafa books from Zeng Bin's home. In 2003 Zeng Bin was sentenced to seven years of imprisonment and is currently incarcerated at the Liaoping Farm.

3. [Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province] Eight Dafa Practitioners Arrested (Belated News)

On May 22, 2003 officers from Jiamusi City's Police Department in Heilongjiang Province, including policeman Chen Wanyou, arrested Dafa practitioners Mr. Men Xiaohua, Luan Xiuyuan, Ms. An Hong, Ms. Song Yuzhi, Ms. Zhen, and Mr.Jiang. Practitioner Men Xiaohua and another practitioner were released due to poor health; the other six practitioners are still being illegally detained.

Country code: 86, Area code: 454
Jiamusi City Police Department: 8246655
Wu Zhe, male, head of Special Case Group: 8246655 (work), 8249739 (home)
Liu Yan, male, head of the Jiamusi City "610 Office" - 8676200 (home)

4. [Huludao City, Liaoning Province] Detention of Dafa Practitioner Yang Jiangwei

Dafa practitioner Mr. Yang Jiangwei was tortured to his last breath at the hands of authorities in Huludao City's Forced Labor Camp. He was sent to a hospital for surgery. Following the surgery, the enforcers coerced the doctors to remove his stitches after seven days, although the usual time is ten days. Then they took Yang back to the labor camp. Liu Guohua, one of the guards responsible for carrying out the persecution, had obviously received phone calls from Dafa practitioners. His tone had softened as he claimed he was no longer in charge of Yang Jiangwei's case, and Yang was transferred to the "Elder and Disabled Group" in the labor camp.

Persons responsible:

Head of group: Liu Guohua, 86-13352399697 (cell)
Deputy head of labor camp: Yao Chuang, 86-429-3126510

5. [Shulan City, Jilin Province] Dafa Practitioners Clarify the Truth to People During Unlawful Trial

During the morning of January 6, 2004 an illegal trial of Dafa practitioners Fu Hongwei, Zhao Jiran, Song Bing, and Song Yanqun was held. The location was Shulan City's Court in Jilin Province. The four practitioners exposed the police brutality and torture used on them to extort "evidence." Practitioner Fu Hongwei spoke loudly, "Falun Dafa is good," "Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa," "Restore my Teacher's reputation," "Restore Dafa's reputation," "It's not wrong for us to practice Truth-Compassion-Tolerance," "We are not against the country or the government." Other three practitioners also exposed facts of the persecution.

The audience heard the truth about Dafa, and some people said, "It must be really good to practice Falun Gong, otherwise, why would they risk their life to practice?" Some people said, "I heard the two female practitioners are college students! If Falun Gong is not good, why would they practice it?" The audience discussed among themselves. The courageous and righteous behavior of the four Dafa practitioners in the court powerfully exposed the evil and helped the audience learn the truth about Dafa.

6. [Changchun City, Jilin Province] Chaoyang District Court Tries Eight Dafa Practitioners

Last Monday (January 5, 2004), the Chaoyang District Court tried eight Dafa practitioners including Cai Ke, Wang Yuling, Xie Fei, and Yan Huawei. It's said there will be two more trials.

7. [Wuhan City, Hubei Province] Arrest of Dafa Practitioner Li Chuzhen; Practitioner Bai Yaobin is Put into a Brainwashing Class

Wang Liangyou from Lujia Street's Joint Defense Team arrested 65-year-old Dafa practitioner Ms. Li Chuzhen from Wuhan City while she was posting truth-clarifying materials on Lujia Street. When her family and friends went to the Lujia Street Police Precinct she had already been transferred somewhere else.

Dafa practitioner Bai Yaobin from Wuhan City was an employee of Wuhan City's supermarket. He was sentenced to three years of imprisonment and is being held at the Qinduankou Prison, Hanyang District, Wuhan City. In November 2003 Wuhan City's Prosecuting Department tried Bai Yaobin, enticing him with an early release. They asked Bai Yaobin if he would still practice. Bai replied that he would continue to practice Falun Gong. Bai Yaobin's term expired on January 1, 2004, however in the early morning, personnel from Jiang'an District's "610 Office," the police station, and street administrative committee sent him to a notorious brainwashing class in the Jiang'an District.

8. [Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province] Policemen from the Dawenhua Road Police Precinct Arrest Nearly Ten Dafa Practitioners and Torture Them with Excruciating Methods

In March 2003, policemen from the Dawenhua Road Police Station arrested nearly ten Dafa practitioners. Most practitioners were excruciatingly tortured.

Phone number of the Dawenhua Road Police Station in Qiqihar City: 86-452-2712993.

