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Falun Dafa Practitioners Are Severely Tortured at Tianjin's Shuangkou Forced Labor Camp

February 28, 2004 |  


In February 2001, I was illegally imprisoned at the Shuangkou Forced Labor Camp, Beichen District, Tianjin City, simply because I practice Falun Gong. I would like to make public the facts that I witnessed about how the police persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners at the labor camp.

There are a total of five teams in the Shuangkou Labor Camp, and Falun Gong practitioners are imprisoned in each team.

Han Quanxi, an instructor in the Third Team, said in a speech during a large-scale brainwashing session in March 2003, "We have high voltage electric batons and handcuffs, and we have the government's authority to use them. In fact, what we do is more brutal than ..."

What follows are some of the torture methods used at the labor camp:

Falun Dafa practitioners were tied to beds and wooden sticks were used to poke at their ribs and other sensitive areas. Ropes were used to hang up practitioners. The common criminal inmates were incited by the authorities to handcuff and kick practitioners. They used cigarettes to inflict burns to the skin, and needle awls to stab the skin. They punched practitioners in the mouth. They poured cold water onto practitioners and exposed them to the frigid outdoor air (sometimes with an electric fan blowing on them) while simultaneously shocking them with high voltage electric batons. Practitioners were forced to stand for 24 hours, 48 hours, and even longer, until they wrote a repentance statement against Falun Dafa. Some practitioners' ribs were broken from the beatings. However, when Dafa practitioners' relatives visited them, the police made false reports about how they "saved practitioners through transforming them." Once, a police officer stepped on the instant noodles brought by the practitioners' relative with the excuse of "looking for articles written by Teacher."

During the period that Dafa practitioners were persecuted, some of the inmates secretly tried to protect us, while others participated in persecuting us in order to gain early release. Of those who actively persecuted Dafa practitioners, Jia Liwen, and Yang Lianjie committed the greatest atrocities. The Squadron Commander, Dong Xiu, and the Team Commander, Shi Guang, in the Third Team are also very evil.

The Fifth Team, led by Chief and Political Instructor Yang Zhiqiu, is called the "devil's team," as it is the most vicious. Under Yang's enthusiastic "leadership" the brainwashing classes are wrought with sinister deception and exceptionally malicious torture methods.

Falun Dafa practitioners Tang Qiang, Liu Zhonglin, Zhu Gang, Wang Shiyuan, Chu Xudong, Du Yingguang, Zhang Tiegui, Liu Zirong, Li Xiuzhong, Li Wengang, Xu Zhiqiang, Li Zhiqiang, Shen Zhenqi, Zhao Shunlai and many others suffered greatly from the tortures inflicted by the police and criminal inmates.

Dafa practitioners Tang Jian, Zhu Gang and Du Yingguang were forced to perform heavy labor for over ten hours per day. To resist the persecution, they started a hunger strike. Chief Yang Zhiqiu and police officer Du Yingxin used electric batons to shock and beat them. They also conducted force-feeding, and spit on the practitioners. Some Dafa practitioners' esophagi were damaged by the rubber tubes, causing them to become filled with blood.

Dafa practitioner Kang Shengchun, over 60 years old, was forced to do heavy labor every day and was deprived of sleep for two consecutive days.

In the winter, criminal Sun Kai pushed Dafa practitioner Tang Jian's head into a bucket filled with water and nearly drowned him, then used cold water to revive him. Seeing this, Chief Yang Zhiqiu did not care; he incited Zhang Junqiang to hog-tie a Dafa practitioner and put him in a small, dark cell.

Chief Yang Zhiqiu further incited inmate Zhang Junqiang to jump on Dafa practitioner Zhu Gang's stomach to try to force Mr. Zhu to curse Dafa and Teacher. Mr. Zhu would rather die than betray his belief. He was also forced to drink urine.

Dafa practitioner Liu Zirong could not withstand the excessive workload, so he conducted a hunger strike to protest. Yang Zhiqiu and Zhang Junqiang hung up Mr. Liu and beat him savagely. The police then incited Sun Kai and others to tie up Mr. Liu to a bench with his feet up and head down, douse him with cold water and beat him mercilessly. This torture lasted several hours. Long-term torture caused Mr. Liu to suffer a mental collapse. He was released in 2003, but he still has not recovered.

In July 2001, several Dafa disciples had scabies, so Yang Zhiqiu forced the practitioners to kneel outdoors under the exposure of the sun for several hours at 37 degrees centigrade (about 100 degree F). While under the sun the practitioners were monitored continuously, not allowed to move, nor given any water.

Because Dafa practitioner Li Wengang resisted the forced labor, the Chief of Discipline, Tong Xiuhe, and Du Yingxin, used iron handcuffs to shackle Mr. Li to the railing of an iron bed and used electric batons to beat him. The beating injured his whole body. Afterwards, they took off his clothes and threw cold water at him. The evil people ordered him to curse Dafa and Teacher, but he refused. He was beaten again. Both of Mr. Li's eyes were red and bloody, with severe bruising around them. Then they poured more cold water on him and used an electric fan to blow the air at him. In December 2002, Mr. Li's feet were shackled causing his ankles to become swollen. Although Mr. Li suffered a high fever and could not walk, the police still forced him to work more than ten hours a day.

In February 2003, the police started a new round of torture against steadfast practitioners Li Xiuzhong, Xu Zhiqiang and Zhao Shunlai. They forcefully removed Mr. Li's clothes, poured cold water onto the ground, pushed Mr. Li down and beat him. They shocked him with several electric batons at once. The room was filled with the smell of burning flesh. The beating crippled Mr. Li's lower body and he could no longer take care of himself. The police used the same methods to torture Mr. Xu and Mr. Zhao. Mr. Zhao's head was badly beaten, and he became comatose. The production brigade chief, the team chief, an instructor surnamed Chang and the production brigade chief surnamed Li were all present during this incident.

Last March in the brainwashing class the police took reciting "labor camp regulations" as punishment for those Dafa practitioners who firmly held onto their belief. We were not allowed to sleep for more than several days if we did not recite. As soon as you closed your eyes, they would beat you up. If you did not write a "repentance statement," they would push your head into the water bucket so you could not breathe. Many practitioners were not allowed to go to the restroom.

At this time, Falun Dafa practitioners Zhu Gang, Zhao Shunlai and Liu Jinduo from the First Team are still steadfast and are being persecuted in the brainwashing class.

Police officers: The Chief of Police in the Fifth Team, Yang Zhiqiu, over 40 years old.

Criminals who participated in persecuting Dafa disciples include Zhang Junqiang and Wang Shiming.