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In Memory of Professor Piao Shihao, Who Died as a Result of Persecution (Photo)

February 22, 2004 |   By Dafa Practitioners in Yanbian, Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Liaoning Province


Dafa Practitioner Piao Shihao, a Professor of the Yanbian Medical Science Institute

Professor Piao Shihao, my teacher in the Yanbian Medical Science Institute, died as a result of persecution. We lost a respected, senior scholar and good fellow practitioner.

Professor Piao was a good man with great virtue. He taught many outstanding students and had many academic achievements. But such a good person was subjected to such inhumane persecution by Jiang's group until, in the end, he died in the Yanji Detention Center with no legal recourse, simply because he believed in Falun Dafa and Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance.

I personally met Professor Piao in the detention center. He was subjected to mental and physical torture and was emaciated, with bruises on his face. His body was as skinny as a small child. I could not describe the feeling at that moment when I saw him. It was extremely sad.

Professor Piao, my fellow practitioner, I'd like to present a branch of pure white chrysanthemum as well as our respect for you.

Please rest in peace. The people in your hometown will understand more and more the truth that you were telling them with your life.

February 2, 2004

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