9. [Shenyang City, Liaoning Province] Dafa Practitioner Jin Dewei Forced to Jump Off a Building to Escape His Captors; He was Seriously Injured


Dafa practitioner Jin Dewei from Shenyang City was forced to jump off a building. He is seriously injured. Since his sentencing, Mr. Jin has been held at the Dabei Prison hospital. His life is in danger.

10. [Wuhan City, Hubei Province] Police Arrest Six Dafa Practitioners from Other Areas

One day in early December 2003 five police vehicles and dozens of policemen surrounded a hostel near the Fujiapo Long-Distance Bus Terminal, Wuchang District. According to witnesses, police arrested six Dafa practitioners. People could tell from their accent that they were from other areas. These practitioners refused to get into the police cars. The policemen dragged and carried them into the vehicles. While they were being mistreated, they were still clarifying the truth to surrounding people and telling them "Falun Dafa is good." They are being tormented under this persecution only because they practice the Falun Gong exercises and try to be good people. The identities of those six practitioners are still unknown.

11. [Kaifeng County, Henan Province] Several Dafa Practitioners are Abducted

On December 27, 2003, Dafa practitioners Guo Zhaomei, Zhang Xiuqin, and Li Guilian from Kaifeng County were abducted for the tenth time only because they refuse to give up their belief in "Truth-Compassion-Tolerance." They are still being held at Kaifeng County's Detention Center.

On December 11, 2003 police arrested Dafa practitioner Zhang Yong'en from Kaifeng County, who had stepped forward to validate Dafa. He was sentenced to 1-1/2 years of forced labor and is now being held and abused, tormented, and mistreated at Kaifeng City's Forced Labor Camp.

Kaifeng County's Political & Judiciary Committee: 86-378-6661062
Zheng Yunling, secretary of the County's Political & Judiciary Committee: 86-13603781628(cell)
Huang Yansheng, office administrator of the county's "610 Office": 86-378-6682527

12. [Xuchang City, Henan Province] Dafa Practitioners Zhang Tao and Niu Liang Sent to a Forced Labor Camp

Mr. Zhang Tao, 18, is from Xuchang City, Henan Province. In the evening of December 21, 2003 he was distributing Dafa truth-clarifying materials at Xuchang City's Central Hospital. Someone reported him, and police officers took him away. Weidu District Political and Security police officers Li Hongwei, Sun Lina, and several others broke into his home and ransacked it. The police found a copy of Zhuan Falun. For that reason they took away Zhang Tao's father, Dafa practitioner Mr. Zhang Hongye, and detained him. After Zhang Tao was detained at Xuchang City's Detention Center for two weeks, officers Li Hongye and Sun Lina illegally sent him to a forced labor camp for a year. He is currently being detained at Henan Province's No. 3 Forced Labor Camp.

The police ransacked the home of Dafa practitioner Mr. Niu Liang, who is in his 50s, and took him away on June 11, 2003. Niu Liang is currently being detained at the Xuchang City Detention Center. He was later sentenced to forced labor because he refused to give up his belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" and is currently being detained at Henan Province's No. 3 Forced Labor Camp in Xuchang City.

13. [Wuhan City, Hubei Province] Dafa Practitioner Ms. Wu Keyan Abducted

At 11:00 p.m. on January 17, 2004, police from Wuhan City's "610 Office" and from the Wuchang Police Station broke into Dafa practitioner Wu Keyan's home in Wuhan City. They ransacked the home and created a big mess. They took Ms. Wu Keyan away and confiscated all Dafa truth-clarifying materials. Her whereabouts are unknown.

It is said that the police had followed her for a certain period of time.

14. [Fushun City, Liaoning Province] Lawless People in Xinbin County Ransack Dafa Practitioners' Homes and Abducted Them

At around 7:00 p.m. on January 10, 2004 lawless people in Fushun City, Xinbin County ransacked the homes of Dafa practitioners and "fined" some of them. Dafa practitioner Ms. Yi Guojuan was one of those. The police took her away and interrogated her with the use of torture. They sent her to the Xinbin County Detention Center the following afternoon, where she is currently being detained.

People involved:
Xinbin County's Political and Judiciary Committee Secretary: Song Junlin 86-413-5031879 (home), 86-1394135007 (cell)
Xinbin County Detention Center: 86-413-5080223

15. [Fushun County, Liaoning Province] Dafa Practitioner Zhang Suqing Sent to Labor Camp for Clarifying the Dafa Truth

On July 16, 2003 Dafa practitioner teacher Zhang Suqing and practitioner Zhang Suhong were taken away by local police officers for clarifying the truth to the public. They are both from Tangtu Township, Fushun County, Liaoning Province. Zhang Suqing explained the facts to the police at the local station but was beaten and kicked. The police later sent her to Shenyang City's Masanjia Forced Labor Camp for two years of forced labor. Many people learning this felt angry at the police's evil deed. Ms. Zhang Suqing was a well-known, good teacher. However, she was treated unfairly because she believed in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance."

16. [Panjin City, Liaoning Province] Rescue Dafa Practitioner Mr. Chu Defu Who Has Been Illegally Held at the City's Detention Center for a Long Time

Dafa practitioner Mr. Chu Defu, from Fushun City, Liaoning Province, went to validate Dafa in Panjin City. On May 25, 2003 officers from Panjin City's Police Department arrested him and have since held him at the city's detention center. Over a dozen Dafa practitioners who were arrested together with him have already left the detention center, some of them with the power of righteous thoughts. But no one actually knew Mr. Chu's situation.

Some Dafa practitioners came to the conclusion that the reason might be because we had not taken good care of non-local practitioners. Dafa practitioners are a whole body, so the practitioners in Panjin City should work to rescue those who have been detained for a long time or are facing long-term detention.

Relative phone numbers (country code: 86, area code: 427. Do not dial area code before cell phone numbers.)
Jing Desheng, Panjin City's Detention Center head: 2682566
Duty office: 2682600
Zhou Laixin, chief of the Political and Security Section of Panjin City's Police Department: 2810214 (work), 2832857, 13604277978 (cell), 2838165 (home)

17. [Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province] Supplementary Information about Lawless Officers from the Baita Police Precinct Arresting Five Dafa Practitioners Recently

The Baita Police Precinct enforcers and Liaoyang City's National Security Department perpetrators in Liaoning Province tracked and monitored Dafa practitioners for a long time, acting as special agents. During the night of December 27, 2003 officers from the Baita Police Precinct arrested Ms. Yao Mei, Ms. Wang Jinping and her husband, and two other Dafa practitioners. Later, they kept the surroundings of the practitioner's home under surveillance and intended to arrest more Dafa practitioners. At the same time they colluded with the Wensheng and Shoushan Police Precincts and plotted to report all cases of practitioners who had been arrested before to their superiors, in order to get some reward.

Liaoyang City (Country code:86, area code: 419)
Baita District's Political and Judiciary Committee: 2123006
Baita District's Legal System Bureau: 2125317
Baita District's Police Precinct: 2124784
Wensheng District's Police Precinct: 4323690
Liaoyang County's Detention Center: 7173863

18. [Anqiu City, Shandong Province] Sixty-Year-Old Dafa Practitioner Ms. Zhen Xilan Is Arrested for Distributing Dafa Truth-Clarifying Materials

Fellow villagers in Guanzhuang Town/Anqiu City/Shandong Province: please pay attention to sixty-year-old Ms. Zheng Xilan who was arrested by persons from Guanzhuang Town's Police Precinct. Plainclothes agents forcibly took her away just because she was distributing Falun Gong truth-clarifying materials at the market. What she did was try to let more people know the truth about Falun Gong. They sent her to Anqiu City's Detention Center, and no family was allowed to see her. Let's offer our help to stop such outrage together.

Relative phone numbers: (country code: 86, area code: 536)

Anqiu City's Detention Center: 8783309

Guanzhuang Town's Party Committee Office in Anqiu City: 4651001
Guanzhuang Town's Police Precinct: 4651119

19. [Changsha City, Hunan Province] Arrest of Dafa Practitioner Mr. Li Zhigang

Practitioner Mr. Li Zhigang is detained at the No. 3 Prison of Guangzhou Military Region (Located at Luoxianpu/Binzhou City/Hunan Province).

20. [Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province] List of Names of Falun Gong Practitioners Who Are Detained at Jinzhou City's Forced Labor Camp

Liu Changping, Wang Zhoushan, Huang Cheng, Cao Ce, Hu Fengkui, Tong Xin, Xiang Chengguo, Zhang Yin, Cao Zhongyang, Cai Yibo, Shi Baodong, Li Yong, Zhang Xudong, Zhang Baoshi, Yang Deren, Zhao Bofeng, Zhang Yu'an, Huo Yinshan, Li Jie, Yang Liming, Jiang Tao, Dong Zhizhou, Yin Qun, Tao Meng, Xuan Guoshun, Feng Guoyu, Wei Xiangcheng, Xu Guolai, Yu Wengui, Zhao Zhongqing, Li Zhonggui, Zhang Yulin, Zhang Xuan, Zhang Ziyou, He Long, Wang Kezhi, Shi Changlin, Shi Changqing and Fang Ye are detained at Jinzhou City's forced labor camp.

He Guojun and Rong Gang have been sentenced to forced labor, but they can serve their sentence outside the labor camp.

Wang Guiling, Liu Yongsheng, and Li Lianjun have escaped from the forced labor camp with the power of righteous thoughts, but had to go into exile.

January 13, 2004